Research project: "ProgeB" - Process chain for the generative/hybrid production of continuous fiber-reinforced components
Research area: 3D printing, fiber composites, automation
Funded by:

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz (BMWK)


In collaboration with: INVENT GmbH
Start of the project: May 2022
End of the project: April 2025 


The project aims to develop a small series process using continuous fiber 3D printing to cost-effectively produce geometrically complex components with a high number of variants. The Institute of Aircraft Production Technology (IFPT) is focusing on developing algorithms for automated path planning for the printing process. Using a range of aerospace components suitable for fiber 3D printing, categories of components with similar geometric characteristics were identified and individual production strategies developed. This enabled task-specific slicing algorithms to be developed. By adapting the existing fiber 3D printing system technology at the IFPT to the defined manufacturing requirements, the validation of manufacturing strategies and path algorithms can be achieved. To produce customised components with large geometric dimensions, as well as small, purely additively manufactured components, preceding processes for surface treatment of conventionally manufactured components are planned. These will serve as basic components for complex, additively manufactured geometries. The partial solutions will be integrated into an end-to-end digital process chain with low user complexity. This establishes the necessary conditions for cost-effective application of the developed process to produce small series of customer-specific components at a later stage. Ultimately, sample components will be produced and analysed to confirm compliance with the initial requirements.



Contact person at the institute: Zsolt Kállai, M.Sc.