Research project: LEGATO - Low noisE landinG geAr with electromechanical actuation and susTainable manufacturing prOcesses
Research area: Artificial intelligence, aircraft production
Funded by: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz (LuFo VI-3)
In collaboration with: Liebherr Aerospace Lindenberg, Boll Automation
Beginn des Projekts: April 2023
Ende des Projekts: June 2026


The production of landing gear components for commercial aircraft involves rough milling, which is followed by fine machining to grind the remaining milling grooves out of the surface. Due to the complex geometries and the changing contact situations as well as the complex process behavior, this is carried out manually using flexible grinding tools. This leads to a need for highly qualified personnel, high human stress and subjective work results and limits the achievable surface quality and productivity.

In order to replace labor-intensive, manual surface grinding process, the LEGATO project is researching the automation of fine machining. The process control, which must take into account the complex contact situations and the tool behavior, is a key component. This must be adaptive and have a certain intelligence to react to known and unknown situations. Conventional approaches based on a limited number of experimentally or analytically determined process parameters as well as analytical process models cannot achieve this.

The aim of the IFPT is therefore to develop an adaptive process control based on artificial intelligence (AI), which allows a wide range of process data to be processed, including complex and unknown situations, and to provide processing specifications and corrective instructions to the automation technology (robots, etc.) as output .


Contact person at the institute: M.Sc. Falko Kähler