Research project: MEMS-Boro
Research area: Automation, inspection, machine learning, MRO
Funded by: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz (BMWK)
In collaboration with: IT Concepts GmbH, GmbH, LED GmbH, Fraunhofer-Institut für Siliziumtechnologie (ISIT)
Start of the project: September 2022
End of the project: August 2025
Contact person at the institute: Ole Schmedemann, M.Sc.


Borescopic inspection of highly stressed components inside aircraft engines plays an important role in aircraft maintenance. Nowadays, recording measurement data using borescopes is a completely manual, time-consuming and costly process. Among other things, the rotating compressor and turbine stages or the interior of the combustion chamber are recorded. MRO service providers are motivated to increase the level of automation of the inspection process. The borescope to be developed enables the three-dimensional recording of previously unreachable areas of engine components. The information gained through the additional dimension promises added value for data analysis.

The IFPT is developing an automated evaluation of the data recorded by the MEMS boroscope in order to automatically detect and classify defects as part of the engine inspection. The use of synthetic AI training data should be researched for this purpose.


Contact person at the institute: M.Sc. Ole Schmedemann