Research project: "WLIBoro" - White light interferometry borescope
Research area: Engine inspection, sensors, artificial intelligence
Funded by: Luftforschungsprogramm VI (LuFo VI)
In collaboration with: IT Concepts
Start of the project: September 2021
End of the project: November 2025 


As part of the WLIBoro project, the goal is to integrate white light interferometry into a borescope. The research project aims to improve the inspection of aircraft turbines and to detect damage in the nanometer range at an early stage, without additional dismantling. As a research partner, IFPT develops the necessary software components in collaboration with IT Concepts and deals with everything from the first sensor value to fully automated damage assessment using AI applications. For the development of a modern and highly precise endoscopy system, the IFPT takes on the following priorities:

Sensor data acquisition of the white light interferometer

Data processing and merging of individual depth images

Evaluation of the image material and automated damage assessment using AI applications

Previous research work in the area of white light interferometry has led to systems that are able to identify and classify damage using robotic systems. Integrating the technology into a more manageable format and incorporating it into the inspection process is a new approach to the maintenance process and offers promising opportunities to detect damage to highly stressed components at an early stage and to reduce aircraft downtimes and the resulting costs.


Contact person at the institute: M.Sc. Dirk Holst