Development of Modular Product Families

Megatrends, such as stronger demand for individualized products and the globalization of markets, are presenting the manufacturing industry with new challenges all the time. In particular, the understanding and handling of increasing complexity create problems, since the variety demanded by the market is constantly increasing and is being transferred to the company's product variety. This problem is the focus of the research area Development of Modular Product Families at PKT. The goal of the Integrated PKT-Approach for the development of modular product families is to identify complexity drivers in a workshop-based process and to find solutions that can reduce the variety within the company. This is achieved through the targeted restructuring, modification or redesign of components or processes, which contribute to solution and decision-making in the team through specially developed visualization tools. 

The activities in this research domain are mostly conducted in the context of research-projects. A selected list of current projects is available in the menu.