Venice 2022 Proceedings

Giving energy management a higher status in waste managementR. Stegmann
Never let a good crisis go to wasteE. Gidarakos
Reuse, recycling or energy recovery? Sustainability assessment modelling of food waste management in EuropeT.F. Astrup, P.F. Albizzati
Analysis of secondary waste from a plastics recycling plant for the production of carboxylic acidsK. A. Vogt, L. Wenzel, I. Steinberg
Application of biogenic silica for particulate matter precipitation processes out of regenerative heat generation from biogenic residuesI. Hartmann, S. Formann, T. Schliermann, F. Hoferecht
Co-gasification of plastics and biomass in a pilot scale fluidized bed reactorG. Calì, F. Parrillo, F. Ardolino, C. Boccia, D. Marotto, A. Pettinau, U. Arena
Beyond “waste-to-energy”: Can bioenergy drive sustainable Australian agriculture by integrating circular economy with net zero ambitions?M. Arsic, C.A. O’Sullivan, R.E. Haling, A.P. Wasson, D. Antille, W.P. Clarke
Potentials for sustainable supply of biomethane from local feedstocksT.F. Astrup, C. Lodato
Evaluation of the anaerobic degradability of food waste collection bags made of paper and bioplasticG. Dolci, V. Venturelli, M. Grosso, A. Catenacci, F. Malpei
Anaerobic digestion of fruit waste: process resilience upon variations in feeding frequency and organic loading ratesA. Ezieke, A. Seranno, W. Clarke, D. Villa-Gomez
Valorisation of eyewear bioplastics through HTC and anaerobic digestion: Preliminary results from the Occhio al Bio! projectF. Marchelli, R. Ferrentino, G. Ischia, M. Calvi, G. Andreottola, L. Fiori
Potential of methane production from the co-digestion of swine wastewater and other organic wastesI. de Paula Sousa, G. Oliveira Rosa da Cruz, D. Novais Rocha, G. Almeida Kurtemback, A. Pereira Rosa
Anaerobic digestion of brewers’ spent grain with biochar – Biogas production kinetics and process efficiencyK. Świechowski, E. Syguła, W. A. Rasaq, A. Gasinski, J. Łyczko
Research on impacts of N doped hydro-chars on the adsorption of pyrolysis oil and its methane production during the anaerobic digestion processQ. An, D. Chen, Y. Hu
Prediction and real-time optimization in biogas production plants with circulating flowB. Lemke, A. Nägel, F. Niebling, T. Scheidemann, M. Tietze, G. Wittum, R. Wittum
Effect of feedstock solids, composition and C/N ratio on biomethane production from anaerobic co-digestion of chicken wastes with agro-industrial wastesS. Li, A. Salih, N.E. Jones, Z. Zahan, S. Georgiou, M.Z. Othman
In-situ biological biogas upgrading using Upflow Anaerobic Polyfoam Bioreactor (UAPB): operational and biological aspectsK. Baransi-Karkaby, K. Yanuka-Golub, M. Hassanin, S. Muhsein, N. Massalha, I. Sabbah
Feasibility test anaerobically enhancing methane yield under the injection of Hydrogen and Carbon DioxideE.S. Lee, S.Y. Park, C.G. Kim
Enhanced biogas production of agricultural residues by pre-treatment: Results from lab experiments and implications for large-scale applicationM. Steindl, K. Koch
Role of sludge derived biochar addition to improving methane production in anaerobic digestionX.-Y. Chuang, D. N. Giao Ngo, C. Huang
Effect of cold plasma pre-treatment on thickened sludge for biochemical methane potential enhancementG.O. Ortiz Vanegas, J. Kim, Y.A. Lee, H.-W. Kim
Anaerobic digestion of primary sludge with recuperative thickening for increased capacityJ. Olsson, J. Andersson, S. Bramstedt, F. Bäckbom, T. Crispin, M. Harding
Anaerobic treatment of high-strength organic wastewater using an inverse fluidized bed bioreactorM. Namburath, B.J. Alappat, T.R. Sreekrishnan
Technoeconomic and environmental sustainability assessment of anaerobic digestion of olive mill wastewaterG. Manthos, D. Zagklis, C. Zafiri, M. Kornaros
Sludge ozonation to enhance anaerobic digestion: a comprehensive approach from lab to full-scaleA. Catenacci, M Peroni, F. Gievers, M. Mainardis, M. Cascio, D. Soderino, E. Pasinetti, M. Bernardi, F. Malpei
Waste-to-Hydrogen: challenges and opportunities in the UK scenarioM. Materazzi, S. Chari, A. Sebastiani
Recovery and reuse of ionic liquid as a pretreatment agent for hydrogen fermentation of rish huskD. Dong, J. Lee
Simultaneous removal process of hydrogen sulfide(H2S) and siloxanes and field application of iron hydroxide desulfurization agent for green hydrogen production from biogasJ. M. Lee, G. Kim, J. C. Shin, M. Lee, W. J. Kim, H. Song, S. D. Kim
Potential biohydrogen production from agricultural residuesR. Savio, G. Ferrari, A. Pezzuolo, F. Marinello, M. Guidolin, M.C. Lavagnolo
Modelling of energy polygeneration system for conversion of silviculture waste into hydrogen and drop-in biofuelsL. Bartolucci, E. Bocci, S. Cordiner, E. De Maina, F. Lombardi, V. Marcantonio, P. Mele, V. Mulone, D. Sorino
Combined valorization of grape pomaceG. Bacchetta, G. Cappai, G. De Gioannis, G. Farru, M. Manconi, M.L. Manca, A. Muntoni, A. Orsini, M. Perra, M. Piredda, C.I.G. Tuberoso
Canola Dockage – Feedstock assessment and preliminary results of continuous torrefactionW. Campbell, S. Daneshamouz, R. Evitts
Biogas production from crude glycerol through a fed-batch strategy using sunflower oil-cake residues as a microbial attachment matriceG. Markou, D. Arapoglou, L. Chaikalis, D. Antonopoulos
Preliminary environmental evaluation of cheese whey biorefineryG. Costa, K. Czerwińska, S. Del Pero, G. Farabegoli, L. Lombardi, F. Minniti, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, A. Rossi, M. Śliz, F. Tatti, M. Wilk, T. Zonfa
Lignin biorefinery: a way to improve the sustainability of bioenergy production?S. Baumberger
Lipids deriving from Hermetia Illucens larvae as a feedstock for biodiesel production: relevance and perspectivesD. Caniani, R. Cossu, P. Falabella, A. Feratovic, A. Franco, V. Grossule, M.C. Lavagnolo, S. Masi, V. Pucciarelli, R. Salvia, C. Scieuzo
Novel catalyst synthesised from waste glass and eggshells for cleaner fuel productionA.H. Al-Muhtaseb, F. Jamil, A. I. Osman, R. Al-Hajri
Bioethanol production from oil palm trunk and frond using Kluyveromyces marxianus tistr 5925P. Kongjan, R. Jariyaboon, K. Rattadilok Na Phuket, A. Reungsang, S. Malibo
Using waste of biorefining lignocellulosics to produce building blocks for biofuelsF. Zimbardi, E. Viola, M. Morgana, N. Cerone, A. Romanelli, V. Valerio
“Refueling” regional economy: innovative collection of used cooking oil for advanced biofuelsM. Triantafyllou, T. Kokkalis, G. Kardaras, Tz. Kraia, K.D. Panopoulos
Flying the future: advances in sustainable aviation fuels at the Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI)B.A. Simmons
Prospective analysis of industrial data from a thermal waste-to-energy plantW. Meynendonckx, M. Ishteva, J. De Greef
Challenges for grate fired Waste to Energy plants for the future waste fuelsT. Norman, F.J. Frandsen, O.H. Madsen
Development of a reactor network model for thermal conversion of solid waste in a grate-fired furnaceR. Vandevelde, M. Vanierschot, J. De Greef
Water leaching pre-treatment of different lignocellulosic biomass: a detailed study on process parameters, kinetics, thermodynamic equilibrium modelling, and pyrolysis product yieldsA. Singhal, A. Goel, A. Bhatnagar, J. Konttinen, T. Joronen
11 reasons why Carbon Capture should be prioritized in the Waste to Energy sectorT. Croymans, B. Englebert, A. Wightman, J. Izquierdo
Application of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and industrial heat pump for energy efficiency and CO2 reduction in wood industry and decentralised energy from wasteA. Guercio, A. Bertacchini
Towards carbon neutral waste incinerationM. Ritzkowski, J. Springer
Decarbonising district heating with alternative fuelsK. Kyriakopoulos, G. Kardaras, K.D. Panopoulos, T. Kraia, N. Lestos, N. Perdikaris
MSW thermal treatment – An overview on the flue gas emissionsD. Panepinto, M. Zanetti
Overview on air pollution control technologies in waste combustion plantsM. Schiavon, D. Panepinto, M. Ravina, M. Zanetti
Micro mechanism of competition between HCl and SO2 in semi-dry flue gas deacidificationS. Chen, J. Xu, Y. Chen, D. Chen, L. Yin
Advanced scrubber for abatement of particulate matter and treatment of pollution in a municipal solid waste incinerator plantF. Galatioto, A. Avveduto, P. Tripodi, G. Spanto
Valorization of bottom ashes from waste-to-energy plant into asphalt mixtures for road pavementsF. Russo, R. Veropalumbo, S. Malvezzi
Principal component analysis of elemental composition for woody biomass ash recyclingM. Ike, S. Iijima, Y. Pei, K. Shiota, M. Takaoka
Evaluation of the utilisation potential of mineral fractions from the treatment of waste incineration bottom ash based on leaching tests and risk assessmentL. Acampora, G. Costa, A. Falsetti, F. Lombardi, F. Marafioti, C. Mensi, I. Verginelli
Application of statistical entropy for evaluation of technologies: the FLUWA case studyE. Korotenko, H. Rechberger, O. Cencic, J. Jadrný, M. Šyc
Analysis of the treatability by carbonation of different types of alkaline residues within the BBCircle projectA. Masi, G. Costa
Investigations into the catalytic cracking of pyrolysis oil obtained from plastic wastesS.S. Ail, G. Chaudhry, M.J. Castaldi, L. Dorazio, J. Shi, J.C. Fu, C.P. Kelkar
Pyrolysis products derived from co-processing of coal fines and microalgaeJ.A. Meyer, C.A. Strydom, J.R. Bunt, R.C. Uwaoma
Characterization of ilmenite mining residue for its potential use as a geocatalyst in pyrolysis processesD. Venta Noriega, M. Gomez, P. Villegas, O.D. Gutiérrez
Co-pyrolysis and co-gasification reactivities and kinetics of blends of hydrochar from municipality waste residue and South African density separated coalR.C. Uwaoma, C.A. Strydom, J.R. Bunt, R.H. Matjie
Operation results and the measures for low emissions at the largest waste gasification plantN. Tanigaki, T. Kashiwabara, N. Fukuda, T. Izumiya
Numerical analysis and experiment on plasma gasification of biomassV. Messerle, A. Ustimenko, O. Lavrichshev
Reaction rate of electron Injected air on biomass gasificationT. M. Ismail, K. Yoshikawa, T. Kobori, K. Kanazawa, F. Takahashi, M. Abd El-Salam
Landfill site regeneration reference of Fluidized-bed Gasification and Melting EfW SystemN. Ann Kubota, Y. Kashima, M. Sonoda, T. Kurooka
Pyrolysis of sugar cane bagasse assisted with acidified natural clinoptiloliteL. Santa, N. Montes, O.D. Gutiérrez
Gasification of solid biomass or fast pyrolysis bio-oil: comparative energy and exergy analyses using aspen plus ®A. Buelvas, O. Vanegas, A. Bula, A. González
Gasification of agricultural and biorefining waste: effects of oxygen and steam equivalence ratios on syngas qualityN. Cerone, F. Zimbardi, L. Contuzzi, M. Carnevale, A. Villone
Tar removal from syngas of refuse gasification by catalytic reformingG. Yuan, W. Zhou, R. Yang, K. Yin, D. Chen
Valorisation of plastic waste: Waste-to-Chemicals processes vs. co-combustion in cement kilnsF. Viganò, A. Conversano, D. Di Bona, D. Sogni, S. Consonni
Effects of process water recirculation in hydrothermal carbonization productsR.P. Ipiales, D.C. Pimentel, A.F. Mohedano, E. Díaz, M.A. de la Rubia
Environmental assessment of hydrothermal treatment of wet industrial bio-residues into intermediate bioenergy carriersM. Ugolini, L. Recchia, H.E. Wray, J.W. Dijkstra, S. Shah, F. Kruip, I. Lundström, S. Lundkvist, L. Ånnhagen, P. Cobden, C. Wang, T. Hendrickx, D. Witkowska, G.C. Becker, E. Ovsyannikova
Choice of waste-derived char as a methanation support: effect of carbonization temperatureZ. Mei, D. Chen
The dark side of the biochar derived from RDF and lignocelulose biomass: volitile organic compounds emissionE. Syguła, M. Hejna, A. Białowiec
Microwave hydrothermal carbonization of rabbit manureI. Moukazis, E. Gidarakos
Proof of the concept: the food waste transformation yeast biomass due to combined hydrothermal carbonization and biological treatment – A novel approach to waste recyclingW.A. Rasaq, B. Matyjewicz, K. Swiechowski, Z. Lazar, P. Kupaj, M. Valentin, A. Białowiec
How can hydrothermal carbonization upgrade actual plants to biorefineries?G. Ischia, D. Scrinzi, L. Fiori
Napier Grass carbonization treatment for enhancing fuel properties a comparison of vapothermal carbonization and hydrothermal carbonizationD. Moloeznik Paniagua, J.A. Libra, V.S. Rotter
Torrefaction of hazelnut industry residues in a biorefinery perspective: flowsheeting and simulationM. Miccio, M. Casa, M. Fraganza, P. Brachi, D. Albanese, B. Tauleigne
Technological parameters of brewers spent grain torrefactionE. Syguła, K. Świechowski, G. Natkaniec, A. Białowiec
Valutazione della degradabilità anaerobica di sacchetti per la raccolta del rifiuto organico in carta e bioplasticaG. Dolci, V. Venturelli, M. Grosso, A. Catenacci, F. Malpei
Energia dai liquami: potenzialità ed aspetti ambientali dell’impiego di acque reflue per la produzione di biomasse agro-forestali a fini energeticiS. Masi, D. Caniani, M. Cozzi, F. Di Capua, I.M. Mancini, M. Viccaro, S. Romano
Recepimento e applicazione delle BAT al settore degli Impianti di incenerimento rifiuti in LombardiaA. M. Ribaudo, R. Esposito, L. Losa
Valorizzazione di ceneri pesanti da termovalorizzatore in miscele di asfalto per pavimentazioni stradaliF. Russo, R. Veropalumbo, S. Malvezzi
Challenges of waste management in Ethiopia and East AfricaJ. Sprafke, M. Lenhart, M. Pohl, A. Nassour, M. Nelles
An example of sinergies in PhD research on thermal treatment of healthcare waste in low-income countriesM. Ragazzi, V. Torretta, A. Castellucci, P. Castellani, E.C. Rada
Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (MCFC) for the carbon capture in Energy-from-Waste (EfW) plantsF. Viganò, L. Cretarola, M. Spinelli
High-temperature vs low-temperature conversion processesG. Ischia, F. Marchelli, L. Fiori
Enhancement of combustion capacity in waste to energy and biomass to energy plants by implementation of modern optimization systems (theory and case studies)D. Zibrat, M. Lukic
Biohydrogen production by a novel strain of Enterococcus faecalis isolate VT-H1T. Woraruthai, C. Supawatkorn, P. Uthaipaisanwong, K. Kusonmano, T. Wongsurawat, P. Jenjaroenpun, N. Weeranoppanant, P. Chaiyen, T. Wongnate
Feasibility of energy self-sufficiency by biomass production in a Brazilian stateC.I. Fabreti Calciolari, F.G. Fernandes da Silva Rossato
High-rate activated sludge (HRAS) process for biogas recovery in sewage treatmentY. Jo, J. Park, G.-B. Kim, S.-H. Kim
Hydrothermal carbonization of sewage sludge – an effective approach to treat and manage sewage sludge in rural areas of GermanyT. Ender, V. Shettigondahalli Ekanthalu, M. Nelles
Impact of wastewater treatment on PFAS compounds in sludgeJ. Kumpiene, J. Forsberg
Improvement of sewage sludge treatment by anaerobic co-digestion with agri-food wastes (wine vinasse and poultry manure)L. Sillero, M. Perez, R. Solera
Manufacture of lightweight aggregates from mixtures of kaolin and iron-rich wasteC.J. Cobo-Ceacero, J. Alonso-Azcárate, A. Conde-Sánchez, B. González-Corrochano, A.B. López-García, C. Martínez-García, A.M. Martínez-Rodríguez, J.M. Moreno-Maroto, A. Rentero López, M. Uceda-Rodríguez, M.T. Cotes-Palomino
Metagenomic and Metatranscriptomic Identification of Active Methane Production Microbial populations and Pathways in AnMBR with Rotary disks and Floating mediaM. Lee, K. Yoo, S. Kim, K.-G. Song, J. Park
Novel Prosopis juliflora leaf ethanolic extract effectiveness for extending postharvest shelf-life of strawberries and cucumbersI. Saleh, M. Abu-Dieyeh
Optimization of succinic acid production from molasses by newly isolated bacteriaK. Sreeyod, P. Plangklang, A. Reungsang, S. Sittijunda
Organic template-free synthesis of ZSM-5 Zeolite using rice husk ash as silica sourceC. Ferro Callil Nascimento, H. J. Martez Esquire Nogueira, A. F. Machado Leitão Bento, D. dos Santos Lima, I. C. Tessaro, N. R. Marcilio
Biological upgrading biogas to biomethane in pilot-scale trickled bed biofilm reactorD. Pokorna, Z. Varga, D. Andreides, P. Benes, J. Zabranska
Preparation and characterization of flat ceramic membrane supports from rice husk ash and aluminaA.F. Machado Leitão Bento, R.R. de Souza Xavier, C.F. Callil Nascimento, D. dos Santos Lima, N.R. Marcilio, I.C. Tessaro
Production of biohydrogen, biomethane and biofertiliser by anaerobic tridigestion with temperature phase separationL. Sillero, M. Perez, R. Solera
Proposal of smart strategic management system for cold plasma process using ORP monitoring and OH radical correlationY. A Lee, H.-W. Kim
Recovery of nutrients from animal slurry by solid-liquid separation, stripping and fixation of ammonia, precipitation of phosphorus and flocculationS. Seyffert, N. Schmeißer, C. Cuhls
Study on decarbonization of the dairy farming system using biomass crops as cattle beddingS. Ochiai, K. Ishii, T. Furuichi
Synthesis of a bioplastic from agri-food wasteM.T.M. Nogueira, A.P.C. Ribeiro, L.M.D.R.S. Martins
Electrochemical removal of calcium and magnesium ions in reverse electrodialysisJ.-Y. Nam, E. Jwa, N. Jeong
Valorisation of salicornia waste biomass through green biorefineryL.S.S. Hulkko, T. Chaturvedi, M. Hedegaard Thomsen
Waste eggshell as a catalyst for the oxidative coupling of methane to light olefins: effect of metal impregnationD. dos Santos Lima, O. W. Perez-Lopez
Non-thermal plasma changes fatty acid composition and lignocellulosic content in Scenedesmus biomassA. Leal Vieira Cubas, L. de Souza, A. Paggi Matos, E.H. Siegel Moecke
Biomethane potential of sugarcane leaves ensiled with hydrogenic effluentN. Wongfaed, A. Reungsang
Plasma technology as an alternative for biodiesel productionA. Leal Vieira Cubas, F. da Silva Osório, E.H. Siegel Moecke, M. Medeiros Machado
Biopropane production through a thermal process by using carboxylates produced from waste frying oilL. Azócar, F. Valdebenito, S. Alejandro-Martin, R. Muñoz
Microplastics and waste water, development of an effective tool in water treatmentM. Ferrante, G. Oliveri Conti, A. Cristaldi, L. Falqui, E. Pulvirenti
Integrated treatment of cheese whey and hi-tech waste: a demonstration of synergistic waste management in a circular economy perspectiveF. Asunis, G. Cappai, A. Carucci, M. Cera, G. De Gioannis, G.P. Deidda, G. Farru, A. Mastio, G. Massacci, A. Muntoni, M. Piredda, A. Serpe, S. Trudu
Optimizing the parameters of the slow pyrolysis process of biomass waste to obtain products with improved characteristicsE. David, A. Armeanu
The role of biochar in anaerobic digestate compostingD. Li, M.K. Manu, J.W.C. Wong
Study on the pyrolysis of three kinds of digestates in a pilot scale pyrolysis reactor targeting for producing fertilizerC. Zhang, J. Zou, S. Ge
Full-scale mesophilic anaerobic sludge digester: microbial community dynamics from start-up to steady stateB. Tonanzi, S. Crognale, A. Gianico, S. Della Sala, P. Miana, M.C. Zaccone, S. Rossetti
Organic matter conversion routes in a covered lagoon biodigester treating swine wastewaterG. Oliveira Rosa da Cruz, I. de Paula Sousa, P. Viana Araújo, A. Carraro Borges, C. Leite de Souza, A. Pereira Rosa
Minimum necessary contents of the environmental impact assessment for a comparison between municipal solid waste to energy technologiesL. Adami, M. Tubino, M. Ragazzi
Confirming organic matters removal in wastewater by cold plasma treatment and reuse removed carbon dioxide to culture microalgaeJ. Kim, G.O. Ortiz Vanegas, Y.A. Lee, H.-W. Kim
Economic aspects of a collection solution of biowaste in an association of municipalities in PortugalP.M.S.M. Rodrigues, F. David, E. Soares, E. Monteiro, N. Melo, J. Gregório, R. Rodrigues
Effect of hydrothermal carbonization to improve combustion properties of biofuel from Empty Fruit BunchesD. Ryu, D. Kim, K.H. Jang, J.W. Lee
EffiSludge for Life: Increased resource efficiency in industrial wastewater treatmentA. Karlsson, N. Svensson, J. Ejlertsson, F. Ometto
Evaluation of microalgae CO2 bio-fixation efficiencies under controlled growth conditions in a closed pilot-scale planar photobioreactorM. Carone, M. Zanetti, V. A. Riggio
Experimental investigation on the drying of olive pomace waste in a modified hybrid greenhouse dryerA. Mellalou, B. Abdelaziz, O. Abdelkader