1. Asian Regional Branch Conference Proceedings

Monitoring of Methane Concentration in Indonesia Landfill SitesAsiyanthi Tabran Lando, Hirofumi Nakayama, Takayuki Shimaoka
Comparison of Estimated Methane Emission from Landfill under Asian Weather between FOD Waste Model and Fukuoka 2007 ModelO. Hirata, Y. Matsufuji, A. Tachifuji, R. Yanase
Behavior of Methane Emissions from Passive Aeration and Conventional Landfilling Methods in Tropical EnvironmentK. Wangyao, K. Endo, T. Ishigaki, C. Chiemchaisri, N. Sutthasil, S. Towprayoon, M. Yamada
Determination of Field Methane Oxidation Efficiency at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills in the North of ChinaTing Yang, Dongbei Yue, Bing Han, Yue Sun
Sulfidized Organic Compound Emissions from Active Operating Area of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills in Northern ChinaDongbei Yue, Bing Han, Yue Sun, Ting Yang
Anaerobic Generation of Nitrous Oxide in Waste LandfillsTomonori Ishigaki, Mikako Nakagawa, Masato Yamada
The Behaviour of Carbon Emission from Test Cells with Horizontal Permeable Reactive BarrierHee-Jong Kim, Kazuto Endo, Masato Yamada
Desirable Structure and Operation of Semi-Aerobic Landfill under Several Climate ConditionsM. Yamada, T. Ishigaki, K. Endo, H-J. Kim, H. Ishimori
Effect of Feeding Frequency on Performance of Laboratory-Scale Anaerobic Digestion Reactor Z. H. Piao, C. H. Kim, J. Y. Kim
Effects of Lipid Concentration on Anaerobic Co-digestion of Municipal Biomass Wastes J. Yan, Y. Sun, X. Zeng, W. Qiao, D. Wang, W. Wang
Ultrasound Pretreatment for Enhanced Biogas Production of Waste Algal Biomass K. Lee, P. Chantrasakdakul, D. Kim, M. Kong, K. Y. Park
Potential of Biogas Production from Food Waste in a Uniquely Designed Reactor under Lab Conditions R. K. Somashekar, Rinku Verma, Manzoor Ahmed Naik
Failure Analysis on Co-Digestion of Agricultural Residues and Food Waste: Focusing on Heavy Metal, Trace Element, Methanogenic Activity and Microbial Acclimation Y. J. Lee, J.Y. Kim
Case study of Leachate Treatment by "TORNADO" and "ECO-FAN" Aeration Device at Semi-aerobic Landfill Site in Vietnam A. Tanaka, Y. Matsufuji, Y. Yoshimura
pH Decrease of Leachate in Neighborhood Area to Leachate Collection Pipe K. Miyawaki, Y. Takanezawa
Influence of Aeration Modes on the Characteristic of Leachate from Landfill Adopting Aerobic-Anaerobic Landfill Method Chuanfu Wu, Takayuki Shimaoka, Hirofumi Nakayama, Teppei Komiya, Xiaoli Chai, Yongxia Hao
Effect of Aeration on Improvement of Solid Waste Disposal in Tropical Climate N. Sutthasil, C. Chiemchaisri, W. Chiemchaisri, K. Wangyao, K. Endo, M. Yamada
Water Content Distribution in a Landfill Site in a Tropical Climate Condition Tri Budi Prayogo, Yutaka Dote, Tomoo Sekito
Metal Enrichment Processes and Exploration of Enriched Zones in Landfill Sites Kazuo Kamura, Manami Okuno, Toshinori Sakurama, Kyoko Wakabayashi, Kenya Oyama, Hirokazu Tanaka
Spectroscopic Studies of the Effect of Aerobic Conditions on the Chemical Characteristics of Humic Acid in Landfill Leachate and its Implication for the Environment Chai Xiaoli, Hou Linlin, Hao Yongxia, Wu Xiaohui, Zhao Xin, Zhao Youcai
Landfill of Municipal Solid Waste Contaminated with Radiocesium Deriving from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Kazuto Endo, Masato Yamada, Hiroyuki Ishimori, Masahiro Osako
Estimation of Recyclable Solid Waste Weight by Photogrammetry Technique Seok-Pyo Yoon, Hyung-Wook Kim
Nondestructive Characterization of the Contaminated Biodegradable Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste Using Synchrotron Radiation-Induced Micro-X-ray Fluorescence H. Zhang, J. Wu, L.-M. Shao, P.-J. He
Composition and Characteristics of Fermentescible Waste from Traditional Market in Bandung Tri Padmi, E. Hartati, E. Damanhuri
Characterisation of Waste FOGs Generated by Abattoirs Processing Chickens in Thailand N. Nitayapat, P. Chitprasert
GHG Reduction Potential of Waste and SRF Biomass Content in Korea Jae Sung Park, Younglan Kim, Kyuyeon Kim, Sangwoo Lee, Hungeun Choi, Kiheon Kim, Giljong Oh
Effect of Copper addition on Reduction Properties of the Iron-Based Oxygen Carriers in the Chemical-Looping Process for Hydrogen Production Yue Hu ,Wei Wang, Shoudu Wang, Jie Zhu
Compost-Soil Mixture Respiration and Organic Carbon Degradation Emenda Sembiring, Dwina Lubna
Cost-effective On-site Bio-treatment of Mixed MSW in Country Towns and Rural Areas F. Lü, D. Wu, C. Y. Zhang, L. M. Shao, P. J. He
Pilot Study on the Deep Dewatering of Urban Sewage Sludge Ying Huang, Lili Shang, Leilei Yu, Feng Hong, Ruihui Wang, Jian Wu
Dewatering of Sewage Sludge by Use of Dimethyl Ether Ying Huang, Zizeng Lin, Manjun Zha, Daoliang He, Yuan He, Zhiwei Shi, Xianning Li
Risk Management of Disaster Waste Storage Sites in terms of Wildfire by Temperature and Gas Component Observations Hideki Yoshida
Disaster Debris Management in Miyagi Prefecture and Ishinomaki City Following the 2011 East Japan Earthquake Tomoko Okayama
2012–2021 Seoul Waste Management Plan Kee Young Yoo
Community-Based Solid Waste Management Best Practices: The Case of San Mateo, Isabela, Philippines Eileen C. Bernardo
Policy Implementation of the Republic Act (RA) 9003 in the Philippines: A Case Study of Cebu City D. G. J. Premakumara, A. M. L. Canete, M. Nagaishi
Dynamics of Environmental Problems – Why are the Waste Management Issues Unique in the Developing Cities of Asia? Sudhakar Yedla
Integrated Strategy of Harmonization between Waste Management and Urban Planning Sections for Waste Landfill Management in Asian Countries - Case study on Sapporo city’s “Circular Green Belt Initiative”- Kohshi Takahata, Masato Yamada
Study of Thermal Degradation Pathways of Hexachlorobenzene on Alkaline Support in the Milligram Range Keqing Yin, Xingbao Gao, Lei Zheng, Wei Wang
Leachability Studies and Toxicity Assessment of Chemical Sludge Solidified with Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) Hema Patela
Combustion Behavior of Cesium in MSW Incineration Process Taku Iguchi, Takashi Kawano, Hiroki Fujihira
Characterization of Fly Ash and Ash Deposits from the Convection Heating Surface of a CFB Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Tang Zhi, Chen Xiaoping, Liu Daoyin
A Study on Mercury Emission from Spent Fluorescent Lamp Seung-Whee Rhee, Hyo-Hyun Choi, Hun-Su Park
Degradation of FBL Dye Wastewater by Magnetic Photocatalysts from Scraps Robert Liu, C.F. Wu, Ruth Yu-Li Yeh, C.H. Lin, Yung-tse Hung
Comparison of Filtration and Centrifugation for Determination of Aqueous nC60 Yeong Min Kim, Jae Young Kim
High Efficiency of HCl Removal from Waste Plastics Pyrolysis with a Gas-fluidized Reactor G.Yuan, D. Chen, L. Yin, Z. Wang, L. Zhao, J.Y. Wang
An Innovative Pyrolysis Reactor for Waste Plastics Pyrolysis and its Pyrolysis Process Simulation L. J. Yin, X. Y. Xue, D. Z. Chen, X. B. Ma, G. M. Zhou
Conversion of Biomass in Korean MSW for Fuel Production and Energy Recovery by the Hydrothermal Treatment Daegi Kim, Ki Young Park, Han S. Kim, Kunio Yoshikawa
Development of Prevent Swelling Road Pavement of the Sub-layer with Small Plastic Waste Attapole Malai
Copper Stabilization in Beneficial Use of Waterworks Sludge and Copper-laden Electroplating Sludge for Ceramic Materials Kaimin Shih, Yuanyuan Tang
Mass Balance and Materials Flow Characterization of RDF Producing Plants in Korea Giljong Oh, Jae Sung Park
The Performance of Bio-waste Separation at Source in Thailand: A Comparison of Motivation Mechanism for Behavior Change K. Boonrod, S. Towprayoon, S. Bonnet, S. Tripetchkul