Sum 2020 Proceedings

Perspectives of the MSW management in Brazil after COVID-19G. Mondelli, E.R. Silva, C.G. Souza, L.H.S Oliveira
Waste management in COVID19's times: a perspective of sustainability outside the emergency, for plastic materials useF. Tommasi
LCA applied to cheese whey fermentationL. Lombardi
Removing ammonia to optimise anaerobic digestionC. Eden, R. Eden, M. Moulden
Closing the circle: the anaerobic digestion of palm oil mill effluentC. Eden, R. Eden
Treatment of vinasse and lees by advanced oxidation processes coupled with anaerobic digestionC.B. Arenas, J. González, M. Chiappero, S. Fiore, X. Gómez, E.J. Martínez
3-Routes Platform for recovery of high value products, energy and bio-fertilizer from urban biowaste: the REVENUE projectA. Gallipoli, A. Gianico, S. Crognale, S. Rossetti, M. Masi, V. Piemonte, P. Pagliaccia, C.M. Braguglia
Energy recovery of refuse derived fuelC. Cord'Homme
Use of residues from waste-to-energy as a way towards circular implementationM. Smol
Striving for climate neutral hydrogen economyS. Petters, K. Mauthner
Experimental investigation on the air gasification of olive cake at low-medium temperaturesM. Calero, A. Pérez, Á. Gálvez-Pérez, M.Á. Martín-Lara, G. Blázquez
Circular economy and resource management: Energy-from-Waste is a sustainable pillarC. Cord'Homme
State of the art of the management of residual waste bales in Campania regionV. Cieri, A. Cesaro, F. P. Buonocore, R. Manzi, M. Bruno, V. Belgiorno
Planning the logistics network of a processing system for packaging glass recovery from undifferenciated urban wasteC. Soares de Morais, T. Rodrigues Pereira Ramos, A.l. Cerqueira de Sousa Gouveia Carvalho, A.P. Barbosa-Póvoa, M.T. Da Cruz Carvalho
Antimony in incineration bottom ash - Leaching behavior and conclusions for treatment processesU. Kalbe, C. Vogel, F.-G. Simon
Key lessons for valorization of inorganic residues in enhanced landfill miningP. Rabelo Monich, D. Desideri, R. Murillo Alarcón, G. Sauve, H. Lucas, B. Friedrich, K. Van Acker, Y. Pontikes, D. Vollprecht, E. Bernardo
Assessment of feasibility and viability of landfill mining of open dumpsite in IndiaA. Ghosh, S.A. Kartha
Geoenvironmental evaluation of landfill mining at open dumps in IndiaM. Somani, M. Datta, G. V. Ramana, T. R. Sreekrishnan
Dynamics of groundwater quality during full scale landfill miningM. Kriipsalu, K. Orupõld, J. Burlakovs, T. Tamm, K-M. Pehme
Mechanical and environmental suitability of secondary plastic from landfill miningG.M. Cappucci, R. Avolio, C. Carfagna, M. Cocca, G. Gentile, S. Scarpellini, F. Spina, G. Tealdo, M.E. Errico, A.M. Ferrari
Potential contribution of urban mining to energy transition material needs: the French case studyD. Monfort, F. Laurent, B. Rodriguez, S. Muller, J. Villeneuve
How circular are raw material and energy flows in the Swiss economy?C. Matasci, M. Gauch, H. Böni
Evolution of the waste management system in Emilia-Romagna regionC. Magrini, G. Biagini, F. Bellaera, L. Palumbo, A. Bonoli
Integrated waste management in Brasilia: current facts and contributions from circular economyD.A. Perozo Suárez, J. Madeira Nogueira
Patrimonio plástico: a decision-making process for the reuse of an industrial architecture in MontevideoS. Sacco, M. Cerreta
Sewage management into the biorefinery concept: technical potential for bioprodutcs recoveryB.S. Moraes, M.D. Berni, R.A. Lamparelli, P.C. Manduca
Urban sewage sludge as a source for biofuels and biolubrificantsC. Pastore
Sewage sludges microplastics content and its contribute on pollution in treated agricultural soilsM. Ferrante, P. Zuccarello, A. Cristaldi, G. Oliveri Conti
Making sewage sludge different – The waste-to-resource conundrum in Swedish sewage sludge policy makingL. Ekman Burgman
Current status of decentralised composting in ItalyC. Bruni, C. Akyol, G. Cipolletta, A.L. Eusebi, F. Fatone
Conceptualising reuse in African households: perspectives from Chembe, MalawiM. Kalina, M. Ngcoya, B. Nkhoma, E. Tilley
Development of a living wall system for greywater treatmentA. Aicher, M. Boermel, J. Londong
Blue economy solutions for sustainable circular economy and role of Black Soldier Fly - An overviewV. Grossule
Efficient and safe substrates for Black Soldier Fly biowaste treatment along circular economy principlesM. Gold, D. Ireri, C. Zurbrügg, T. Fowles, A. Mathys
Saving, ignoring, 'trashing': reflections on 'seeing waste scenarios' from Blantyre, MalawiM. Kalina, E. Tilley, C. Trois
'Mining' the village: building with waste glass in Chembe, MalawiN. Mahdjoub, E. Tilley, M. Kalina, A. Augustine, C. Trois
A participatory approach for addressing challenges in waste collectionL. Kujanpää, H. Pihkola
Consumer behaviour and awareness: a case study on reverse logistics of batteries in Vale Do Aço, BrazilF. Duarte Castro, B. Gomes Xavier, B.M. Penha Perpétuo, J.A. do Carmo Cardeal, L. Gomes Lopes, R. França Furtado, M. Vaccari, L. Cutaia
Waste from extractive and construction sector: regulatory framework according to end-of-waste criteriaR. Bellopede, L. Zichella, P. Marini
Stage of implementation of circular economy in the Danish building and construction sectorL. M. Ottosen, L. Bjerregard Jensen, T.F. Astrup, T.C. McAloone, M. Ryberg, C. Thuesen, S. Lütken, S. Christiansen, A. J. Damø, M. Oddgaard
The weight of cities: a case study of the region of WaterlooA. Mollaei, N. Ibrahim, K. Habib
Life Cycle Costing approach for construction and demolition waste management chain: methodology of data collection and organizationF. Carollo, L. Rigamonti
A full-cost accounting model for construction and demolition waste management in China and EuropeF. D’Addato, A. Degli Esposti, A. Bonoli
Geospatial characterization of urban stock in the residential sector of a high-income district in Peru. A case study of San Isidro, LimaM. Gutiérrez, R. Kahhat
Financial viability of concrete waste recycling in VietnamN.H. Hoang, T. Ishigaki, R. Kubota, T.K. Tong, T.T. Nguyen, H.G. Nguyen, M. Yamada, K. Kawamoto
Proposing a new technological paradigm for reuse of construction and demolition wasteP. Crowther
Statistical assessment of construction and demolition waste and recycled aggregates leaching behaviourA. Diotti, G. Plizzari, S. Sorlini
Reactivity of industrial waste as supplementary cementing material in cement-mortarsF. Faleschini, S. Pastore, F. Andreose, A.G. Settimi, K. Brunelli
Characteristics of C&D waste prior to and after thermal treatmentsP. Stabile, A. Abudurehman, M. Carroll, E. Paris
Valorization of waste tyre in masonry hollow concrete blocks: mechanical characterizationS. Mukaila Yinka, A. Ocholi, S. Pinder Ejeh
Dynamic thermal assessment of eco-friendly rubberized masonry hollow concrete blocksS. Mukaila Yinka, A. Ocholi, S. Pinder Ejeh
Assessing social sustainability in a circular model: application in an Italian luxury footwear industryA. Bianchini, P. Guarnieri, J. Rossi
Fast fashion and circular economy: comparison between Portugal and CroatiaS. Paixão, S. Kalambura, J. Figueiredo, A. Ferreira, S. Pedro
Closing the textile loop – The wear2wear approachG. Braun, R. Hischier
The transition from a linear to circular economy that incorporates life-cycle environmental tradeoffs from end of life technologiesN. Butler
Plastic mix recycling from municipal solid waste: characterization of raw materialM. Calero, M.Á. Martín-Lara, A. Pérez, G. Blázquez, M. Muñoz, S. Arjandas, E. Lozano
Detecting contaminants in post-consumer plastic packaging waste by a Near InfraRed HyperSpectral Imaging-based cascade detection approachG. Bonifazi, R. Gasbarrone, S. Serranti
Life Cycle Assessment evaluation of the reuse of some types of packagingL. Rigamonti, L. Biganzoli, C. Tua, M. Grosso
Combine iron oxide and calcium carbonate additives to immobilize Pb in cathode ray tube funnel glassY. Zhou, K. Shih, C. Liao
The challenge of NONTOX: removing hazardous substances to increase the recycling rates of WEEE, ELV and C&DW plasticsA. Zannella, G. Legnani, N. Vincenti, L. Campadello
Characterization of phosphate sludge and its benefits as a natural fertiliser for deficient soilsAyoub Haouas, Cherkaoui El modafar, Allal Douira, Saâd Ibnsouda-koraichi, Abdelkarim Filali-maltouf, Abdelmajid Moukhli, Soumia Amir
Wet oxidation of grape pomace: towards production of GHG-neutral soil amendmentH. Fantucci, M.F. Aguirre Matheus, R.M. Santos
The ability of indigenous cyanogenic strains and Chromobacterium violaceum for bioleaching of gold from e-wasteM. Arshadi, S. Yaghmaei, B. Arab, F. Hassanpour, N. Amani Tehrani , S. Nemati Mahand
Crystalline silicon photovoltaic module recycling: materials separation by thermal degradationP.S.S. Camargo, A.S. Domingues, J.P. Guê Palomero, A.C. Kasper, P.R. Dias, H.M. Veit
Valorization of urban particulate matter recovery for nutrient load creditsJ. Sansalone
Communicating source separation of urineS. Hörnlein, S. Mehling, J. Londong
A magnetic humus core-shell composite synthesized by abiotic humification method for Cr(VI) removalX. Dong, D. Yue
Kaumera Nereda® gum: a biobased polymer extracted from granular sludge with unique applicationsP. Schyns
Training highly-qualified personnel in the field of waste management: problems, experience and implementation prospects in RussiaA.I. Kurbatova, M.D. Kharlamova, M.E. Kupriyanova, A.V. Lukanin, P. Kozhevnikova
Potentials for GHG emissions reduction in the circular economy: the anthropogenic copper cycleL. Ciacci, I. Vassura, F. Passarini
Inclusive packaging recycling systems: improving sustainable waste management for a circular economyJ.E. Rutkowski
Environmental management tools to reduce production and consumption by citizensD. Camana, A. Marson, A. Manzardo, A. Scipioni
Describing circular economy using corporate sustainability reportingE. Tam
Assessment of waste management systems, worldwide: a systematic literature researchA. Campitelli, J. Kannengießer, L. Schebek
The institutionalization of the transition towards a circular economy: a comparison between Italy and BrazilP. Guarnieri, A. Bianchini, J. Rossi
Assessment of product-related criteria in the calculation of a reparability index: a case study on washing machinesC. Battellini, S. Zuin, M. Celotto, A. Pivato, M.C. Lavagnolo
The revised guideline VDI 2343 supports the concerned parties regarding the treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)R. Brüning, H. Tien, J. Wolf
Recycling oriented characterization of printed circuit boards from mobile phones by micro X-ray fluorescenceG. Bonifazi, G. Capobianco, R. Palmieri, S. Serranti
Comprehensive waste management plan for small electrical and electronic devicesL. Herrera, D.A. Riaño, C. Cañón, R. Mejía, V. Torres, M.F. Vargas, A. Uribe
Raw materials and CRMs in lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles: analysis of value chains from a circular economy perspectiveM. La Monica, C. Scagliarino, F. Nania, G. Massacci, L. Cutaia
Some data on the massive substitution of regulated brominated flame retardants in plastic products and wasteP. Hennebert
Traditional mining and urban mining: aspects of e-waste management in BrazilC.F. Gomes, M. Ottoni, L.H. Xavier
Spatial distribution analysis of e-waste Voluntary Delivery Points (VDP) by Green Electron manager in São Paulo city (SP, Brazil)R. Araujo, J. Cugula, L. Apolonio, M. Ottoni, L.H. Xavier
Analysis of e-waste voluntary delivery points (VDP) location in the city of Rio de Janeiro, BrazilR. Araujo, M. Ottoni, L. H. Xavier
E-waste hotspots and best routes analysis for reverse logistics in the city of São Paulo, BrazilJ. Cugula, L. Apolonio, R. Araujo, M. Ottoni, L. H. Xavier
E-delphi and behavioural economics for mobile and smart phones end-of-use collectionX. Pierron, I.D. Williams, P.J. Shaw
ChECK it! - Circular Economy City KitF. Savini
Impianto di produzione di biometano di Sant’Agata Bolognese (BO)M.G. Medici
Il progetto Acea Smart COMPA. Filippi, G. Cecchini, F Cammillozzi, E. Miletto
Valutazione dei benefici ambientali della pratica di riutilizzo in Nord Italia di alcune tipologie di imballaggiL. Rigamonti, L. Biganzoli, C. Tua, M. Grosso
Break even analysis dei processi di recupero delle materie prime e CRM da batterie agli ioni di litio in un’ottica di urban mining e di economia circolare. I casi studio degli impianti dell’America manganese e dell’AccurecV. Squicciarino, C. Scagliarino, M. La Monica, M. Boccacci Mariani, L. Cutaia
Urban mining di materie prime e CRM dalle batterie dei veicoli elettrici per la realizzazione di una filiera circolare in ItaliaC. Chiavetta, M. La Monica, P.L. Porta, C. Scagliarino, L. Cutaia
La tecnica del landfill miningD. Biondi
La dimensione territoriale di approcci circolari nel settore delle costruzioni. Riflessioni a partire da un cantiere di uno spazio pubblico nella regione VenetoL. Nicoletto
Patrimonio plástico: un processo decisionale per il recupero di un'architettura industriale a Montevideo, UruguayS. Sacco, M. Cerreta
Influence of the type of collection bag on the food waste treatment chain: a life cycle assessmentG. Dolci, L. Rigamonti, M. Grosso
Effective composting strategies for ammonium enriched food waste digestateM.K. Manu, W. Chen, J.W.C. Wong
A brief overview on valorization of industrial tomato by-products using the biorefinery cascade approachM. Casa, M. Miccio, G. De Feo, A. Paulillo R. Chirone, D. Paulillo, P. Lettieri, R. Chirone
The “RE” Factor: re-cycle, re-use, re-thinkD. Crippa, E. Lonardo, A. Rebaglio
From waste to locally sourced building materials for a prosuming communityM. Clementi
IRS-CESC Project - The role of the informal recycling sector on closing the loops to sustainable citiesJ. Rutkowski
MonGOS - Monitoring of water and sewage management in the context of the implementation of the circular economy assumptionsM. Smol
Apply innovation for the development of circular economy for sustainable construction in the MediterraneanO. Marzouk
PolyCE: give a second life to WEEE plasticsN. Vincenti
InnoWEEE: Innovative WEEE traceability and collection system and geo-interoperability of WEEE dataA. Castellano
A factorial design for the evaluation of the optimal conditions for LiCoO2 particles dissolutionL.F. Acedo-Bueno, M.M. Cerrillo-Gonzalez, M. Villen-Guzman, B. Arhoun, J.M. Paz-Garcia, J.M. Rodriguez-Maroto
Modeling of leaching reaction of LiCoO2 using an inorganic acidM. Cerrillo-Gonzalez, M. Villen-Guzman, L.F. Acedo-Bueno, J.M. Paz Garcia, C. Vereda-Alonso, J.M. Rodriguez-Maroto
Sequential extraction procedures as a tool to assess the feasibility of recovering valuable metals from solid matricesM. Villen-Guzman, M. Cerrillo-Gonzalez, B. Ahroun, J.M. Paz-Garcia, C. Vereda-Alonso, C. Gomez-Lahoz
Aspects of sustainability for integrated photovoltaicsW. Brenner, N. Adamovic
Modeling of electrodialytic recycling of lithium-ion batteriesM. Cerrillo-Gonalez, M. Villen-Guzman, B. Arhoun, C. Gomez-Lahoz, J.M. Rodriguez-Maroto, J.M. Paz Garcia
Circular economy policies in the European Union and Brazil: a comparisonF. Duarte Castro, M. Vaccari, L. Cutaia
Valorization of lemon peel as an effective biosorbent for nickel and cadmium removal from aqueous solutionsM. Villen-Guzman, B. Ahroun, M. Cerrillo-Gonzalez, J.m. Paz-Garcia, C. Gomez-Lahoz, C. Vereda-Alonso
Use of construction and demolition waste as low cost adsorbents for the removal of acid blue113 from aqueous solutionB. Arhoun, M. Villen-Guzman, M. Cerrillo-Gonzalez, C. Vereda-Alonso, C. Gomez-Lahoz, J.M. Rodriguez-Maroto
Scarti da cantiere: sfide e soluzioni proposte dagli obiettivi di sviluppo sostenibileM.C.R. Bohana, G. De Jesus, C.M.D.F. Marchi
COVID-19, dietary patterns and waste generationM. Ju, J. Jo
Critical review of industrial solid wastes as barrier material for impermeabilization of storage waste facilitiesL. Marchiori, A. Albuquerque
In the valley, under the shadow of darkness: the disposal practices of hazardous waste by informal sector garages in Maun, BotswanaN.D. Phonchi-Tshekiso, N.M. Mazrui, G.E.J. Mogomotsi, P.K. Mogomotsi
Sperimentazioni per il riuso, un caso studio tra Italia e Francia: il progetto In.Te.SeG. Fenocchio, R. Cavallo, E. Rosio, L. Bosio, J. Fresta
Design of Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility for Nuqui, ColombiaW. Schubert, O. DeBenedictis, A. Diab, Z. Hafeez, K. Lipps
Experimental investigation on the air gasification of olive cake at low-medium temperaturesM. Calero, A. Pérez, Á. Gálvez-Pérez, M.Á. Martín-Lara, G. Blázquez
Plastic mix recycling from municipal solid waste: characterization of raw materialM. Calero, M.Á. Martín-Lara, A. Pérez, G. Blázquez, M. . Muñoz, S. Arjandas, E. Lozano