Venice 2012 Proceedings

Study of the pyrolysis process for obtaining fuel for the second generation using biomass as raw materialF.L. Mendes, A.R. Pinho, M.A.G. figueiredo
Co-digestion of biowaste and commercial waste with agricultural residues – Experiences from Castelleone (Italy)P. Bozano Gandolfi, V. Nosiglia, G. Vitali
Codigestione di rifiuti organici, rifiuti commerciali, liquami e biomasse – L’esperienza dell’impianto di CastelleoneP. Bozano Gandolfi, V. Nosiglia, G. Vitali
Integrated production of algal biomass A.M. Lizzul, P. Hellier, S. Purton, F. Baganz, L. C. Campos
The recovery of Volatile Fatty acids (VFA) from mixed effluent streams using membrane technology. A literature reviewM.P. Zacharof, R.W. Lovitt
In situ decomposition of PAH in ash agglomeratesS. Sarenbo
Frameworks and Measures to Enhance Utilisation of Alternative and Mixed Biomass Pellets in EuropeA. Pollex, T. Zeng, E. Alakangas, A. Sager, M. Rönnbäck, N. Weller, V. Lenz
Post consumed PET and PVC separation under thermal effectA. Guney, M.I Poyraz, O. Kangal, F. Burat
Overview of emerging approaches to recover energy from fractions of MSWL.F. Diaz, G.M. Savage
Dissemination of poultry litter based captive power generation using biogas technology in BangladeshD.A. Taufiq
Comparison of centrifugal separators in desulfurization of coalH. Basturcku, N. Acarckan
The utilisation of anaerobic digester effluent streams as a potential source of nutrientsM.P. Zacharof, R.W. Lovitt
From the Naples emergency to the waste-to-energy miracleG. Tipaldo
Dall'emergenza di Napoli al miracolo della termovalorizzazione. Come e perchè la copertura informativa messa in atto dalla stampa quotidiana italiana sull'emergenza dei rifiuti di Napoli del 2008 ha influenzato l'opinione pubblica verso la termovalorizzazioneG. Tipaldo
Performance evaluation of a full scale anaerobic digestion plant: biochemical methane potential and biodegradability of organic municipal solid waste componentsI. Pecorini, D. Bacchi, A. Corti
Studio delle performance di un impianto di digestione anaerobica: test di biometanazione e della biodegradabilità della frazione organica dei rifiuti solidi urbaniI. Pecorini, D. Bacchi, A. Corti
Increasing energy from waste production vs GHG emissions reduction: the case of SydneyA. El Hanandeh, A. El-Zein
Evaluation of the microbial diversity from environmental sample applied to hydrogen bioproductionS.I. Maintinguer, I.K. Sakamoto, L.L. Oliveira, M.B.A.Varesche
Mackerel biodiesel production from the wastewater containing fish oilY.P. Wu, H. M. Huang, Y. F. Lin, W. D. Huang, Y.J. Huang
Direct conversion of plastic waste into liquid fuelG.C. Faussone
Trasformazione diretta dei rifiuti plastici in carburante liquidoG.C. Faussone
Forage crops as the second generation for bioenergyP. Vaithanomsat, P. Thongsuntie, P. Khomkamon, D. Srichana
Ethanol fermentation from glucose and xylose in oil palm empty fruit bunchP. Khomkamon, P. Vaithanomsat, W. Apiwatanapiwat, V. Punsuvon
Investigations on minimizing chlorine corrosion of super heater materials using the sulfation effect under pure SRF combustion in a pilot grate firingE. Miller, J. Maier, G. Scheffknecht, TH. Glorius, J. Gehrmann, P. Nowak, H. Seifert
Effect of wastewaters from chemical toilets on technological effectiveness of maize silage fermentationM. Krzemieniewski, M. Dębowski, M. Zieliński
Effect of hydrothermal depolymerization and enzymatic hydrolysis of miscanthus giganteus biomass on the yield of methane fermentationM. Zieliński, M. Dębowski, M. Krzemieniewski
Euphorbia tirucalli is a better and more sustainable source of biofuel than Jatropha curcasP. Van Damme
Stabilization of collagen waste using iron oxide nanoparticles and its conversion into magnetic carbonP. Thanikaivelan, N. T. Narayanan, B. K. Gupta, A. L. M. Reddy, P. M. Ajayan
Production, quality and quality assurance of refuse derived fuels (RDF)K. E. Lorber, R. Sarc
Influence of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin content on the thermal behaviour of residual biomass from olive treesA. García-Maraver, M. Zamorano, A. Ramos-Ridao, L. F. Diaz
Options to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions in cross-industrial waste management: a case study from the Bothnian Arc regionR. Husgafvel, M. Mäkelä, G. Watkins, M. Päällysaho, I-L. Paavola, O. Dahl
Effect of algae biomass addition on the effectiveness of methane fermentation of maize silageM. Dębowski, M. Krzemieniewski, M. Zieliński
Status of solid waste management practices in developing countries – A case study on Lahore, PakistanM. Masood, C. Y. Barlow
Thermal behaviour of rice strawN. Said, T. Bishara, A. García-Maraver, M. Zamorano
Anaerobic digestion of solid slaughtwerhouse wastes at laboratory scaleA. Lacalle, A. Escudero, F. Blanco, M. Pinto, I. DÍaz, A. DomÍnguez
An investigation into refuse derived fuel composition over time and its suitability for a non waste incinerator directive (WID) compliant offtakerP. McHenry
Improving hydrolysis in multi-phase digestion of food wasteJ. D. Browne, E. Allen, J.D. Murphy
Pre-treatment method in a bio-degradation system for extracting polychlorinated dioxins from contaminated soil and sedimentsA. Takahashi, T. Kameyama, Y. Suzuki, M. Nakamura, Y. Otsuka, Y. Katayama
Digestion of low quality hay: impact of long-term storage and harvesting conditions on reed canary grass and comparisons to switchgrassW.J. Jewell
Greenhouse gas mitigation costs associated with solid waste management policiesJ. Levis, M.A. Barlaz
Analysis of a biomass fuelled cogeneration plant with ORC technologyM. Cruceru, C. Dragostin, M. M. Voronca, S. L. Voronca
Integrated decision tool for assessment of environmental compatibility of biomass combustion residues, refuse derived fuel ash and residues from other thermal processesH. van der Sloot, A. van Zomeren, D. Kosson, O. Hjelmar
Energy self-sufficiency by individual biodiesel productionP. Hadžić, D. Stojiljković, S. Borozan, N. Manić, V. Jovanović
The potential of algae blooms to produce renewable gaseous fuelE. Allen, J. Browne, S. Hynes, J. D. Murphy
Case study – Heat recovery from a sludge furnaceC. Laboure, C. Peregrina, J- M. Audic
Bio-oil production from distillation of abies alba mill residual wood. Gases, bio-oil and char characterizationF.A. López, A. Urien, T. A. Centeno, O. Rodríguez, I. García-Díaz, F.J. Alguacil, R. Ródriguez, R. Grau
Technical and economical assessment of micro-cogeneration technologies for sewage biogasA. Glemot, M. Crest, F. Lebars, Y. Briend, Y. Tsai, B. Thomas
Generation, measurement and abatement of odors released of metalworking fluids and aluminum slag disposalE. David, J. Kopac
Exploring the performance limits of non-catalytic de-NOx in waste-to-energy plantsK. Villani, J. De Greef, J. Goethals, I. Montauban, H. Van Langenhove
Maximising energy recovery and use of chemicals, resources and materials in modern waste-to-energy plantsJ. De Greef, K. Villani, J. Goethals, H. Van Belle, J. Van Caneghem, C. Vandecasteele
Biogas from organic waste – Experience from a new plant in NorwayE. Román, M. Y. Mustafa, W. Sargalski
Treating municipal biosolids in a hot hydrogen rich environmentR.G. Zytner, R. Pinder, C. McEwen
Life cycle assessment of advanced anaerobic digestion process configurations for sewage sludge - A UK perspectiveN. Mills, P. Pearce, J. Farrow, R. Thorpe, N. Kirkby
Lipolytic microrganisms for biocatalytic transesterification of oily residues derived from environmental sanitationS. T. A. Cassini, C. Rodrigues, L. M. Pinotti, P.W.P. Antunes, R.F. Gonçalves, R. Keller
Settlement development in times of spatially and temporally disparate trends - Accelerated effort for waste managementA. Zentner, V. Grundmann, B. Bilitewski
Biogas production to mitigate Green House Gas EmissionR. Verma
Hydrothermal degradation of OCDD and OCDF by Fe3+-H2O2 mixed reagent under non-oxidative and oxidative conditionsX. Jiang, X. Ma, Y. Jin, H. Liu
Nitrogen evolution during the co-combustion of hydrothermally treatd municipal solid wastes and coalL. Lu, Y. Q. Jin, X. J. Ma, H.M. Liu, K. Yoshikawa
Reversed combustion of waste in a grate furnace – An experimental studyM. Markovic, G. Brem, E. A. Bramer
Energy potential of species from forest management plan of Rio Grande do Norte StateR. C. dos Santos, A. C.O. Carneiro, R. V. O. Castro, E. M. Pinto, A. F. N. M. Castro
Experimental research on fluidization characteristics of fluidized bed with pipe distributorH. Liu, Y. Jin, X. Ma, J. Yan
The development of dry fermentation from municipal waste for biogas production in ThailandU. Walairat, R. Chawalit
Air gasification of mixed plastic wastes in a two-stage gasifier. Effects of bed material and activated carbon for the production of a low-tar and hydrogen-rich producer gasM.H. Cho, T.Y. Mun, J.S. Kim
Production of biochar by pyrolysis and activated bio-char from oak using a CO2 as activating agentS.H. Jung, J.S. Kim
The effect of cassava pulp pretreatment on ethanol productionW. Apiwatanapiwat, Y. Murata, W. Thanapase, A. Kosugi, T. Arai, Y. Mori, P. Vaithanomsat
Case study on the potential of wood-chip recovery from separately collected greenwaste in a SPECIfiC catchment area in GermanyN. Bauerschlag, S. Kaufeld, A. Garth, A. Feil, T. Pretz
Life cycle assessment of ammonia stripping treatment of biogas digestateK. Golkowska, I. Vázquez-Rowe, D. Koster, E. Benet
A waste to energy solution with zero liquid discharge for the organic fraction of municipal solid wasteC. Del Piccolo, G. Bologna, D. Fatutto, S. De Lorenzi, O. Micheletti
Una soluzione a scarico liquido zero per la frazione organica del rifiuto solido urbano (FORSU)C. Del Piccolo, G. Bologna, D. Fatutto, S. De Lorenzi, O. Micheletti
MSWI boiler ashes: production and quality through the horizontal section of a boilerE. Allegrini, A. Boldrin, T. Astrup
Investigation of disused rotor blade materials originating from wind turbines in terms of thermal waste treatmentG. Balan, H. Spliethoff
Differences in the formation of deposits on heat exchanger surfaces in different heat and power plantsJ. Reichelt, G. Pfrang-Stotz, B. Bergfeldt, H. Seifert, P. Knapp
Household Solid Waste Characterisation and Public Attitude towards Source Waste Separation in Kigali City, RwandaS. Mucyo, D. Blackwood, J.C. Akunna
Environmental impacts and economic feasibility of producing bioenergy under various frame conditions – Case study GermanyM. Gawor, C. Hennig, S. Majer
H2S treatment from biogas by adsorption onto activated carbons – regeneration materialC. Rojas Devia, A. Subrenat
Commercial scale cellulosic ethanol production from biomass and wasteG. Rice
Influence of operational parameters on the vapours obtained in the production of biochar by pyrolysis of biomassA. Adrados, I. De Marco, A. Lopez-Urionabarrenecha, J. F. Cambra, J. Requies
A trace metal formulation that reinforces the effects of a cobalt additiveE. Nordell, J. Moestedt, L. Wiberg, M. Karlsson
Measurements of particulate matter smaller than 2.5µm emitted from two burnings of the Amazon forestM.A.M. Costa, J.A. Carvalho jr., T.G. Soares Neto, E. Anselmo, J.C. Santos, B.A. Lima
Anaerobic digestion of domestic wastewater at low temperatures (4, 8 and 15°C) in reactors with psychrophilic inoculaE. Petropoulos, J. Dolfing, R. Davenport, E. Bowen
Biogas production from enzymatically pretreated Mexico City's organic wasteR. Campunzano, S. GonzÁlez-MartÍnez
Investigation about the biomethane potential of winery wastesA. Fabbri, S. Serranti, G. Bonifazi
Investigazione riguardo al potenziale metanigeno degli scarti dell’industria vitivinicolaA. Fabbri, S. Serranti, G. Bonifazi
Energy recovery from biogas production by a prototype dry-anaerobic digester for co-digestion of food waste and sewage sludge from high-rise buildingC. Ratanatamskul, G. Onnum, K. Yamamoto
Re-use of ashes from the combustion of municipal solid waste and biomass in bituminous mixturesR. Melotti, E. Santagata, M. Bassani, O. Baglieri, M. Ferraris, M. Salvo, S. Rizzo
Riutilizzo di ceneri da combustione di rifiuti solidi urbani e biomassa nei conglomerati bituminosiR. Melotti, E. Santagata, M. Bassani, O. Baglieri, M. Ferraris, M. Salvo, S. Rizzo
Energy conversion parks - A concept case study for the efficient use of locally available biomassR. Guisson, L. Pelkmans, N. Devriendt, N. Marquez-Luzardo, J. Broeze, M. van Dael, S. Van Passel, P. Reumerman
Anaerobic biodegradability of wood and wood products: reassessment and new insightsM.W. Milke, M.A. Barlaz
Torrefaction and pyrolysis of woody biomass in a continuous reactorO. Kolokolova, T. Levi
Municipal solid waste gasification and melting system with low carbon dioxide emission using biomass cokeN. Tanigaki, T. Kashiwabara, Y. Ishida, M. Osada
Large scale upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) for energy production in a peruvian communityZ.B. Chavez Romero, J.L. Colonia Huertas, B. Bosio, E. Arato
Progettazione di un impianto di depurazione acque con reattori UASB per la produzione di energia in una comunità peruvianaZ.B. Chavez Romero, J.L. Colonia Huertas, B. Bosio, E. Arato
Effect of temperature on composition of produced gas in microwave pyrolysis of MSWA. Rahimian, I. Azni, K. Khalid, M.A. Mohd Salleh
Hydrogen production and tar reduction in air gasification of dried sewage sludge using a two-stage gasifier with steam as tar reduction agentT.Y. Mun, M.H. Cho, J.S. Kim
Early warning indicator - increased process understanding helps to avoid disturbances of biogas productionH. Würdemann, A. Kleyböcker, T. Lienen, M. Liebrich, S. Lerm
From organic solid waste to biofuels: in-situ transesterification of olive mill solid wasteO. Etziony, Y. M. Knoll, P. Berman, C. Krawczyk, L. Yarmolinsky, Z. Wiesman
2-pyron-4,6-dicarboxylic acid as a source of green-plastics from lignin-derived stable metabolic intermediateN. Nakamura, Y. Otsuka, E. Masai, K. Shigehara, K. Shikinaka, Y. Katayama
A biomass gasification/reforming process followed by gas conversion using a novel nio/sba-15 mesoporous catalystK. Kawamoto, B. Lu
Removal of H2S using molten carbonate at high temperatureM. Kawase, M. Otaka
Laboratory analyses of different solid recovered fuel material properties and combustion air emissionsB. Polanec, J. Ekart, F. Kokalj, N. Samec
Reuse of spent coffee waste for biochar productionE. Gidarakos, F.M. Pellera, P. Pappa
Population dynamics during startup of thermophilic anaerobic digesters: the mixing factorS. Ghanimeh, P. Saikaly, M. El-Fadel
The ban of commercializing non-biodegradable takeaway bags in ItalyF. Peres
Il divieto di commercializzare in Italia sacchi non biodegradabili per l’asporto delle merciF. Peres
Modeling of a downdraft gasifier fed by agricultural residuesI. -S. Antonopoulos, A. Gkouletsos, A. Karagiannidis, G. Perkoulidis, C. Achillas
Waste to energy strategies in Sparta Municipality in the context of life cycle approachI. S. Antonopoulos, A. Karagiannidis, T. Tsatsarelis Perkoulidis, G. Achillas, C. Achillas
Mitigation strategy for deforestration: briquettes from carpenters’ wasteR. S. Sa'id, S.U. Ugbor, H.S. Adamu
Life cycle assessment of management options for the biodegradable fraction of Municipal Solid Waste in Lahore, PakistanS.A. Batool, M. Nawaz Chaudhry
Evaluation of different kind of energy recovery from MSW incineration: a case studyD. Panepinto, G. Genon, A. Senor
Valutazione di due diversi scenari di recupero energetico nell’incenerimento dei RSU: un caso studioD. Panepinto, G. Genon, A. Senor
Fly and bottom ash from FB combustion of peat as precursors to geopolymersS.K. Tyni, J.A. Karppinen, M.S. Tiainen, R.S. Laitinen
Increased energy recovery and emission reduction by MSWI flue gas condensationS. Andersson, P. Lindgren
Thermochemical description of the MSW gasification process in a moving-bed gasifier based on in-line measurementsG. del Alamo, P. Lundstrøm, A. Grimshaw
Economic assessment of innovative processes for biomethane productionL. Lombardi, E. Carnevale, A. Corti, T. Olivieri, L. Zanchi
Valutazione economica di processi innovativi per la produzione di biometanoL. Lombardi, E. Carnevale, A. Corti, T. Olivieri, L. Zanchi
Results from pilot-scale tests of an innovative process for biogas upgrading with CO2 capture and storageL. Lombardi, R. Baciocchi, E. Carnevale, G. Costa, T. Olivieri, A. Paradisi, L. Zanchi, D. Zingaretti
Results from pilot-scale tests of an innovative process for biogas upgrading using bottom ashL. Lombardi, E. Carnevale, P. Mostbauer, T. Olivieri, A Paradisi
Catalytic hydro-treatment of liquefied wood or biomass waste: optimization of process parametersM. Grilc, B. Likozar, J. Levec
Vacuum pyrolysis of scrap rubber: determination of optimal process parameters from laboratory and pilot-scale measurements and calculationsB. Lah, D. Klinar, B. Likozar
Monitoring of renewable energy yield of mixed wastes by image analysis of input residual waste materialsS. T. Wagland, P. Longhurst
Impact of water content on the hydrogen production from lignocellulosic residues by dark fermentationJ-C. Motte, E. Trably, R. Escdie, N. Bernet
The integrated waste treatment and energy generation centre of Monte Scarpino, GenovaT. Vollmeier, C. Cecchinato, B. Orlandi, L. Tomaselli
SEWAS (Sustainable European Waste Systems) - Life cycle assessment of prospective integrated waste management schemesJ. Møller, M. Grosso, L. Rigamonti, V. Martinez Sanchez, J. Cavreul, K.L. Barahona Ramorez, S. Magani, T. H. Christensen
SEWAS (Sustainable European Waste Systems) Analisi del ciclo di vita di possibili schemi futuri di gestione integrataJ. Møller, M. Grosso, L. Rigamonti, V. Martinez Sanchez, J. Cavreul, K.L. Barahona Ramorez, S. Magani, T. H. Christensen
The composition, heating value and renewable share of the energy content of mixed municipal solid waste in finlandM. Horttanainen, N. Teirasvuo, V. Kapustina, M. Hupponen, M. Luoranen
A new, effective solution for landfill gas extractionM. Naismith, E. Timmermans, T. Hillebregt
Biofuel production through the technology of catalytic hydrotreating in Lambayeque - PerúM.J.A. Romero Rivas
Produzione di biocombustibili tramite idrotrattamento catalitico in Lambayeque - PerùM.J.A. Romero Rivas
Carbon footprint for hazardous waste incinerationO. L. Dall, E.T. Naamansen, H. Wenzel
Electricity generation by microbial fuel cells fuelled with the organic fraction of municipal solid wasteJ. El Chakhtoura, S. Ghanimeh, M. El-Fadel, P.E. Saikaly
Co-digestion of chicken manure – Effect of glyserol addition, feed ratio and digestion time on the methane production and on the hygiene of the digestateS. Luste, H. Soininen
Determination of residence time distribution in dry anaerobic digestersH. Benbelkacem, D. Loisel, J. Bollon, R. Poncet, H. Perier- Camby, J. P. Steyer, P. Buffiere, R. Escudie
Anaerobic digestion of grass biomassS. Oldenburg, M.A. Kücüker, L. Westphal, K. Kuchta
Basics of the energetic utilization of horse manureS. Oldenburg, F. Haberland, H. Adwiraah, K. Kuchta
A cost effective experimental biogas reactor adapted for complex and particulate materialJ. Moestedt, E. Nordell, M. Karlsson
Characterisation of high carbon ash from stoker fired combustor for potential use as fuel for domestic purposeA. Sarkar, P. Rano
Transesterification of some non-edible oil using sodium methoxide - An attempt towards synthesis of biofuelA. Kumari, A. Sarkar
Dust and bioaerosols at mechanical biological treatment (MBT) facilitiesT.L. Gladding, A.E. Simpson
Combined cycle plant for the production of electricity energy with cogeneration of thermal energy from the combustion vegetable oilsC. Tilocca, G. Siotto, R. Siotto, N. Careddu
Realizzazione di un impianto a ciclo combinato per la produzione di energia elettrica con cogenerazione di calore dalla combustione di oli vegetaliC. Tilocca, G. Siotto, R. Siotto, N. Careddu
Sonolysis as pretreatment of biomass for anaerobic digestionA. Cesaro, S. Velten, V. Belgiorno, K. Kuchta
Trattamento ad ultrasuoni delle biomasse destinate a digestione anaerobicaA. Cesaro, S. Velten, V. Belgiorno, K. Kuchta
Waste to energy - Experiences with sewage sludge in GermanyJ. Werther
Future waste treatment and energy production – An example of development of joint scenariosM. Münster, G. finnveden, H. Wenzel
In furnace gas-sampling for analysis applied to a biomass grate fired boilerT. Florea, B. Taupin, S. Caillat, D. Souchon, E. Kervella, F. Nicol
Anaerobic digestion treatment of food waste ground by means of a food waste disposer and intercepted by a filtering tankA. Paraboschi, I. Frenzel, E. Ferchau, D. Trimis
Increase and regulation of biogas production by the application of concentrated animal waste and other concentrated biomass waste fractionsK. Hjort-Gregersen
Production of a bio-pulp from source sorted municipal solid waste and recycling via biogas plants and biogas productionK. Hjort-Gregersen, B. Lorentzen, B. Larsen
Methanol production from aerobic composting using produced oxygenF. Zeman
Cheese whey fermentation for ethanol production by different Kluyveromyces and Saccharomyces yeastsC. Reyes, E. Rustrian, C. Barerra-Bernal, E. Houbron
Mass and energy balances for analysis of oleaginous yeast growthA. Anschau, S. Hernalsteens, T.T. Franco
Effect of temperature and time on torrefaction of Canadian prairie wheat strawW. Campbell, K. Woytiuk, R. W. Evitts, A. Phoenix, R. Gerspacher
Biodiesel production from oily residues containing high free fatty acidsL.M. Pinotti, L.C. Benevides, G. S. B. Salomão, T. S. Lira, J. P. Oliveira, S. T. A. Cassini
GIS-based bioresources inventoryH. Adwiraah, S. Oldenburg, R. Stegmann
Alkaline and carbonate recirculation pretreatment of anaerobic digestion for waste activated sludge (WAS)P. Racho, W. Wonglertarak, B. Wichitsathian
Comparison between the use of sucrose and glucose as substrate in hydrogen production reactor in an upflow anaerobic fixed-bed reactorD.M.F. Lima, W.K. Moreira, M. Zaiat
Fluid bed gasification – Plasma converter process generating energy from solid waste: experimental assessment of sulphur speciesS. Morrin, P. Lettieri, L. Mazzei, C. Chapman, R. Taylor
Biodegradable content of municipal waste derived fuel produced in IrelandO. Gaillot, U. fitzgerald, J. Moriarty, R. Campbell
Issues relating to the problem of waste in the city of São Paulo, BrazilA. Pereira
Comparison of the valorisation of biogenic fractions of municipal solid waste in biogas plants and energy recovery in incineration plants regarding CO2-aspectsG. Hafner, C. Maurer, M. Kranert
New methods for evaluating modern domestic small scale biomass furnaces by considering the toxicity of their particulate matter emissionsT. Schröder, V. Lenz, S. Mülhopt, H.- R. Paur, S. Gauggel, B. Van Den Burg, D. R. Dietrich
Universal model for pioneering environmental performance assessment of small and middle sized enterprisesM. Dolinsky, P. Molnar
Slow catalytic pyrolysis of rapeseed cake: product yield and characterization of the pyrolysis liquidK. Smets, A. Roukaerts, J. Czech, S. Schreurs, R. Carleer, J. Yperman
Thermal behavior of the renewable diesel from sugar cane, biodiesel,fossil diesel and their blendsC.C. Conconi, P.M. Crnkovic
Economic and environmental viability of sustainable disposal of municipal solid waste from the city of Rio de Janeiro – BrazilM. Carvalho, A. Bufoni, L. Oliveira, L. Rosa
Biodiesel from biomass and wastes: development of a heterogeneous catalyst with possible application in industrial reactorsM.E. Borges, L. Dìaz, J.C. Ruiz
Valorization of a difficult biogenic residue (olive husks) as energy source in fluidized bedF. Miccio, G. Ruoppolo, M. Urciolo
Valorizzazione in letto fluido di residui di origine biogenica (sansa di oliva) come risorsa energeticaF. Miccio, G. Ruoppolo, M. Urciolo
Environmental impact of energy production by biogas recycling via fuel cells at WWTPC. Peregrina, Ǻ. Akerman, C. Jourdain, J.M. Audic, N. de Arespacochaga
Pharmaceutical waste final solution - fixed or mobile inceneriators case study SerbiaM. StepanoviĆ, S. IvanoviĆ, D. StankoviĆ, P. JovaniĆ
Design and validation of an anaerobic digestion process design model, AD-SimR.G. Gregory, F. Coulon
Effects of pH value on biohydrogen production from cheese wheyG. De Gioannis, M. Friargiu, E. Massi, A. Muntoni, A. Polettini, R. Pomi
Informal sector activities: economic influences on waste management systemsU. Lange, B. Bilitewksi
Preliminary study on optimization of chemical and enzymatic hydrolysis of kitchen wastesA.I. Vavouraki, M. Kornaros
Effective biohydrogen production from a mixture of agroindustrial wastes and sweet sorghum stalksM. Dareioti, K. Stavropoulos, A. I. Vavouraki, M. Kornaros
Methane productivity and algorithms for psychrophilic simple biogas digesterC. H. Pham, J.M. Triolo, L. Pedersen, S.G. Sommer
Inoculum origin and adaptation had no influence on biomethane potential results with different substratesC. Holliger, N. Bachmann, H. Fruteau de Laclos, M. Deront, Y. Membrez, A. Wellinger
Hyacinth to hydrogen – A potential way for converting weeds to energyS. Meenu Krithika, R. Nagendran
New catalysts for energy carriers from biomass-based synthesis gasT. Marzi, T. Schulzke, K. Girod, C.A. Unger, S. Kaluza, T. Jänisch
Early warning indicator in terms of the process failure and its application to maximize the time-space-yieldA. Kleyböcker, M. Liebrich, T. Lienen, H. Würdemann
Optimising integrated waste management at the regional level: results from the “GERLA” projectL. Rigamonti, A. Falbo, M. Grosso
Ottimizzazione di un sistema di gestione integrata dei rifiuti a livello regionale: risultati del progetto “GERLA"L. Rigamonti, A. Falbo, M. Grosso
Managing biowaste and waste water sludge – Climate change impacts and social costs. An application to alternative Recovery options in finlandK. Moliis, T. Myllymaa, H. Dahlbo, A. Tohka, M. Ollikainen
Anaerobic digestion of alternative energy cropsM. Grigatti, L. Barbanti, G. Di Girolamo, L. Cavani, L. Bertin, C. Ciavatta
Digestione anaerobica di colture alternative da energiaM. Grigatti, L. Barbanti, G. Di Girolamo, L. Cavani, L. Bertin, C. Ciavatta
Zeolites relieves inhibitory stress from high concentrations of long chain fatty acidsE. Nordell, A. Hansson, M. Karlsson
Low-cost tar removal technology for biomass gasificationM. Kobayashi, K. Yoshikawa, S. Nakahara, A. Paethanom, C. Chaichana
Energy potential from residues in Northern Central European RegionsJ. den Boer, E. den Boer, R. Szpadt, A. Łukaszewska, E. Thorin
Biomass ashes: are they suitable to remove phosphorous from wastewaters?R. Barbosa, N. Lapa, A. Morujo, B. Mendes
Multistep anaerobic digestion (AD) as a tool to increase energy productionB. Ruggeri, T. Ponsetti, A. C. Luongo, M. Bernardi, S. Valentino, D. fino
Energy efficacy to score organic refuses pretreatment processes for hydrogen anaerobic productionA.C. Luongo, B. Ruggeri, M. Bernardi, D. fino
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