One of the official Journals of IWWG is detritus, published by CISA, and edited by Raffaello Cossu with a highly qualified team of Associate Editors.

The journal is aimed at extending the “waste” concept by opening up the field to other waste-related disciplines (e.g. earth science, applied microbiology, environmental science, architecture, art, law, etc.) welcoming strategic, review and opinion papers. The journal has been named Detritus to convey a truly international flavor (the term derives from Latin) and to appropriately represent the notion of the multidisciplinary journal we intend to develop. – more than widely used technical words such as Waste, Recycling, Closing the loop, Sustainable Management, renewable resources, Circular economy, etc. .
Detritus is published quarterly starting from March 2018. The submission and review process has been implemented through the professional platform ScholarOne, powered by Clarivate Analytics. An international high profile Editorial Board manages the journal, and papers undergo the customary high standard peer review procedure, aimed at achieving a top quality production.

The journal is indexed in the leading citation Databases Scopus, Web of Science, DOAJ Google Scholar and ANVUR.