Activities description


The official journals of IWWG are Waste Management, published by Elsevier, and edited by and edited by Umberto Arena, Pinjing He and Dimitris Komilis, as well as Detritus, published by CISA and edited by Raffaello Cossu. The journals are the official voice of IWWG and the strategic focal points for the activities of the group.


IWWG promotes and co-organizes some of the most important international Conferences on waste management, such as the Sardinia Symposia and the Intercontinental Landfill Research Symposia (ICLRS).


Seminars specifically addressing to topics of large interest are regularly organized by IWWG. Generally they last 1-2 days and involve international selected speakers. The seminar proceedings are the base for a series of IWWG monographs edited by well-known experts.

Task Groups

Task Groups are international working groups aimed at furthering interdisciplinary research in major areas of environmental engineering.


Specialized meetings to promote discussion on relevant subjects, that can be a basis for statements and position papers. Restricted to experts who bring results and experiences.

Training courses

The courses will be tailored according to the specific target they are addressed to. Lessons will be given by a restricted group of lecturers, selected among the IWWG Scientific Advisory Committee.


IWWG is available to participate in events organized by other bodies. This participation may include the elaboration of scientific programs and the selection of papers in conferences, or the organization of training courses or specialized workshops, within the conference program. Organisers of events who like to obtain co-sponsorship are requested to approach the Managing Director of the IWWG ( at least 12 months in advance. The final decision on co-sponsorship will be taken by the Managing Board during the next regular meeting.


At present a textbook on solid waste management and a monographic book series are being produced. They are involving contributors selected among the most distinguished experts.