Sardinia 2005 Proceedings

Rehabilitation and redevelopment of a closed landfill using an in-situ aeration approachM. Hudgins, J. Peck
Nitrogen removal from leachate by nitrification and recirculationP. Balslev, P.D. Pedersen, H. Eliassen, T.R. Fossum
Landfill gas generation and management in a deep fill dry commercial and industrial waste landfill in IrelandM. Bergin, M. Heavey, G. Dennison
Landfill waste water treatment plants permeates and European Union Directive 2000/60/CE: a case study of PAHsS. Awono, P. Hennebert, S. Godfroid
Flame Ionisation Detector and linear kriging method for landfill cap leakage detectionS. Awono, C. Collart, A. Kheffi, R. Fafchamps, P. Dengis
LCA as a decision supporting tool in MSW management: application to mechanical-biological pre-treatment before landfillingE. Aoustin, M. Saade, E. Redon, S. Renou, O. Jolliet
Impact of wind turbulence on landfill gas emissionsT.G. Poulsen
Carbon trading with landfill gas (LFG) and carbon credits; JI and CDM projectsW.H. Stachowitz
Explosion protection document for gas extraction systemsW.H. Stachowitz
Treatment of leachate at the Aloes landfill site by reverse osmosis from pilot plant testing to full-scale plant operationE. Gombault, J.K. Skews, J.P. Botes, K. Karakatsanis
UK best practice in doorstep recycling promotions campaignsA. Read, M. Harder, A. Coates
Maintaining high diversion wet and dry recycling in the UK: lessons from Daventry district councilA. Read, S. Reed
Methodology for the examination of cover material of a proposed landfill site at Thessaloniki, GreeceS.Yannopoulos, N. Dermissi, H. Bakasis
The precautionary principle and the waste legislationL.Butti
Developing new technologies to divert municipal waste from landfill: a goverment initiative for EnglandP. Frith, D. Brooks
Landfill gas production and energy recovery in bioreactor landfillA. Corti, L. Lombardi, L. Puglierin
Monitoring of anaerobic processes in the landfill bodyP.Wens, W. Verstraete
Landfills and sustainable municipal solid waste managementP. Wens
Waste management in isolated communities: the Isle of Rum, ScotlandC.N. Lowe, K.R. Butt, F. Hough
Modelling in support of establishing monolithic waste acceptance criteria in England and WalesD.M. Drury, D.H. Hall, J. Gronow
Development of the Austrian 2006 waste prevention and recycling strategyH. Reisinger, H.J. Krammer
Acid neutralisation capacity as criteria for the acceptance of hazardous waste at landfillsL.Yurramendi, S. Caballero, S. Perez
An example of collaboration for a technology transfer: municipal solid waste bio-drying E.C. Rada, M. Ragazzi, V. Panaitescu, T. Apostol
Implementation of bioreactor technology at a Northern Canadian landfillC. Felske, U. Wolf
Decentralised composting of urban waste in the town of Rufisque (Senegal): study of the achieved compost agronomic qualityM.A. Seck, R. Badiane, C. Lo
Estimating the post-closure management time for landfills containing treated MSW residuesD.H. Hall, J. Gronow, R. Smith, A. Rosevear
Application of in situ reactive zone - IRZ: in situ biological stabilization of chromium in a former industrial landfillT. Gisbert, J. Burdick
Particulate matter emissions into the atmosphere: modern municipal solid waste incineration roleD. Cocarta, M. Ragazzi, A. Cemin, A. Badea, T. Apostol
Validation of the Asaoka and Baguelin methods for Anton landfill. Multicriteria qualification of past settlement data to project future settlementM. Demanet, A. Holeyman
Master plan development of the Monterey Peninsula landfill, Marina, CaliforniaS. Purdy, R. Shedden
Cost/benefit analysis for the development of a landfill expansion module in CaliforniaS. Purdy, R. Shedden
Observed benefits and problems associated with leachate recirculation R. Thiel
Soba wastewater Stabilization Pond (WSP) - Sudan: treatment performance and microbiological qualityA.K. Sabir Ali, S.N. Hag Ibrahim
Separate collection of municipal solid waste in St-Peterburg (Russia)M. Fedorov
Investigation of organic waste characterization in HanoiN.T.D. Trang, N.V. Hieu, T.H. Con
Mathematical model of composting in a closed system: effect of airflow rate on the vertical temperature distribution Q.H. Bari, A. Koenig
Phytotoxic effects of landfill leachate in JapanH. Okamura, M. Kuchii, T. Kose, S. Mohri, M. Yamada, Y. Ono
Substantiations and analysis for the capping with the capillary barriersM. Suzuki, J. Imai, Y. Saita, M. Nishigaki
Building local municipal capacity for strategic waste management decision-making in developing countriesA. Read, D. Wilson, J. Olley
Developing a national strategy for waste and resources researchD.C. Wilson, N. Blakey
Comparison of two non-invasive methodologies to monitor diffuse biogas emissions from MSW landfills soil: a case studyB. Raco, A. Scozzari, M. Guidi, M. Lelli, G. Lippo
Soils and mosses for the monitoring of trace elements in three landfillsR.M. Cenci, N. Simonazzi, E. Meglioli, P. Trincherini, L. Canovi, V. Guberti
Optimization of a non-ferrous metal separator based on experimental evaluationsM. Bertolini, N. Bergonzoni, F. Valcavi
GasSim 2: landfill gas management quantifiedR.G. Gregory, A. Rosevear
Continuos monitoring of landfill gas engine emissions: an aid for optimising operation and regulationM. Watts, R.G. Gregory, J. Blowes
Pyrolysis transformation of organic wastes - Results of full-scale trial demonstrationM.S. Snow
Landfill and incineration: final treatment facilities?M. Fontana Giusti
The environmental impacts of sanitary protection productsI.D. Williams, B. Whittaker
Regional waste management planning in the Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia - A case study of technical assistance to achieve sustainable improvements in waste managementD.C. Wilson, S. Pow, A. Read, D. Kolganov
Microbiological evaluation of municipal solid waste disposal in the experimental cell M.A.G.A. Lima, P.B. Alcântara, F.M.S. Silva, V.E.D. Monteiro, M.L.A.P.F. Palha, J.F.T. Jucá
Constitutive modelling of mechanical behaviour of municipal solid wasteV. Krase, D. Dinkler
After many years it is now a regional sports park - Successful closure of the oldest sanitary landfill in the United StatesJ. Dunn
Performance of field-scale methanotrophic biofilters (MBFs) used to control point-source methane emissions: a numerical modeling approachM. Chandrakanthi, P.Hettiaratchi
Influence of the source separation efficiency of recyclable materials on the environmental performance of municipal waste management systemsA. Heilmann, J. Winkler
Risk management and security strategy on toxic substances in final disposal siteY. Ono, M. Yamada, Y. Ono, K. Endo
Anaerobic treatment of nitrogen containing wastesF. Straka, P. Jenicek, J. Zabranska, M. Dohanyos, M. Kuncarova
Studies of landfill leachate in BrazilC. Mahler, M.A. Ferreira, W.Gunther
Use of compost for landfill revegetation: main results of the Arnouville landfill pilot scale experimentationJ.L. Martel, S. Follet, A. Peltier
Monitoring groundwater quality at landfills sites: a method to set hydrochemical treshold valuesD. Farina, R. Testalunga
A fugacity approach for generating a landfill gas trace component source termS. Shafi, S.J.T. Pollard, R. Smith, A. Sweetman, A. Rosevear
Oxonation combined with electrolysis as an alternative technology for removing 1,4-Dioxane from landfill leachatesN. Kishimoto, Y. Yasuda, T. Oomura, Y. Ono
Reactive transport in bioreactors: development of a multiphase flow modelD. Chenu, N. Skhiri, L. Bletzacker, M. Quintard
A multi-criteria decision analytic process for the evaluation of remedial countermeasures of contaminated site: a case study of uncontrolled landfillM.A.B. Promentilla, T. Furuichi, K. Ishii, N. Tanikawa
Experimental study on dioxin removal in landfill leachate by advanced oxidation process K. Yoshikawa, S. Urabe, Y. Matsufuji, Y. Kanjo, I. Fukunaga, Y. Yagi
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of municipal solid waste in the island of CreteE. Gidarakos, P. Ntzamilis, G. Havas
Aerobic-anaerobic treatment of MSW organic fraction in landfill: a bridge to bioreactor technologyM. Magnani, P. Magnani, S. Pinamonte
In situ landfill gas measurements and estimation of CH4 uncontrolled emissions from the solid waste disposal site at Pera GalinousE.Gidarakos, M. Geniatakis
Complete system of hospital waste management and treatment: a case studyM. Tsakona, E. Anagnostopoulou, E. Gidarakos
E-learning tools in the sector of solid and hazardous waste managementE. Fagogeni, A. Karkazi, T. Mavropoulos, A. Mavropoulos
Landfill gas bioremediation using methane oxidation in a permeable reactive wallG.E. Swarbrick, S.A. Dever, L. Annett
The sitting of household waste management facilities in PortugalL. Fernandes, M. Matias
Technical-economical analysis of waste pre-treatment plants and benchmark with BAT (Best Available Technology) through the realization of a regional databaseC. Pizzingrilli, M. Pazzaglia, S. Cavaggion, B. Rimini, M. Bergonzoni, A. Bonoli
Modelling reactive transport processes in landfills - Change of hydraulics due to degradation and biofilm growthJ. Kindlein, D. Dinkler, H. Ahrens, A. Haarstrick
Implementation of a quality-environment integrated system in Mirandola non hazardous landfill (Modena, Italy)M. Bragaglia, P. Ganassi, M. Bartoli
Wastes management in province of TorinoR. Conti, G. Filippini, C. Mollea, P. Molina
Input-output analysis for modelling of complex networks of waste treatment processesM. Loeschau, S. Rotter
Kuching integrated waste management parkR. Damiecki, J. Domroes, M. Diphon, J. Bilong
Criteria for the identification of trigger levels and contingency measures in landfill monitoring plansV. Bretti, F. Belfiore, C. Bondi, L. Frassinetti, S. Scacchieri
A national framework for risk assessment of landfillsF. Belfiore, A. Toma, L. D'Aprile, G. Marella, L. Musmeci, E. Beccaloni
Influence of temperature and volume water content on electrical resistivity of leachate and waste samplesS. Grellier, J.M. Bouye, R. Guerin, S. Moreau, H. Robain and N. Skhiri
Gas management with the automated extraction monitoring system M. Cassel, J. Tooley
A comparative study of aerobic waste treatment: a solution for developing countriesC. Trois, M. Griffith, N. Mollekopf , J. Brummack
Effects of waste pretreatment on landfill emissions under a subtropical climateM. Griffith, C. Trois
Combined use of monitoring and prediction tools for the environmental performance assessment in a MSW landfill according to the EMAS regulation M.S. Giamberini, B. Raco, L. Tognotti
Assessment of potential revenue from landfill biogasC.F. Mahler, L.E.H.B. Costa Leite, L.F. Brito Fo, W. Gunther
Waste Procurement ToolkitG. Hills, T. Dice, R.J. Couth
Development of an international long distance internet-based master course on environmental technology and managementJ. Martens
Principle component analysis and isotopic determination as investigation tools for underground waters contamination in case of mixing and exchange processesM. Guidi, V. Campigli, A. Cozzolino, M.S. Giamberini
Treatment of landfill leachate using filter substratesE. Nehrenheim, L. Johansson Westholm, S. Waara
Improving resource use and business performance in small and medium-sized companiesI.D. Williams, C.D.H. Wilson, N. Mair
Compost characterisation with a focus on heavy metals and a biological indicatorK.R. Butt, A.J. Holden, C.N. Lowe
The operation experiences in the sanitary landfill "Las Iguanas" Guayaquil - EcuadorF. von Buchwald
Test sample preparation for waste samplesM.I. Kisser, A .Giove, R. Cleven, K. Tirez
Validation of CEN draft standards for the analysis of wasteM.I. Kisser, H. Muntau, A .Giove, M. Bianchi
Waste education and competency-based qualifications: experiences from the UK and their international relevanceN. Mair, C.D.H. Wilson, I.D. Williams
Illegal micro-dump analysis through a campaign product research and characterization of the present wasteV. Pigoni, M. Bergonzoni, M. Becchi, A. Bonoli
Microbial oxidation of landfill methane in a biofilter system - Passive ventilation and oxygen supplyJ. Gebert, A. Grongroft
Determination of guidance values for closed landfill gas emissionsO. Bour, S. Berger, C. Couturier, L. Riquier
Case study of sulphur compounds emissions characterisationO. Bour, K. Favereaux, M. Sylvain
Assessment of hydrological parameters in column leaching tests by time domain reflectometryM. Van Praagh, M. Persson, K.M. Persson
Probabilistic landfill design: selection of input data distributionsA. Sia, N. Dixon
Kerbsite collections: a comparison of 3 wards in the North-West of EnglandC.D.H. Wilson, I.D. Williams
Interpretation centers in municipal solid waste landfills "CIVeRUs": tool for environmental awareness and showroom of the governmental managementJ. Ceballos Aranda
Working to plan or planning to work: testing policy by modelling London's wasteS.C. Jose, N. Mitchell, R. Little, P. Longhurst
Waste management - Developing world and countries in transitA. Ali
A proposal for a new, effective, cost-efficient and environmental-friendly waste managementA. De Maio, A. Franchi, E. Capraro
Summary of results of efficiency audits of solid waste landfillsN. Bolton
LCA modelling of MSW management system: approach and case studyJ. Kirkeby, T.H. Chrinstensen, G.S. Bhander, T.L. Hansen, H. Birgisdottir
Using organoclay liners for resisting gasoline flow and removing organic pollutantsI.M.C. Lo
Characterisation of the MSW leachate at Mangalore dump yardR. Ravishankar, B. Madhuri, M. Gopal
Biological stabilization of residual solid waste: technologies and methodsS. Silvestri, L. Dallago, G. Odorizzi, G. Zorzi, G. Gardelli, M. Ragazzi
Degradation by composting of Polyciclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons present in a soot contaminated soilS. Silvestri, L.M. Moretto, P. Ugo, G. Zorzi, C. Baiocchi
Combustion of LFG containing less than 5% methaneJ. Jacobs, H. Scharff
Comparison of methane emission models and measurementsH. Scharff, J. Jacobs
Selective absorption for odour control of production processes by application of solubility agents in bioscrubbersK. Freudenthal, R. Otterpohl, J. Behrendt
Fermentative production of biohydrogen from biowaste using digested sewage sludge as inoculumD. Zurawski, M. Meyer, R. Stegmann
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by landfill in situ aerationM. Ritzkowski, R. Stegmann
Estimation of operation periods for in situ aerated landfills M. Ritzkowski, R. Stegmann
Mechanisms effecting the leachate quality in the course of landfill in situ aerationM. Ritzkowski, R. Stegmann
The method of preventing rainfall infiltration from the landfill surfaceF. Hirano, M. Tanaka, H. Matsugu, Y. Matsufuji, T. Kohriyama
Single-stage nitrogen removal using anammox and partial nitritation (SNAP) process and its application to treatment of synthetic landfill leachateK. Furukawa, P.K. Lieu, R. Hatozaki, H. Homan, T. Fuji
Removal of Colour from Aqueos Solutions by Adsorption on Cashew Nut Shell WasteB. Rajmohan, D. Vijiayakrishna, M.B. Saidutta, G. Srinikethan
Cogeneration and evaporation: an example of leachate treatmentS. Hercule, V. Taramini, P. Samat, E. Giust, R. Biquillon
Studies on the physico-chemical and biochemical properties of municipal solid wastesH. Heinke, A. Haastrick, D.C. Hempel
Landfill monitoring - Novel in situ measurements and techniquesA. Haarstrick, D. Rasch, K. Munnich, J. Bauer, D.C. Hempel
Modelling long-term landfill emission - A segregated landfill modelT. Reichel, A. Haastrick, D.C. Hempel
Adsorbtion of cadmium metal cation from aqueous solution by Cashew nut shell wasteB. Rajmohan, B. Saidulu, M.B. Saidutta, G. Srinikethan
Analysis of a landfill directive compliant steepwall lining systemG.J. Fowmes, D.R.V. Jones, N. Dixon
Development of alternative concepts for construction and operation of landfills under the conditions of tropical climateC. Springer, E. Kraft, W. Bidlingmaier
Optimum washing condition for condensing heavy metals in melting furnace fly ashY. Tojo, T. Okada, N. Tanaka, T. Matsuto, Y. Kakuta, T. Matsuo
Basic study on leaching characteristics of hydrophilic organic compounds from wastesT. Fujiwara, Y. Ono, T. Kose, F. Nishimura, K. Ohotoshi
Improved quantification of methane oxidation in landfill cover soils by numerical modelling of stable isotope fractionationK. Mahieu, A. De Visscher, P.A. Vanrolleghem, O. Van Cleemput
Design and construction of landfills barrier systems: performance criteria and equivalence levelsL. Conti, L. Nettuno
How can economic motivations enhance citizen's efforts for waste reduction and diversion?J. Reichenbach, B. Bilitewski
Siloxanes in fermentation gas-solution of the problem: gas cleaningM. Francke
Waste mechanics: investigations using synhetic MSWU. Langer, N. Dixon, P. Gotteland, J-P. Gourc
Use of soil / bentonite mix in waterproofed layer composition of upper waterproofed capping of industrial waste landfillF.J.P. Oliveira, P.P.F. Gouveia Filho
Evaluation of performance of alternative evapotranspiration cover designs using the WAVES (Water Atmosphere Vegetation Energy and Solutes) model - Wingfield South AustraliaP.J. Lightbody, M. Salt, J. W. Cox
Effect of a mixed humus-topsoil layer for preventing acid mine drainageL. Saria, T. Shimaoka, K. Miyawaki
Stability of landfills - The Bandung dumpsite disasterF. Koelsch, K. Fricke, C. Mahler, E. Damanhuri
Biological treatment of compost liquor using waste-derived filter mediaS.F. Tyrrel, I. Seymour, J.A. Harris, A. Savage, R. Smith
Sewage sludge disposal in the autonomous province of Bolzano, Southtyrol, ItalyG. Angelucci, K. Bedin, F. Moedinger
Feasibility study for PVC waste in light concreteC. Ciotti, S. Cicerani
Numerical simulation of underground water flow around landfill sitesH. Suito, Y. Horikawa, T. Moroizumi, Y. Ono
Impacts of co-disposing MBP waste with MSWI bottom ash on leachate quality - Lab scale testsT. Kaartinen, J. Laine-Ylijoki, M. Wahlstrom, U-M. Mroueh
Anaerobic co-digestion of septage with waste activated sludge: a pilot plant experimental studyS. Caffaz, F. Tabani, C. Lubello, R. Canziani
Vinyl 2010: the voluntary commitment approach of the european PVC industry to the challenge of sustainable developmentM. Griffiths
Roof waterproofing membranes and the EU environmentW. Claes
Remediation of the Jakusevec landfill - A case studyB. Drnjevic, A. Vukelic
Passive drainage and biofiltration of landfill gas using recycled waste materials under Australian conditionsS.A. Dever, G.E. Swarbrick, R.M. Stuetz
Quality assurance for compost and other products made from sewage sludge - Status and perspectivesM. Kranet, I. Berkner
Design Criteria of an energy recovery system based on microturbines powered with low methane content landfill gasF. Pelizzari, P. Poli, E. Pregliasco, E. Magnano, M. Aramili
Solid waste management in Egypt: current situation and future prospectsH.O. Sherif
Automatic operation control of anaerobic digestion plants - A key factor for increasing efficiencyE. Kraft, J. Liebetrau
A methodology for the assessment of potential groundwater impact at waste disposal sites in developing countriesC.K. Vidanaarachchi, S.T.S. Yuen, S. Pilapitiya
Optimising environmental improvement at existing waste disposal sites in developing countriesC. K. Vidanaarachchi, S.T.S. Yuen, S. Pilapitiya
Transport of cement kiln dust leachate from an unlined landfill during construction dewateringW. Pourie, M. Bevan, T.O.L. Roberts
Public involvement and construction management of a high performance MSW landfill project in JapanT. Hanamura, T. Matsuzaki, K. Mizuno
Influence of wheter parameters on landfill surface emissions M. Héroux, C. Guy
Formation and leaching characteristics of humic substances in landfills mainly disposed with municipal solid waste incineration residuesJ-J. Lee, T. Shimaoka, S. Sakita, F.G. Umesaki
Private sector participation in municipal solid waste management in developing and low income countries - A case study of EthiopiaO. Esan, M. Wenborn
The MSW non-oxidant treatment characterizationC. Marculescu, G. Antonini, A. Badea
Heterotrophic and anammox nitrogen removal in leachate treatment plants: modelling the coexistence of processesB. Dominguez, A. Lobo, X. Moreno-Ventas, I. Tejero
Performance and evaluation of new waste management strategies in GermanyG. Hafner, M. Kranert
Landfill gas recovery: the low hanging fruit for carbon credits trading in developing countriesC. Lee, J. Bogner, E. Aalders
Waste minimisation potential through the limitation of unwanted mail advertisingG. Wassermann, F. Schneider
Indicators and factors for the development of methane oxidising layers in landfill cover soilsJ. Berger, B. Warwa, L. Fornes, J. Jager
Genetic structure of isotomorus unifasciatus (Insecta, Collembula) living in the soil cover of Rio Riazzone MSW landfill (Reggio Emilia, Italy)M. Pellecchia, I. Negri, L. Pizzetti, V. Nizzoli, T. Tellini
Using honey bees as monitors of aromatic hydrocarbon pollutants in Rio Riazzone waste-landfill (Reggio Emilia, Italy)V. Nizzoli, I. Negri, M. Pellecchia, L. Pizzetti, T. Tellini
Sources of chlorine in MSW and RDF - Species, analytical methods and requirements on improved separation methodsM. Schirmer, A. Janz, B. Bilitewski, S. Rotter
Modeling landfill methane emissions from biocovers: a combined theoretical-empirical approachJ. Bogner, K. Spokas, J. Chanton, D. Powelson, J. Fleiger, T. Abichou
Improvement of the BCR sequential extraction method for evaluation of extractable forms of heavy metals in fly ash and its cement solidified wasteY. Kanjo, H. Saika, M. Abdurishit, Y. Ono
Edibles in household wasteG. Wassermann, F. Schneider
Waste forecasts without "rule of thumb": improving decision support for waste generation estimationsP. Beigl, P. Gamarra, R. Linzner
A Comparison of waste management in Peru and some Latin-American countries: an overview of major problems, characteristics and real needs in the regionP. Gamarra, S. Salhofer
Extended effects of methane oxidation and their relevance for biocover application in the fieldM. Huber-Humer, P. Lechner
Potential reduction of residual waste by home composting - A case studyS. Lebersorger, R. Linzner, N. Unger
Composting and its impact on climate change with regard to process engineering and compost application - A case study in ViennaR. Linzer, P. Mostbauer
Changes in organic matter during in-situ aeration of old landfillsR. Prantl, M. Tesar, M. Huber-Humer
Strategic environmental assessment in waste management planning - An Austrian case studyS. Salhofer, E. Binner, G. Wassermann
The loss of useable goods in production and trade - a case study in AustriaF. Schneider, G. Wassermann
The consideration of materials from renewable resources in waste managementF. Schneider, G. Wassermann
Advenced treatment of residues from anaerobic digestion by means of co-compostingE. Smidt, K. Meissl, V. Parravicini
Applicability of selected parameters for characterizing organic matter of municipal solid waste after in-situ aerationM. Tesar, R. Prantl, C. Heiss-Ziegler
A review and comparison of the environmental impact of different materials across their life cycleN. Unger
Environmental relevance of landfills depending on different waste management strategiesG. Wassermann, E. Binner, P. Mostbauer, S. Salhofer
Architectural aspects in planning the pneumatic collection, case studiesE. Cossu, D. Rossetti
Investigations to analyse gas recovery potential from Muribeca's Landfill - BrazilF. J. Maciel, J.F.T. Jucá
Loads of organic matter and heavy metals on a landfill site by the landfilling of waste unsuitable for incineration treatmentT. Sekito, Y. Dote
Results of the efficiency of the capillary barrier system at the landfill Grix Offenbach-GermanyJ. Weiss, A. Witzsche
Slovenian experience: MSW landfill leachate treatment in constructed wetland and leachate recycling on landfill cover vegetated with treesM. Zupancic Justin, T.G. Bulc, D. Vrhovsek, P. Bukovec, M. Zupancic, A. Zrimec, M. Berden Zrimec
Balleally Landfill Dublin - A case study of public relationships and concernsE. Walsh, J. Barrett
Leachate treatment using vertical subsurface flow wetland systems - findings from two pilot studiesC.H. Pendleton, J.W.F. Morris, H. Goldemund, L.R. Rozema, M.S. Mallamo, L. Agricola
Predicting the storage capacity of deep landfills: Ferques bioreactors case studyF. Olivier, J. P. Gourc, C. Coquant
The measurement of landfill settlement using terrestrial 3D laser scanner imagingF. Olivier, D. Lhomme, J.P. Gourc, M. Hidra
A preliminary analysis of waste biodegradation and landfill settlement rate using consolidationg anaerobic reactorsL.K. Ivanova, D.J. Richards, D.J. Smallman
Optimization of the first thermophylic phase in a real scale composting plantS. Silvestri, G. Odorizzi, G. Zorzi, C. Caglioni, M. Zorzi
Attenuation of toluene by mineral landfill linersA. Stringfellow, A. Simoes, D.J. Smallman, H. Potter, W. Powrie, R. Beaven
Salt horizion: first results on retaining highly soluble salts within a landfill D. Sager , S. Heuss.Assbichler, A. Heindl
Methanogens in municipal solid waste landfill leachates J.R. McDougall, R. Silver
Methanogens in municipal solid waste landfill leachates T. Bouchez, W. Laloui, V. Vigneron, L. Mazeas, T. Li
Lessons learned from 10 years of leak detection surveys on geomembranesB. Forget, A.L. Rollin, T. Jacquelin
Characteristics of leaching behaviour of cement-solidified fly ash with chelating agent from melting furnaceK. Suzuki, Y. Ono
Evaluation of the performances of three adsorbent to limit diffuse emission of hydrogen sulphide - Laboratory tests and full scale tests on a landfillM. Sylvain, F. Ducray, J. Gouello, F. Thevot, C. Renner, T. Lagier
Evaluation of the use of low grade MgO to stabilize heavy metals contained in contaminated soils. Ex situ and in situ case remediation studiesJ.M. Chimenos, A.I. Fernandez, M. Segarra, N. Gangutia, H. Hernandez
Alfnes landfill in Iceland: 12 years experience of a baled waste landfillB.H. Halldorsson, O. Einarsson
Reaching our future generation with a solid waste messageD.R. Aguilar
Waste characterisation in EgyptN. Skhiri, D. Denois, M. Shaheen, T. Lagier
Role of insurance in environmental policyD. T. Case, E. de Wit, G. Wright
A new software tool for the management of environmental data for MSW landfills according to the EU "Landfill Directive"I. Luberti, M.S. Giamberini
LCA-IWM: a sustainability assessment tool for municipal solid waste management planning and optimisationJ. den Boer, E. den Boer, J. Jager, P.Beigl, K. Tsilemou, D. Panagiotakopoulos, M. Meneses, J. Rodrigo, F. Castells
Tests of durability: effect of wetting-drying and freezing-thawing cycles on index flux and hydraulic conducivity of GCLsC. Della Porta, F. Barresi, G. Tresso
Public opinion and resident's concerns, perceptions and attitudes toward MSW treatment and disposal facilitiesG. De Feo, D. Panza, V. Belgiorno
VOC's emissions during a mechanical and biological pretreatment (MBP) of MSW prior to landfillingR. Lornage, E. Redon, T. Lagier, J. Carre
Measurement and comparison of different stability parameters during a mechanical biological pretreatment before landfillingE. Redon, R. Lornage, T. Lagier, I. Hebe
Characterisation and treatment of composting leachateR. Biquillon, M. Robustelli, M. Poitrenaud, B. Efremenko
Anaerobic digestion of municipal solid waste: a mass balance analysisV. Vigneron, L. Mazeas, G. Barina, J-M. Audic, J-L. Vasel, N. Bernet, T. Bouchez
Nitrate injections during municipal solid waste anaerobic digestionV. Vigneron, M. Ponthieu, L. Mazeas, G. Barina, J-M. Audic, N. Bernet, T. Bouchez
Quality of the stabilized organic fraction from mechanical and biological treatmentD. Panza, G. De Feo, V. Belgiorno
Investigation on relationship between vertical and horizontal permeabilities of MBT wastesK. Munnich, J. Bauer, K. Fricke
Settlement processes of landfill bodies - Long- term survey of a slope deformationJ. Bauer, K. Munnich, K. Fricke
Study of the hydrochemical variations in groundwater near a sanitary landfillS. Sironi, L. Capelli, A.N. Rossi, M. Giorgi, M. Il Grande
Characterization of waste: production of "Reference Materials" by RDF, MSWI fly ashes and other hazardous wastesS. Balzamo, M. Belli
Constitutive modelling of MSWN. Dixon, B. Zhang and A. El-Hamalawi
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