SUM 2022 Proceedings

Did End of Waste bring the End of Waste?O. Johansson
The evolving European policy mix for longer product lifetimes: implications for policymakers and corporationsC. Dalhammar, L. Milios
A multi-user platform to enhance the use of recycled products in public worksA. Luciano, L. Cutaia, F. Cioffi, C. Sinibadi
Markets and the future of the Circular EconomyT. Siderius, T. Zink
![CDATA[Complete solid and liquid waste utilization for circular economy developmentR. Ruan, L. Dai, D. Mataya, J. Chen, K. Cobb, N. Zhou, R. Zhang, L. Wang, Y. Cheng, M. Addy, P. Chen, H. Lei
Material flow analysis of textile waste: A case study of the Czech RepublicA. Shtukaturova, M. Šyc, B. Zach, M. Pavlas, R. Šomplák
Evaluation of recycling fibres from blend materials via enzymatic hydrolysisD. Mehanni, E. Boschmeier, F. Quartinello, A. Bartl
Biotechological approaches for textile waste recyclingF. Quartinello, G. M. Guebitz
Alkaline and enzymatic hydrolysis of different PET / cotton blends from textile wasteP. Kählig, W. Ipsmiller, A. Bartl
Implications of consumer confusion, unrealistic expectations, and the value-action gap on the use and disposal of bioplasticsC.A. Fletcher
Production, consumption and waste management of plastics in Austria – a comprehensive analysis of national plastic flowsL. Grabuschnig, H. Rechberger
Forcasting the generation of plastic packaging waste until 2030. Case FinlandM. Arnold
Circular economy thinking to develop sustainable electronic products, business models and designsI. Williams, O.S. Shittu
Recycling of liquid crystals from E-wasteA. Barrera, C. Binet, F. Dubois, P.-A. Hebert, P. Supiot, C. Foissac, U. Maschke
Key findings from a study on the treatment of waste lamps in GermanyR. Bruning, J. Bruning
Progress in ‘Database of Semiconductors and other components’ as a public decision support tool for automotive electronics sustainability assessmentM. Sanclemente Crespo, X. Gabarrell i Durany, L. Talens Peiró
Using intergenerational influence and the creative arts to develop public communication methods about e-wasteA. Brock, R. Browning, A. Campanie, S. Pal, I.D. Williams
Facts or myth: biodegradability of biodegradable bioplastics in different ecosystemsM.C. Lavagnolo, V. Poli, A.M. Zampini
Enzyme based recycling processesG.M. Guebitz, F. Quartinello, D. Ribitsch
Bacterial sulfuric acid production for bio-recycling of plastic and aluminium from multilayer packaging wasteK. Kremser, P. Gerl, A. Pellis, G.M. Guebitz
Bio-based building blocks for enzymatic synthesis of polyesters: a Design of Experiments (DoE) studyF. Fabbri, F. A. Bertolini, G. M. Guebitz, A. Pellis
Performance of separate collection systems for plastic packaging – A regional analysis for AustriaD. Schuch, J. Lederer, J. Fellner, C. Scharff
Identifying plastics used for food and beverage packaging: needs and challengesP. Shaw
Valorization of packaged food waste from retailing: a frameworkE. Bottani, G. Vignali, R. Montanari
Microperforation in the delamination process of multilayer metallized packagingI. Berkane, A. Cabanes, O. Horodytska, I. Aracil, A. Fullana
Environmental education as a bridge between scientists and non-scientists to remove barriers and prejudicesG. De Feo
The importance of knowing what your customers know to drive ecologically and economically effective circular design in sportsA. Guerreschi, M. Wielopolski
Consumer attitudes towards product lifetimes: implications for eco-labellingL. Milios, C. Dalhammar
Comparison between perceived and actual environmental sustainability: the case of beverage packagingG. De Feo, C. Ferrara, F. Minichini
Developing an industrial recycling process of rare earth elements from electric motors of the e-mobilityG. Torta, F. Passarini, L. Ciacci, I. Vassura
Analysis of the economic and environmental cost of dismantling and recovering plastic components from vehiclesM. Ravina, I. Bianco, M. Minardi, D. Panepinto, M. Zanetti
New insights into the influence of impurities on the high-temperature behavior of the lithium-ion battery cathode material NMC (LiNi0.6Mn0.2Co0.2O2) under reducing conditions for use in the InduRed processA. Holzer, M. Baldauf, S. Windisch-Kern, L. Wiszniewski, H. Raupenstrauch
Car recycling industry: present issues and future challengesA. Santini
Thermal management of a hydrogen electric vehicle integrating a fuel cell and batteryA. Farsi, M.A. Rosen
Comparison of stored and renewable energy potentials in landfill conditions: case study for Kaunas waste management region, LithuaniaG. Denafas, I. Pitak, J. Kruopienė, D. Streikus, K. Romaneckas, A. Jasinskas
Characterisation and carbon intensity of RDF from landfill mining: a case study in Samut Prakan, ThailandW. Wulyapash, A. Phongphiphat, S. Towprayoon, J. Fellner
Physical characteristics and contaminants of potential concern in gravel like material reclaimed from an old MSW dump in India for reuse in off-site applicationsD. Parida, M. Datta, G.V. Ramana
Recovery of abandoned waste disposal areas in the framework of circular economy in Yaoundé, CameroonM.C. Lavagnolo, P. Fonkou, E. Elame
Cascading recycling: opportunities and challengesG. Moscatelli, T. Fruergaard Astrup
The consumption-based carbon and material footprint: an indicator in the context of urban mining in citiesJ. Lederer, A. Gassner, M. Pölzler, J. Fellner
An information system to enhance the sustainability of solid waste managementF. Ardolino, C. Di Domenico, F. Costarella, U. Arena
Using Material Flow Analysis to asses the flows of mismanaged solid waste into the ocean – A case study of PeruD. Ita-Nagy, I. Vázquez-Rowe, R. Kahhat
A circular economy model for the winery industryA.B. Moldes, X. Vecino, J. Bombín, A. Ortega, J.M. Cruz
An overview of thermal treatment environmental aspectsD. Panepinto, I. Bianco, M. Zanetti
In search for the material composition of refuse-derived fuels by means of balance equationsT. Schwarzboeck, M. Hahn, P. Aschenbrenner, S. Spacek, J. Fellner
Assimilation of automobile shredder residues (ASRs) to a solid recovered fuel (SRF): a step towards the increase in material recoveryB. Ruffino, M. Minardi, M. Guglielmino, F. Bonino, M. Zanetti
The development of a Waste-to-Energy Roadmap for South Africa – Findings from stakeholder engagementsC. Nell, C. Trois
Detection of asbestos in post-earthquake building waste through hyperspectral imaging and micro-X-ray fluorescenceO. Trotta, G. Bonifazi, G. Capobianco, S. Serranti
Economic evaluation of the Construction and Demolition waste management chain through the Life Cycle Costing methodology.F. Carollo, F. Ceruti, L. Rigamonti
Digital process for non-standard elements fabrication from C&D materialsM. Rigillo, S. Russo Ermolli, G. Galluccio, S. Piccirillo, S. Tordo, F. Galdi, M. Musto
Construction and demolition waste in Tungurahua: a case study from EcuadorJ.D. Cabrera Gómez, P. Velasco Espín
Wastewater treatment using Black Soldier Fly larvae: effect of organic content quality on treatment and on resource recovery from biomassV. Grossule, R. Cossu, M.C. Lavagnolo
Economy of nutrient and particulate recovery versus structural treatment of urban drainageJ. Sansalone, I. Gnecco, A. Palla
Recovery of ammonia in the calcination of struviteL. Thumeyer, P. Fröhlich, S. Pavón, M. Bertau
Functionalization of carbon-based materials for Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) removal from aqueous solutionR. Pulcher, N. Greggio, C. Carlini, E. Dinelli, A. Buscaroli
How cautious should we be? The role of the precautionary principle in the regulation of sewage sludge in SwedenM. Pettersson, O. Johansson
Toward the energy self-sustainability of a WWTPs. Thermophilic Temperature-Phased Anaerobic Digestion (TPAD) as biological pretreatment to increase the WAS anaerobic biodegradabilityG. Campo, A. Cerutti, M. Zanetti, G. Scibilia, M. De Ceglia, B. Ruffino
Optimization of brine management towards the zero/minimal liquid discharge approachG. Cipolletta, M. Parlapiano, M. Sgroi, A.L. Eusebi, F. Fatone
A compositional analysis of the mixed plastic fraction (DKR-350) from a Lightweight Packaging (LWP) sorting plant: a case study of Northern GermanyJ. Guo, K. Kuchta
Thermal drying of flexible plastic wasteI. Berkane, A. Cabanes, O. Horodytska, I. Aracil, A. Fullana
Re-use of waste polyurethane from e-wasteV. Santucci, S. Fiore
PAHs and POPs present in recycled plastic samplesS.S. Núñez, J. Moltó, J.A. Conesa, A. Fullana
A practitioner's toolkit for devising integrated solid waste management plansR.D. Lee, D. Blasenbauer, R. Weber, J. Lederer J. Fellner
Supporting a circular economy through E-waste management: formalizing the informal in global south countriesF.C. Ballesteros, L. de Sales, R. Pahunang , R.C. Camaclang III, J.C.L. Tembresa, L.N.C. Sanchez
Cross-case analysis of four household waste characterisation studies in South AfricaC.M. Nell, C.J. Schenck
Social, environmental and climate implications of waste management: waste-to-energy and recycling in a global South contextJ. Gutberlet, T. Bramryd
earthresQue- an eight year programme for circular waste management in NorwayK. Haarstad, H.K. French, G. Okkenhaug, O.J. Hanssen, M. Sjøvaag
A review of recycling in WalesI. Williams
South Africa’s transition to a circular economy: critical perspectives on EPR integration measuresT.Y. Chitaka, L. Grobler, A. Lötter, K. Gokul, H. Mostert, J. Petersen, A. Stark, C. Trois, C. Schenck
Strategic circular economy considerations to enable Canada’s low carbon transitionS. Hossaini, G. McCarney
Upcycling of pharmaceutical glass in sustainable construction materialsG. Tameni, F. Cammelli, H. Elsayed, F. Stangherlin, E. Bernardo
Nano glass-ceramic by Fe-Ni wastesA. Karamanov, P. Paunović, A. Kamusheva, E. Ljatifi, E. Karamanova, B. Ranguelov, G. Avdeev, A. Grozdanov, D. Karashanova
Valorization of marble sawdust waste in a circular economy perspectiveF. Faleschini, M. A. Zanini, V. Ortega-Lopez, R. Bertani, C. Pellegrino
Synthesis and kinetics of sintering of glass-ceramics in air and argon obtained from industrial wasteN.B. Jordanov, A. Karamanov
Industrial composting of biodegradable plastic packaging: Lab-scale and on-field disintegration testsZ.K. Chong, K. Kuchta
Correlation between precipitation and leachate at on-farm compostingJ. Polanšek, L. Luskar, Ž. Trošt, B. Čeh
Process optimization measures for heat recovery systems: results from pilot scale experimentsR. Malesani, A. Schievano, A. Pivato
Diversity of fauna in composting hop waste biomass in winterA. Karničnik, M. Rak Cizej, B. Čeh
Pulp and paper mill sludge pelletizing for energy as a landfill diversion option for South-AfricaN. Mahdjoub, Y. Omartjee. C. Trois
Use of pulp and paper mill sludge as a soil amendment and compost for landfill diversion and climate change mitigation for South AfricaN. Mahdjoub, Y. Omartjee, C. Trois
Hydrolysis and thermochemical technologies for the recovery of bio-based fertiliser from fishery wasteC. Andreola, V. Maceratesi, J. González-Camejo, A.L. Eusebi, F. Fatone
Characteristics and phytotoxicity assay of biochar derived from rose pruning wasteK. Sobieraj, K. Świechowski, K. Pawęska, A. Białowiec
A preliminary assessment of lab techniques for valorization of toasted hazelnut cuticlesM. Miccio, M. Fraganza, A. Zainutdinova, P. Brachi, M. Casa, G. Ferrari, M. Iannuzzo
Optimization of water washing for recovery of salts from calcium-based APCrE. Korotenko, M. Šyc, L. Grič, T. Baloch
Steps towards modern bottom ash utilization in the Czech RepublicM. Syc, J. Hyks, T. Baloch, J. Valentin, E. Korotenko, B. Zach
Concrete mixtures with EAF slags as partial replacement of natural aggregates: a preliminar studyA. Piemonti, A. Conforti, L. Cominoli, A. Luciano, S. Sorlini, G. Plizzari
The use of wet magnetic separation technology and liberation processes for the improvement of the copper concentrate product obtained by gravimetric concentration treatment from the fine fraction of incineration bottom ashH. Muñiz Sierra, M. Syc, B. Zach, A. Shtukaturova, E. Korotenko
Anaerobic co-digestion of single-use bioplastics and food wasteG. De Gioannis, M. Falzarano, A. Muntoni, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, A. Rossi, D. Spiga
Economic viability and greenhouse gas budget of the biomethane retrofit of a biogas plantD. Panepinto, A. Casasso, M. Puleo, M. Zanetti
The sustainable use of anaerobic digestate: closing the material loop in a circular perspectiveE. Ciotola, A. Cesaro, G. Esposito, F. Pirozzi
Implementation of in-situ biomethanation within PtX at a biogas plantA. Kosheleva, K. Kuchta
Recovery potential of recyclables from mixed MSW applying automatic waste sorting - Preliminary results from a one year investigation into two industrial-scale facilitiesD. Blasenbauer, A.-M. Lipp, J. Fellner, J. Lederer
Refining the calculation of the mass of solid waste samples: tentative estimation of the shape factor based on a large number of measurements of particles dimensionsA. Pivato, G. Beggio, P. Hennebert, C. Mensi, M. Sisti, L. Maggi
Increasing local recycling rates of plastic packaging waste through mechanical sorting of mixed municipal solid waste: a case study from AustriaA.-M. Lipp, D. Blasenbauer, J. Lederer
Laboratory scale evaluation of hyperspectral imaging sorting of refurbishment plasterboard wasteM. Castro-Díaz, M. Osmani, S. Cavalaro, I. Cacho, I. Uria, P. Needham, J. Thompson, B. Parker, T. Lovato
Past and future of steel scrap – A detailed analysis of the European scrap arisings and its qualityS. Dworak, J. Fellner
Material system analysis of manganese, nickel and natural graphite in the EUL. Ciacci, C. T. de Matos, B. K. Reck, D. Wittmer, E. Bernardi, F. Mathieux, F. Passarini
A preliminary feasibility investigation into a novel method for leaching vanadium from waste vanadium slag using ionic liquidsJ.H. Potgieter, S. Teimouri
Valuing metal waste produced by micro and small enterprises in the electrical, plumbing and other installation activities for construction: a study on the potentiality in the Metropolitan City of Rome CapitalM. La Monica, L. Cutaia, P. Altamura, V. Squicciarino
Characterization of past metallurgical residues using geophysical imaging: a case study of Duferco site (Belgium)I. Isunza Manrique, D. Caterina, M. Dumont, B. Mignon, A. Masse, P. Kessouri, J. C. Gourry, F. Nguyen
Preliminary study on phytoextration of heavy metals from copper mining wastes in ChileV.A. Riggio, J. Seccatore, M.C. Zanetti
Assessing metal recovery opportunities from past metallurgical sites and waste deposits: UK case studyI. Tezyapar, N. Marsay, V. Huntington, F. Coulon, M.C. Alamar, M. Capstick, S. Higson, A. Buchanan, S.T. Wagland
Cost analysis of FCC spent catalyst sustainable use in molybdenum contaminated hazardous wastes stabilizationG. Mancini, F. Palmeri, G. Benina, S. Cacciola, A. Luciano, D. Fino
CIRCuIT - Circular construction in Regenerative CitiesA. Bernhardt
Climate protection potential through the use of recycled concrete in HamburgJ. zum Borck
Pre-treatments of Lithium Iron Phosphate cathodes for Lithium ion batteries recyclingM. Bruno, S. Fiore
Critical analysis of life cycle assessment studies on Lithium ion batteriesL. Nastasi, V. Santucci, M. Bruno, S. Fiore
Analysis of waste LCDs’ dismantling operationsM. Bruno, F. Biosa, S. Fiore
Recovery of rare earth elements from WEEE: challenges and research needsY. Sagrillo Pimassoni, L. H. Yamane, R. Ribeiro Siman
Exploring social norms influence on waste prevention behavior through an agent-based modeling and simulationE. Ribeiro-Rodrigues, A. P. Bortoleto
Industrial symbiosis in the waste-wastewater-energy nexus: LCA of different management scenarioG. Mancini, L. Lombardi, A. Luciano, D. Bolzonella, P. Viotti, D. Fino
Environmental performances of alternative management schemes for plastics from Construction & Demolition waste: the long forgotten fractionF. Ardolino, G.F. Cardamone, U. Arena
Environmental and economic evaluation of a new PV waste recycling processG. Fiorentino, A. Zucaro, M. Tammaro, G. Ansanelli
Reuse of recycled aggregate for concrete: preliminary results on mechanical and environmental behaviourS. Sorlini, A. Diotti, A. Abbà, L. Cominoli, G. Plizzari
Using recycled fine aggregate for use in 3D concrete printing: a circular approach to demolition wasteS. Lee, E. Randviir, E. Horwich, D. Lacy, N. Hurst, C. Banks
Life cycle assessment of a bridge column made of concrete and biocharV. Ruffini, G.M. Cappucci, P. Neri, A. Sirico, F. Zanotto, A. Balbo, B. Belletti, P. Bernardi, A. Malcevschi, C. Monticelli, A.M. Ferrari
State of practice in the C&DW sector while pursuing circular economy: the Italian recycled materials market in road engineeringK. Mantalovas, I.P. Dunn, F. Acuto, B. Barakat, A. Abou Jaoude, O. Yazoghli-Marzouk, I. Srour, G. Di Mino
Environmental reporting in the Italian biodegradable waste treatment plantsS. Castelluccio, C. Comoglio, S. Caruso, S. Fiore
Unavoidable and potentially avoidable food waste from domestic households: preparation residuesP.J. Shaw, H. Barker, D.M. Smith
BIOCIRCULARCITIES project: circular bioeconomy in urban contextsA. Zucaro, G. Ansanelli, M. Tammaro, L. Cutaia, R. Chifari, G. Fiorentino
End of life biomass waste management: impact of guiding material on supported cropsF. Eblagon, Z. Trost, B. Ceh
Preliminar study for the circular application of treated dredged sediments as road infrastructuresP. Crocetti, J. González-Camejo, K. Li, A.L. Eusebi, F. Fatone, A. Graziani
Closed loop integrated resource recovery from liming process waste – A pathway for sustainable leather processingB. Velappan, N. Vedaraman, S. Abinandan, J. Kanagaraj
Coal mining closure and circular economyJ. Menendez, R. Alvarez, A. Ordoñez, J. Loredo
Mechanical performance of cement bound granular pavement layers incorporating anhydrous Calcium Sulphate industrial by-productJ. Rombi, M. Olianas, M. Salis, A. Serpi, M. Coni
New methodology to conduct the historical studies and its key parameters influencing the valorization potential of materials from past metallurgical sites and deposits (PMSD) – NWE-REGENERATIS projectC. Neculau, I. Aziz, NWE-REGENERATIS Team
Landfill mining applications on aggregate landfills in Lombardy region - work in progress - brief summary of the landfill mining activities of the lo-02 site located in the municipality of Lonato del Garda (BS)L. Bellizzi, M. Mercanti, D. Botteri, F. Lombardi, T. Taranta
Grassroots innovations driving inclusive circular economyJ. Gutberlet
Industry transformation to circular economy: Lithuanian experienceZ. Stasiskiene
Evaluation of the different management ways of plastic wastes focusing on their human health effects prevention: a reviewG. Oliveri Conti, E. Pulvirenti, C. Favara, A. Cristaldi, E. Aquilia, M. Ferrante
Supporting SMEs in the development in accordance with circular economy – SPIN Project in PolandE. Dziobek, A. Nowaczek
Production of sustainable concrete based on reservoir sediments in accordance with the principles of the circular economyN. Junakova, J. Junak, M. Balintova
Implantation of a printed circuit board recycling industry in Brazil: environmental aspectsS. das Neves Silva, L.Frisso, L. H. Yamane, R. Ribeiro Siman
Recovery of rare earth elements from WEEE: challenges and research needsY. Sagrillo Pimassoni, L. H. Yamane, R. Ribeiro Siman
Enzymatic reprocessing and recycling of textile wasteK. Steiner, M. Egermeier, R. Putz, G.M. Guebitz, F. Quartinello, D. Ribitsch
Sustainable composites from beverage cartons scrapsI. Bonadies, R. Capuano, R. Avolio, R. Castaldo, M. Cocca, G. Gentile, M.E. Errico, M. Avella
Zero waste bioethanol production technology. applying the LCA tool to assess environmental impacts in a circular economy contextM. Muradin, J. Kulczycka, G. de Clercq, R. Verhe
Simplified LCA analyis of waste treatment from the wooden buildingA. Estokova, M. Fabianova
Assessing environmental sustainability of projects with different tools. A life cycle perspectiveD. Camana, A. Fedele, F. Gallo, A. Manzardo
Waste in cement composites exposed to the biocorrosionM. Holosova, A. Estokova, M. Smolakova, A. Luptakova
UV-detoxification of a sulfite liquor and separation by column chromatographyT. Distler, K. Steiner, K. Huemer, S. España Orozco, G.M. Guebitz
Potential for extracting rare earth metals from today’s electronic devicesP. Donyanavard, Q. Yuan
Structure and phase composition of ceramics from municipal incinerator bottom ashesE. Karamanova, G. Avdeev, S. Atanasova, I. Piroeva, A. Karamanov
Tannery sludge: the new biomassD. Caracciolo, F. Montagnaro, M. Balsamo, F. Di Lauro, M. Urciuolo, R. Migliaccio, G. Ruoppolo
A critical environmental analysis of strategic materials towards energy transitionA. Del Borghi, L. Moreschi, M. Gallo
Physical and chemical characterizations of high-value residues for a pyrometallurgical recycling processL. Wiszniewski, K. Doschek-Held, Z. Raonic, A. Holzer, H. Raupenstrauch, P. Presoly
The cooperation between research-educational institution and manufacturing companies in the implementation of cleaner production projectsE. Hroncová, J. Ladomerský, D. Ladomerská
Spent Lithium-Ion batteries: from waste to an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the reductive upgrading of biomass-derived furfuralE. Paone, M. Miceli, A. Malara, G. Ye, E. Mousa, E. Bontempi, P. Frontera, F. Mauriello
The project MELT: end-of-life tires for the well-being of buffaloesA. Masiello, A. Spagnuolo, C. Vetromile, M.R. di Cicco, G. Costanzo, A. Marotta, C. Lubritto
Reuse and recycling strategies of new "critical raw materials"P. Frontera, A. Malara, A. Macario
Pt, Pd, Rh and Au ions adsorption on activated carbon in a continuous flow reactor supported by microwaves radiationM. Wojnicki, P. Zabinski, R. Kowalik, K. Kolczyk-Siedlecka
Appropriate technology pyrolysis processor for production of fuel from plastic waste: a mini reviewM.A. Mistoh, J. Janaun, A. Galassi
Study of polyester specific hydrolysis performed by two different cutinasesC. Siracusa, F. Quartinello, A. Pellis, G.M. Guebitz
Solid biofuel in the form of coffee grounds pelletsA.C. Revelo Rodríguez, C.J. Cobo Ceacero, T. Cotes Palomino, A.B. Löpez García, C. Martínez García
Valorisation of organic waste (almond and hazelnut shells) to obtain sustainable construction materials. Applying the circular economyJ. Rastelli, M. Alvardo Chinchilla, F. Heredia, J. C. Navarro Bautista, A. B. López García, T. Cotes Palomino, C. Martínez García
Properties of concretes containing treated waste incineration bottom ash as partial substitute for natural aggregateF. Feher, J. Lederer, J. Mühl
Agricultural by-products for hydrogen production: current status and resultsR. Savio, G. Ferrari, A. Pezzuolo, M. Guidolin, M.C. Lavagnolo
Pt, Pd, Rh and Au ions adsorption on activated carbon in batch reactor supported by microwavesP. Zabinski, K. Kolczyk-Siedlecka, R. Kowalik, M. Wojnicki
Degradation of brominated flame retardant in poly (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) (ABS)A. Barrera, H. Aldoori, Z. Bouberka, A. Nadim, Y. Agguine, S. Eddarir, P. Supiot, C. Foissac, U. Maschke
Municipal solid waste management during the pandemic in EU contest: first COVID-19 waveN. Malesardi, M. Ragazzi, E.C. Rada
Biomaterials, biofuels, CO2 sequestration and circularity (BBCircle). Evaluation of biorefinery applicability in the Lazio regionF. Minniti, F. Tatti, G. Farabegoli, G. Costa, L. Lombardi, A. Rossi, R. Pomi, A. Polettini
Electrorecovery of bismuth from a copper waste effluent: an initial approachL. Hernández-Pérez, M.C. Martí-Calatayud, M.T. Montañés, V. Pérez-Herranz
Use of Cannabis sativa L. to implement the phytoremediation of soil contaminated by pyreneI. Gabriele, M. Race, S. Papirio, G. Esposito, F. Pirozzi
Recovery of cellulases for circular application in textile waste recyclingS. Mihalyi, F. Quartinello, G. M. Guebitz
New tools in the plastics circular economy: rumen fluid for hydrolysis of polyestersC. M. Warne, F. Quartinello, D. Ribitsch, G.M. Guebitz
Waste hop biomass management optionsZ. Trost, B. Ceh
Biodegradation study of polyethylene based plastics in presence of corn steep liquorJ. M. Cruz, C. González, X. Vecino, A. B. Moldes
Pb stabilization by a new chemically durable orthophosphate phase: insights into molecular mechanism with X-ray structural analysisY. Zhou, C. Liao, S. Ma, K. Shih
The role of bhandari (treasure hunters) in resource recovery from Municipal Solid Waste in Dhaka BangladeshN.R. Khandaker, M.M. Rahman, Md.A. Rabby, T.K. Ray, M. Alam, T. Ahmad
Mind the gap - Scanning WEEE complementary flows in the European UnionH. Habib, M. Wagner, C.P. Baldé, L. Herreras Martínez, J. Huisman, J. Dewulf
Boundaries and perspectives of (in)formality on e-waste urban miningL.H. Xavier
Urban mining and circular economy approach in the material recovery from permanent Nd-Fe-B magnetsF. Rossetti Cúnico, L.H. Xavier O. Estevam Alarcon
Characterisation of waste Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) for sustainable treatment options with emphasis on gross heat valueS. Srivastava, C. Trois
Circular economy applied to the oil recovery from refrigerators: a Brazilian case studyP.H. Guedes, L.H. Xavier, M. Souza
Preliminary assessment of microfibers amount in textile wastewaterS. H. Akyildiz, R. Bellopede, S. Fiore, B. Yalcin, H. Sezgin, I. Yalcin-Enis
Aspects of the urban mining in BrazilL.H. Xavier