Venice 2020 Proceedings

Assessment of the characteristics of bio-based plastics in terms of composition and biodegradabilityM. Falzarano, A. Polettini, R. Pomi
Logistic analysis for the coffee mucilage supply to a bioethanol pilot plantJ.M. Brand Betancourt, J.A. Lozano-Moreno, L.M. Flórez Pardo
Country level analysis of agricultural residues resources potential for biomass energy in South AmericaI. Tello Gomez
Life cycle assessment of sewage sludge pyrolysis – Environmental impacts of biochar as carbon sequestrator and nutrient recyclerF. Gievers, A. Loewen, M. Nelles
Bioenergy chains from wastewater reuse: technological aspects and environmental sustainabilityS. Masi, I.M. Mancini, M. Caivano, D. Caniani
Sustainable biomass production, bio-waste management and land use through cascade use of biomassS. Piippo, E. Pongrácz
Assessing eco-productivity change in Chilean municipal solid waste servicesP. Llanquileo-Melgarejo, M. Molinos-Senante
CFD simulation of biomass gasification with OpenFOAM solver biomassGasificationFoamT. Rymarz, M. Dudynski, K. Kwiatkowski
High-quality bio-oil production via fluidized bed fast pyrolysis of biomassR. Migliaccio, A. Coppola, G. Ruoppolo, M. Urciuolo, P. Brachi, R. Chirone, F. Scala, E., Tinashe Ganda, P. Salatino
Towards energy efficiency improvement: exergy analysis of a typical sugar millE.S. Dogbe, M. Mandegari, J. Gorgens
Thermodynamic process modeling and experimental validation of fluorine recovery from spent pot lining (SPL) used in aluminium smeltingA. Mas Herrador, J. Schuster, Y. Fu, M. Petranikova, B. Ebin
CFD modeling of an abiotic UASB reactor. Validation through DTR analysisJ. Rivas, M.C. Sadino-Riquelme, I. Garcés, A. Carvajal, A. Donoso-Bravo
Numerical and experimental investigation of medical and biological waste plasma gasification in different mediaV. Messerle, A. Ustimenko, O. Lavrichshev, R. Baimuldin, N. Slavinskaya, Z. Sitdikov
Systematic modelling of a butanol fermentation equipped with in-situ gas strippingR. Pujan, H.A. Preisig
Prediction of MSW pyrolysis product distributions with an Artificial Neural Network model based on relational databaseX. He, D. Chen
Technical, economic and environmental feasibility of a real hybrid mCHP system based on residual biomass gasification and solar PV: a transient numerical studyD. Piazzullo, M. Costa, F. Calise, M. Vicidomini, M. Dentice d’Accadia
Environmental assessment of hydrothermal carbonization of mechanically separated organic fraction from mixed MSW on industrial scaleL. Lombardi, S. Fabrizi, T. Foschi, B. Mendecka, F. Tuci
Microwave-assisted hydrothermal carbonization: a reviewS. Pinto Altamiranda, J. Aristizabal Restrepo, C. Barrera Causil, O. Gutiérrez, M.E. Gonzalez
Cultivation of green microalgae by recovering aqueous nutrients in hydrothermal carbonization process water of biomass wastesS.Z. Tarhana, A.T. Kocera, D. Ozcimena, I. Gokalp
Hydrocracking of HDPE over H-USY and mesostructured acidic materials: Accessibility and Acidity effectsC.S. Costa, M.R. Ribeiro, J.M. Silva
Analysis and treatment options for different size fractions of dry-discharged RDF incineration bottom ash in view of recyclingG. Costa, R. Garavaglia, F. Sciommarella, F. Lombardi
Coupling HTC of digestate and SCGW: from liquid waste to hydrogenN.L. Taufer, V. Benedetti, Y. Matsumura, M. Baratieri
Digestate valorization by hydrothermal carbonizationV. Bendetti, M. Pecchi, S. Celletti, D. Basso, F. Patuzzi, T. Mimmo, S. Cesco, M. Baratieri
Hydrothermal liquefaction of municipal sludge in sub- and super- critical waterC. Prestigiacomo, V.A. Laudicina, A. Siragusa, O. Scialdone, A. Galia
Towards a food waste integrated biorefinery: Investigation of apple pomace valorisation through a cascade processingJ. Paini, V. Benedetti, M. Baratieri, F. Patuzzi
Ethanol production using cladodes of prickly pear cactus as feedstockD. Arapoglou, ?. Karalis, G. Markou, C. Eliopoulos, S. Papanicolaou
Energy-from-Waste (EfW): a sustainable pillar of Circular Economy and resource managementC. Cord'Homme
Continuous PCDD/F sampling utilizing an ADIOX scrubberS. Andersson
Improvement of logistics efficiency and combustion behavior for rice straw pellets by torrefaction and mixing with wood chipsK. Ishii, R. Kizuka, S. Ochiai, M. Sato
Safeguarding post-production quality assurance of solid recovered fuels: representative analytical resutls with thermogravimetric analysisS. Gerassimidou, C.A. Velis
Small scale incineration system for localized sewage sludge treatmentA. Znidarcic, T. Katrasnik, T. Seljak
Syngas production from biomass using gasification process: an experimental study for diesel engineH.E. Nasr, K. Ramzy, T.M. Ismail, S.I. Abdel-Mageed
Wood gasification. Influence of process parameters on the tar formation and gas cleaningM. Dudynski
Chemical recycling - 30 years of research and development - Status todayR. Schu
Pyrolysis and gasification of solid waste and its components in a lab scale induction-heating reactorO. Sosa Sabogal, S. Valin, S. Thiery, S. Salvador
Continuous torrefaction of resinous wood chips in multiple hearths furnace: mass and energy balancesF. Thevenon, M. Marchand, M. Grateau, H. Demey, A. Chatroux, A. de Ryck, T. Melkior
Biomass gasification char: from a waste to an effective filler for polymersV. Benedetti, M. Scatto, P. Riello, M. Baratieri
Recovery of Antimony and other Hazardous Metals from MSWI Fly Ash by Leaching with Tartaric AcidJ. Schuster, B.-M. Steenari, B. Ebin
Adsorption of heavy metals from MSW incineration fly ash leachate using rice husk ash (RHA) and silica gel derived from rice husk ashR. Chaiuppala, A. Saffarzadeh, T. Shimaoka
Producing methane-rich gas with syngas over MSW pyrolysis char-carried Ni catalystsJ. Luo, D. Chen, L. Yin, Y. Feng, X. Dai
Immobilization of heavy metal ions in incineration fly ash-contaminated leachate using processed fishbone: a simulation studyH.B. Bahar, A. Saffarzadeh, M. Nag, T. Shimaoka
Insights into agricultural residues conversion into sustainable biofuels and nutrient-rich biochar using pyrolysis process in TunisiaA. Ben Hassen Trabelsi, M. Heshmi Aissaoui, K. Zaafouri, G. Bensidhom, S. Abidi, F. Jamaaoui, A.M. El Asmi
Energy recovery of refuse derived fuelC. Cord'Homme
Use of residues from waste-to-energy as a way towards circular implementationM. Smol
Striving for climate neutral hydrogen economyS. Petters, K. Mauthner
Experimental investigation on the air gasification of olive cake at low-medium temperaturesM. Calero, A. Pérez, Á. Gálvez-Pérez, M.Á. Martín-Lara, G. Blázquez
Feasibility study on municipal solid waste to energy generation technologies in Sri LankaA.N.I. Wijepala Abeysinghe Mudiyanselage, F. Passarini, S. Sorlini
Carbon consumption during biodrying of municipal solid waste in tropical Asian conditionN. Sutthasil, T. Ishigaki, S. Ochiai, M. Yamada, C. Chiemchaisri
The premium cost to enable sustainable charcoal adoption by the Brazilian steel industryJ. Fernandes Torres de Souza, S. Almeida Pacca
Definition of future uses for dumpsites based on the approaches of Sustainable Development Goals and environmental servicesC. Almeida Souza, C. Camolesi Guimarães, A. Ribeiro Machado, R.D. de Aguiar Moraes Amaral, A. Muselli Barbosa
Performance of nutrients removal from leachate through phytoremediation by Mangrove and Canna Indica planted reactorsM.R.R. Sady, N. Zia, V. Grossule, M. Hasan, M. Khalekuzzaman, M.C. Lavagnolo, M. Alamgir
Production potential of carboxylic acids from different waste fractions for a subsequent generation of biobased productsJ. Kannengiesser, D. Stanojkovski, I. Steinberg, L. Schebek
Optimisation of the treatment method for biological waste to produce bio-based productsK.A. Vogt, J. Kannengiesser, I. Steinberg
Bioproducts and biofuels from sheep cheese whey: environmental benefits evaluationsF. Asunis, G. De Gioannis, G. Francini, L. Lombardi, M. Magnatta, A. Muntoni, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, A. Rossi, D. Spiga
Bio-oil production from biogenic wastes, the hydrothermal conversion stepA. Roubaud, B. Lacaze, G. Haarlemmer
Numerical study on the effect of injection pressure and ambient-density on spray penetration of biodiesel and diesel fuelM. Gülüm, A. Bilgin
Comparison of models in predicting viscosities of biodiesel-diesel fuel blendsM. Gülüm, A. Bilgin
Optimisation of anaerobic digestion by removing, recovering and reusing ammoniaC. Eden, R. Eden, M. Moulden
Chronic effect of chlortetracycline antibiotics on methane generation of lab-scale anaerobic continuously-stirred tank reactors treating swine manureC. Lee, M. Ju, J.Y. Kim
The development of an optmised small scale anaerobic digester design for rural South African areasJ.O. Ogwang, M. Kalina, A. Jegede, N. Mahdjoub, C. Trois
Comparison of semi-dry and wet anaerobic digestion of food waste in a pilot scale approachE. Rossi, I. Pecorini, R. Iannelli
A comparison of performance indices of biogas plant feedstockG. Ferrari, F. Marinello, A. Pezzuolo
Seasonal performance of a simple urban biodigesterS.P. Lohani
Startup of anaerobic digester fed with cattle manureB. Dhungana, D. Paudel, S.P. Lohani
Alternatives to increase economic profit in anaerobic digestionJ.-R. Bastidas-Oyanedel, J.E. Schmidt
Anaerobic digestion of spent mushroom cultivation substrate (compost and peat)A. Chiumenti, S. Tedesco, F. da Borso
Biomethane production from OFMSW an innovative technology for the waste pre-treatment and “dry” anaerobic digestionF. Gavagnin
Influence of co-substrates from industrial and agricultural origin on the continuous fermentation of biowasteJ. Sprafke, N. Lajewski, M. Nelles
Biochemical methane potential of intermediate and final outputs from biostabilisation MBTM. Carchesio, M. Di Addario, F. Tatàno, S. de Rosa, A. Gambioli
Processing landfill gas into gas motor fuel using methane gas hydratesA. Lukanin, E. Klevanova, A. Kurbatova, M. de Martino, P. Kozhevnikova
Analysis of renewable gas potential from residual biomass and power-to-gas in Austria by 2040J. Lindorfer, D. Cenk Rosenfeld, K. Fazeni-Fraisl
Short-term changes in the anaerobic digestion microbiome and pathways with changes in organic loadJ.V. Mercado, M. Koyama, K. Nakasaki
Analysis of different solutions for by-products management and valorizationD. Panepinto, V. Riggio, M. Ravina, G. Campo, A. Cerutti, M.C. Zanetti
LCA applied to cheese whey fermentationL. Lombardi
Removing ammonia to optimise anaerobic digestionC. Eden, R. Eden, M. Moulden
Closing the circle: the anaerobic digestion of palm oil mill effluentC. Eden, R. Eden
Treatment of vinasse and lees by advanced oxidation processes coupled with anaerobic digestionC.B. Arenas, J. González, M. Chiappero, S. Fiore, X. Gómez, E.J. Martínez
3-Routes Platform for recovery of high value products, energy and bio-fertilizer from urban biowaste: the REVENUE projectA. Gallipoli, A. Gianico, S. Crognale, S. Rossetti, M. Masi, V. Piemonte, P. Pagliaccia, C.M. Braguglia
Hydrogen Harvest Cycle - Waste recycling by removing organic and inorganic pollutants from the waste by wet mechanical separationR. Schu, K. Schu
Bio-electrochemical production of hydrogen and electricity from organic wasteA. Dell’era, M. Pasquali, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, A. Rossi, T. Zonfa
Wastewater remediation from olive oil mill using microalgae: a techno-economic analysisM. Moglie, B. Marchetti, F. Corvaro
Improving WtE or biomass plant performances and operation by using a Process Digital TwinA. Regnier, L. Ricci
From Marine Litter to Marine Fuel: lessons learned from marGnet projectG.C. Faussone
Assessment of biopolymers production from citrus wastewater under different operating conditionsS.F. Corsino, D. Di Trapani, M. Capodici, P. Greco Lucchina, M. Torregrossa, G. Viviani
The low-enthalpy geothermal resource in the Tramutola area (Southern Apennines): geological setting and possible uses for desiccation of biomass feedstocksG. Prosser, F. Olita, G. Palladino, M. Bentivenga, F. Agosta, A.S. Masi, D’Angola
Catalytic activity of acidified HZSM-5 zeolites for its application in chemical recycling of polypropoylene wastesN. Montes, O. Gutiérrez
Enhancement of livestock waste using innovative technology based on the use of the bioconverting insect Hermetia illucensP. Falabella, R. Salvia, C. Scieuzo, A. Franco, I.M. Mancini, D. Caniani, S. Masi
Production of medium-chain carboxylic acids from secondary composting intermediatesK. Kuhn, I. Steinberg, D. Stanojkovski, J. Kannengiesser
Electricity generation in biocathode microbial fuel cells using sewage sludge as substrateD. Gamboa-Santana, P. Mijaylova Nacheva, E.B. Estrada-Arriaga, J.A. Bañuelos-Diaz
On-site aerobic biodegradation of food waste: analysis and applications of aerobic digestersR. Burch, S. Sipes, D. Cha, M. Chajes
The effect of solids loading, working volume and operational mode in the production of cellulosic sugars from Eucalyptus globulus bark kraft pulpM.S.T. Amândio, A.M.R.B. Xavier, J.M.S. Rocha
IWWG Regional Branch for the Middle East and Northern Africa Region (IWWG-MENARB)A. Ben Hassen Trabelsi
Comparison of the leachate phytotreatment performance by using Heritiera Fomes and Canna IndicaN. Nijhum, N. Zia, V. Grossule, P. Datta, M. Khalekuzzaman, M.C, Lavagnolo, M. Alamgir
Dilemmas of municipal solid waste management in Djerba IslandA. Ben Hassen Trabelsi
Physicochemical characterization of natural clinoptilolite for potential use as a catalystL. Santa, Y. Areiza, N. Montes, O. Gutiérrez
PM10, PM2.5 and CO concentration in smokes from inefficient cooking systems in rural communities of Ghana and health implicationsG. Vinti, M. Vaccari
Influence of the harvest date on the specific biogas production from Typha latifolia and Phalaris arundinaceaC. Hartung, V. Dandikas, H. Heuwinkel, T. Eickenscheidt, C. Zollfrank, M. Drösler
Is encouraging behaviour intentions an effective way to promote household recycling?C. Camolesi Guimarães
Catalytic pyrolysis of soybean hulls: a focus on obtaining oil and charJ.L. Toro-Trochez, E.S. Carrilo-Pedraza, D. Bustos-Martínez, L. Sandoval Rangel
Study of combustion characteristics of energy crop Miscanthus giganteus using a small biomass burnerS. Ochiai, M. Ueda, M. Sato, K. Ishii, T. Furuichi
Small scale-simulation of mineral reactions during the formation of slags in the combustion chamber of biomass heat and power plantsJ. Reichelt, G. Pfrang-Stotz, B. Bergfeldt, M. Ricker
Systematic investigation of solid residues from three German biomass power plantsB. Bergfeldt, J. Reichelt, G. Pfrang-Stotz
I-CHO: carbon cage process for CO2 conversion from biogasG. Tassinato, S. Della Sala, M. Turatello, C. Cavinato, A. Vania
Bioenergy or not bioenergy? The“Nexus thinking” in decision making process in Mediterranean environmentM. Viccaro, S. Romano, M. Cozzi, S. Masi, D. Caniani
PHOENIX – P2G: Platform for advanced biomethanation researchG. Tassinato, P. Miana, A. Stoppato, M. Ballarin, M. Turatello, L. Spicci
REINWASTE - REmanufacture the food supply chain by testing INNovative solutions for zero inorganic WASTEM. Notarfonso, G. Sabbatini
Improvement of Waste Management in Georgia through the application of an effective EPR system for selected productsT. Lolos, G. Tavoularis, C. Tsompanidis, G. Konstantinopoulos, L. Streff
Development of membrane devices to reduce ammonia emissions generated by manure in poultry and pig farmsM. Soto-Herranz, M. Sánchez-Báscones, E. Gómez
Biogas for Future Electric and Gas Grids (BIOFEGG)A. Rimpiläinen
Biomethane production by typical Chinese straw anaerobic digestion: deep insights of material compositions and surface propertiesY. Hua, C. Cai, X. Dai, S. Chen
Waste-free disposal of sewage in small settlements of the Russian FederationA. Taskin, O. Nesterova, S. Ivannikov
Finding new sewage sludge treatment solutions for the arctic city of KirunaT. Bauer, A. Lagerkvist
Determination of carbon footprint for cork industry wasteT. Miranda, F.J. Sepúlveda, P. Romero, J. I. Arranz, I. Montero
Qualitative characterization of sewage sludge for a better management: towards a sludge-to-fuel approachS. Masi, P. Mazziotta, S. Lofiego, D. Tanico, I.M. Mancini, M. Caivano, D. Caniani