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The fascinating thing about optics is that there are numerous applications in various technological domains. The term ‘lighting and Imaging’ have become common parlance in various testing and characterization procedures. To begin with my optics escapades, I started as an Intern where I was acquainted various roles that were pivotal in the production of imaging systems.  I also worked as project trainee and optical engineer with tasks involving simulations, programming and experimental work for various optical components and production tests for optical fingerprint sensors. As part of my research, I am currently working on analysis and quantification of performance data based on light field measurements. In addition, my works also involve the construction of an optotechnical laboratory for the analysis of lighting systems, focusing mainly on projection systems for human-machine interface (head-up display, virtual and augmented reality systems.


<h6>Forschungsschwerpunkte:</h6> <h6>Forschungsprojekte:</h6>
<ul><li>Lichtfeldmessung</li></ul> <ul><li><a href="">Light field measurement of a Virtual Images</a></p></li></ul>
<ul><li>Bildgebende Systeme </li></ul>  
<ul><li>Optik Design </li></ul>  


  • Optics for Engineers


seit 02/2019 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Technische Universität Hamburg, Institut für Mechatronik im Maschinenbau
11/2018 -- 02/2018 Optischer Ingenieur, Fingerprint Cards AB
10/2015 -- 09/2018 M. Sc. Student, Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie, Spezialisierung in Optische Systeme
07/2012 -- 05/2015 M. Sc. Student, Nationales Institut für Technologie Warangal
06/2009 -- 04/2012 B. Sc. Student, Kakatiya Universität

Studentische Arbeiten

  • Serrano, B.: Optical-Homing Automatization for Goniometer Measurement Applications, Bachelorarbeit, 2019
  • Janardhanan, M.: Measurement and Evaluation of Different Image Parameters of the Head-up Display, Projektarbeit, 2019
  • Eluri , A.: Volume Reconstruction using Lightfield data, Projektarbeit, 2020
  • Falk, T.: Precise origin calibration and tracking of a Goniometer with 6 degrees of freedom, Bachelorarbeit, 2021
  • Maladan, A.: Lightfield volume reconstruction based on line-a weighing algorithm, Bachelorarbeit, 2021
  • Abdi, J.: Restoration and enhancement of reconstructed light field of projection systems, Masterarbeit, 2021
  • Wohltmann, B: Developing a New Line Weighting Algorithm and Evaluating the Performance on a 3D Checkerboard, 2022
  • Dombor,G: Development of an AI, for corner detection in a reconstructed image of a checkerboard, 2023
  • Aldine, H: 3D image reconstruction without light fields, 2023
  • Saad, M: Estimation of position error dependency on axes movement and auto focus effect on image quality, 2023