Mohammad Sadeghi, Dr.-Ing.

Professional Career

Postdoctoral researcher at the Technical University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.
Postdoctoral researcher at the Christian Albrecht University, Kiel, Germany.
Visiting scholar at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Shanghai, China.
Research assistant at Academic Center for Education (ACECR), Mashhad, Iran.
Research assistant at the Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.
M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at the Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, Iran.
B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at the Birjand University, Birjand, Iran.


Research Interest:


Remote Haptic

FEM Simulation

Inverse Optimization

Sensor and Actuator Design

Contact Information: Technical University of Hamburg Institute of Mechatronics in Mechanical Engineering. Office: Ligeti, Veritaskai 1, 21079 Hamburg, Germany. Email:

Student Research Opportunities:

Master thesis: Comparative Analysis of Control Strategies for Dual Serial Robot Systems in Object Handling Tasks   (Link)

MA/PA: Development and Optimization of Magnet-Based Whisker Sensors for Surface Structure Identification   (Link)

Projekt-Work: Optimization study of Head Camera Stabilization Mechanism Using Machine learning and different Control strategy (Link)

Master thesis: Improving Human-Robot Skill Transfer via Mixed Reality and Virtual Haptic Feedback in Industrial Application (Link)


Ongoing Projects:

• Application of Machine Learning and Inverse Kinematic Modelling for Avoiding Singularity in Serial Robots (Link).


Finished Projects:


Academic Experience:

H index: 7, Citation: 265, (Scholar)


Teaching Activities in IMEK:

• Special topics in Sensor/Actuator Design (Start from Scratch to Real-world application) - Planned for Winter semester (Link).
• Contribution in Applied Design Methodology in Mechatronics course (Spring semester).

Teaching Experience:
• Industrial design department, Iran University, “Mechatronics” for M.Sc. course (Winter Semester - 2020).
• Material department, Kiel University, “Advanced seminar on Numerical simulation using FEA software” (Spring Semester - 2022).


IMEK-related Publications:


Journal Papers:

• Sadeghi, M., Bazrafkan, M. M., Rutner, M., & Faupel, F. (2023). Modeling of magnetoelectric microresonator using numerical method and simulated annealing algorithm. Micromachines, 14(10), 1878 (Link).

• Friedrich, R. M., Sadeghi, M., & Faupel, F. (2023). Numerical and Experimental Study of Colored Magnetic Particle Mapping via Magnetoelectric Sensors. Nanomaterials, 13(2), 347 (Link).

• Sadeghi, A. R., Nokhasteh, S., Molavi, A. M., Mohammad-Pour, N., & Sadeghi, M. (2020). Tailored PCL scaffolds as skin substitutes using sacrificial PVP fibers and collagen/chitosan blends. International journal of molecular sciences, 21(7), 2311 (Link).

• Sadeghi, M., Hojjat, Y., & Khodaei, M. (2020). Self-sensing feature of the ultrasonic nano-displacement actuator in Metglas/PMN-PT/Metglas magnetoelectric composite. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 31(1), 740-751 (Link).

• Sadeghi, M., Hojjat, Y., & Khodaei, M. (2019). Design, analysis, and optimization of a magnetoelectric actuator using regression modeling, numerical simulation and metaheuristics algorithm. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 30, 16527-16538 (Link).

• Sadeghi-Avalshahr, A., Khorsand-Ghayeni, M., Nokhasteh, S., Mahdavi Shahri, M., Molavi, A. M., & Sadeghi-Avalshahr, M. (2018). Effects of hydroxyapatite (HA) particles on the PLLA polymeric matrix for fabrication of absorbable interference screws. Polymer Bulletin, 75, 2559-2574 (Link).

• Sadeghi-Avalshahr, A. R., Khorsand-Ghayeni, M., Nokhasteh, S., Molavi, A. M., & Sadeghi-Avalshahr, M. (2016). Physical and mechanical characterization of PLLA interference screws produced by two stage injection molding method. Progress in Biomaterials, 5(3), 183-191 (Link).

• Akbarzadeh, A., & Sadeghi, M. (2012). Optimization of shrinkage in Plastic injection molding process using statistical methods and SA algorithm. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 110, 4227-4233.

• Sadeghi, M., Razavi, H., Esmaeilzadeh, A., & Kolahan, F. (2011). Optimization of cutting conditions in WEDM process using regression modelling and Tabu-search algorithm. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 225(10), 1825-1834 (Link).

• Akbarzadeh, A., & Sadeghi, M. (2011). Parameter study in plastic injection molding process using statistical methods and IWO algorithm. International Journal of Modeling and Optimization, 1(2), 141.

Conference papers:

• Sadeghi, M., Elzenheimer, E., Wolframm, H., et al. (2023). Quantitative Evaluation of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Bio-imaging by Magnetoelectric Thin-Film Sensor, 57th Annual conference on Biomedical Engineering (BMT), Duisburg, Germany.

• Sadeghi, M., Islam, S., Faupel, F. (2023). Application of Sparse Identification of Nonlinear Dynamics (SINDy) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) algorithm for Magnetoelectric Sensor/Actuator Modelling, 1st conference on Artificial Intelligence in Material Science and Engineering (AIMSE), Saarbrucken, Germany.

• Esmaeilzadeh, A., Sadeghi, M., Kolahan, F., & Imani, B. M. (2010, January). Optimization of Fair Curves Based on the Strain Energy Criterion Using Tabu Search Algorithm. In Proceedings of the 6th Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics (pp. 1320-1323). Perth, WA: Engineers Australia.

• Esmaeilzadeh, A., Sadeghi, M., & Kolahan, F. (2011). Using FEM for Prediction of Thermal Post-Buckling Behavior of Thin Plates During Welding Process. International Journal of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, 5(2), 403-408.

• Sadeghi, M., kolahan, F. (2011). Optimization of Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties of GMAW Welding Process by Statistical Methods and SA Algorithm, 3st Tehran International Congress on Manufacturing Engineering (ICME).

Patents and Awards:

• Patent: Design and fabrication of Smart Ergonomy monitoring gadget for sitting postural assessment (2021).
• Patent: Non-metallic bio-absorbable Interference Screw for reconstruction of the knee ligament, (2016).
• Patent: Fabrication of therapeutic hydrogel contact lenses by Injection molding method, (2015).