Institute for Mechatronics in Mechanics M-4
Institute for Mechatronics in Mechanics M-4

Completed Theses

In order to give you an overview of the scope of our possible topics, you will find an overview of the student theses we have carried out in the past. If certain topics raise your interest, please do not hesitate to contact the supervisors.

Year Type Supervisor Title
2023 BA Sravan Shelam Entwicklung eines maschinellen Lernalgorithmus zur Eckenerkennung in einem rekonstruierten Bild eines Schachbretts
2023 PA Dennis Kähler Entwicklung eines Elektrodensystems am Unterarm zur Handgestenerkennung basierend auf elektrischen Impedanzmessungen
2023 PA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Design on prosthesis using photogrammetry
2023 PA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Optimization of focal vibration therapy in combination with heat therapy
2023 PA Jana Ihrens Kostenoptimierung der Simulationskomplexität für (maritime) DC-Netze
2022 MA Fady Youssef Validation and redesigning of telemanipulation setup to be used in comparing the performance of tactile actuators
2022 MA Thorsten Kern Rethinking the steering wheel: Exploration, usability analysis and development of novel steering input concepts for autonomous driving vehicles
2022 PA Fady Youssef Developing of signal interface and a controller between an exosceleton, a glove and a sensor system mounted on a robotic arm
2022 BA Fady Youssef Design and prototyping of a haptic hand glove to be used in a remote inspection system
2022 MA Thorsten Kern Design of a desktop tracer for the optical measurement of spectacle frames with subsequent process capability study
2022 BA Thorsten Kern Investigation of possible solutions to detect spatial changes with suitable sensor systems
2022 PA Fady Youssef Designing and prototyping a virtual reality environment to be used in remote inspection scenarios
2022 BA Julius Harms Solution concept for the validation of a small kinetic wave energy converter for marine drifters based on a linear generator
2022 BA Jana Ihrens Übertragung bewährter Technologien etablierter Energiesysteme in den Kontext von DC-Schiffsenergiesystemen
2022 MA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Developing a product for advanced service and maintenance of train sanitary controllers
2022 PA Dennis Kähler Massive parallel voltage measurement for application in EIT
2022 BA Fady Youssef Validation of components and optimization of an experiment to compare between the performance of tactile actuators
2022 BA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Designing a new exosceleton wrist rehabilitation device
2022 PA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Designing, simulation and building of a whisker sensor for surface scratch monitoring using artificial intelligence
2022 MA Jana Ihrens Analyzing the complexity of simulation models in maritime direct current grids
2022 BA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Development of a wrist rehabilitation game with haptic feedback
2022 MA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Visuomotors control of legged robots
2022 BA Fady Youssef Design and prototyping of a 3 DOF arm Exosceleton to be used in a remote inspection system
2022 PA Thorsten Kern Verification and optimization of two instruments for quantified determination of haptic characteristics (Artificial Finger/ArFi, Mobile ArFi/MArFi)
2022 BA Fady Youssef Design of a general method to transcode different types of sensor signals to haptic signals to be used in a remote inspection system
2022 MA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Implementation of haptic feedback and a remote evaluation model for a wrist telerehabilitation system
2022 MA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Modelling and validating the kinematic and dynamic properties of shape memory alloy wire actuated continuum robots
2022 PA Fady Youssef Design and construction of an automated robot for material analysis using x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy
2022 PA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Combination of object mounted and head mounted eye tracking approaches for assitance robots
2022 PA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Developing an intelligent wrist and forearm therapy system with wireless communication and wearable PCB
2022 PA Thorsten Kern Multidomain design of an actuator system for wearable application in clothing
2022 BA Dennis Kähler Development of an EIT electrode wristband with 32 channels
2022 PA Dennis Kähler Design of internal safety sub functions for frequency converters
2022 BA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Developing a finger rehabilitation robot for whole fingers and its optimization
2022 MA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Evaluation of a telerehabilitation system of a wrist rehabilitation robot by using universal robots
2022 BA Timon S. Hartwich Entwicklung einer Methode zur teilautomatisierten Kabelführung an Bord von Schiffen
2022 BA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Degigning, building and testing a foot pprasthesis adaptable for different types of movement
2022 BA Sravan Shelam Developing a new line-weighting algorithm and evaluating the performance on a 3D checkerboard
2022 PA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Surface monitoring to detect scratches using tactile sensor (IMU sensor)
2022 BA Julius Harms Implementation of a micro kintic wave energy harvester for ocean drifters based on a linear generator
2022 MA Timon S. Hartwich, Jana Ihrens Passagiersimulation zur Lastprognose auf Schiffen
2022 PA Fady Youssef Design and implementation of a cartesian impedance control in a bilateral telemanipulation system using UR10e robots
2022 BA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Design and implementation of a filter that improves stability within the remote rehabilitation system
2022 BA Timon S. Hartwich Entwicklung einer Methode zur generischen Lastprofilerzeugung
2022 MA Julius Harms Hardware upgrade and firmware development of a prototype for the long and short range communication of a multi sensor platform
2022 MA Dennis Kähler Development of a electrical impedance tomography system or high impedance applications
2022 BA Fady Youssef Design and simulation of a mechanical interface between human knee and robotic arm
2022 PA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Mobile Application as a replacement for the therapist's wrist rehabilitation robot
2022 BA Jana Ihrens Anwendbarkeit moderner AC-(Schalt-)Komponenten in DC-Netzen
2022 MA Julius Harms Software implementation of a self sufficient modular sensor platform with focus on enery efficient operation
2022 MA Julius Harms Development and implementation of a manufacturing concept for a low cost inductive salinity sensor for maritime applications
2022 MA Fady Youssef Modelling and simulation method of mechanical properties of knee joints with the help of a robotic arm
2021 BA Julius Harms Development of an optimization algorithm or road side sensor pole positioning to support autonomous driving
2021 PA Fady Youssef Control of UR10e TCP movements using SenseGlove data
2021 BA Dennis Kähler Development of a toolchain for GPU based processing and display of measurements with high data rates
2021 MA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Optimization of the melting process of a shaft furnace using K3 methods
2021 MA Fady Youssef Desing an impedance matched and mechanically decoupled platform for research on tactile event transmission in pen surface interactions
2021 MA Timon S. Hartwich Topologieoptimierung eines sektorgekoppelten Kreuzfahrtschiff-Energiesystems
2021 MA Sravan Shelam Restoration and enhancement of reconstructed light field images of projection systems
2021 BA Timon S. Hartwich Analyse und Skalierungskonzepte von Energiespeichern in Schiffsnetzen
2021 MA Thorsten Kern Evaluation of an improved control system for dose regulation in a x-ray high voltage generator for flutscopy and radioscopy applications
2021 PA Fady Youssef Design and implementation of a MATLAB app to setup and initialize UR robots
2021 BA Dennis Kähler Machine learning based reconstruction for electrical impedance tomography
2021 PA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Impedance control and connectivity solution of a wrist telerehabilitation system
2021 BA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Design and optimization of a mechanism suitable for finger rehabilitation
2021 BA Timon S. Hartwich Comparision of a parameter-based induction motor model with a characteristic-based motor model
2021 BA Thorsten Kern Design of a dynamic linear actuator for haptic feedback at the fingertip
2021 PA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Developing a VR training environment for fingers in rehabilitation
2021 MA Dennis Kähler Quantification of 3D EIT systems by reconstruction of simulated EIT measurements
2021 BA Fady Youssef Modelling and simulation of human knee to be used in rehabilitation process
2021 BA Sravan Shelam Precise origin calibration and tracking of a goniometer with 6 degrees of freedom
2021 BA Jana Ihrens Konzeptionierung eines Kommunikationssystems für DC-Energiesysteme auf Schiffen
2021 BA Timon S. Hartwich Entwurf und Simulation eines thermischen HiL-Prüfstands
2021 PA Timon S. Hartwich Conceptualization and simulation of a cruise ship chilled water system as a virtual energy storage systeme
2021 BA Jana Ihrens Systematic design of power trains in small vessels under consideration of the matching of propeller and electric motor
2021 PA Jana Ihrens Design of a test bench for investigation of the suitability of electrosensitive hydrogels in applications for fast switching braille displays
2021 BA Jana Ihrens Development of a generic electrical power system structure for DC grids on different types of ships
2021 BA Jana Ihrens Development of a test stand for electrosensitive hydrogels as actuators in braille-displays
2021 PA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Intelligent wrist and forearm therapy system with impedance-control and bio-impedance measurement using tomography
2021 PA Dennis Kähler Inbetriebnahme und Optimierung eines Prüfstands zur Vermessung einer neuartigen Axialflussmaschine
2021 BA Julius Harms Optimierung und Integrationen eines kostengünstigen aber hochauflösenden Temperatursensors
2021 PA Fady Youssef Unmanned aerial vehicles control and simulation
2021 PA Fady Youssef Ultra-wide band indoor 3D object localization
2021 PA Jana Ihrens Evaluation of different measurement techniques for supraharmonic impedance measurements
2021 MA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Desing, control and manufacturing of a finger telerehabilitation exosceleton with smart materials
2021 PA Dennis Kähler FPGA based data processing of an impedance tomography
2021 BA Julius Harms Hardware implementation of a selfsufficient modular sensor platform with low power consumption
2021 BA Julius Harms Development and implementation of performance analysis of a small linear generator for kinetic wave energy conversion
2021 BA Dennis Kähler Simulation von EIT Messdaten einer Zweiphasenströmung
2021 BA Fady Youssef Design and implementation of an experiment to compare the performance of different haptic actuators
2021 BA Jana Ihrens Communication systems for the integration of renewable energy sources in DC-grids on ships
2021 PA Thorsten Kern Design of a closed-loop control for an actuator for medical ventilation
2021 MA Thorsten Kern Development and implementation of an online-monitoring system for quality control in robot-guided additive manufacturing
2020 PA Thorsten Kern Kinematic design and development of a novel motion platform for a dynamic driving simulator
2020 PA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Force sensing strategy for wrist rehabilitation robotic systems and use in teleoperation
2020 PA Sravan Shelam Volume reconstruction using light field data
2020 PA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Surface monitor to detect scratches
2020 PA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Remote supervising for a rehabilitation device using cloud services
2020 MA Lennard Wilkening Techno-economic assessment of the suitability of battery storage systems for grid-scale applicatons in an international comparison
2020 BA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Simulation and comparison of different control types of a hydraulic robot for paralyzed people
2020 BA Julius Harms Bewertung und Entwicklung einer kostengünstigen und energieeffizienten Meerwasser-Temperaturmessung mit hoher Auflösung
2020 BA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Feasibility of eyetracker guided movement supports for physically impaired people
2020 BA Julius Harms Entwicklung eines parametrierbaren, elektromechanischen Sensormoduls zur Vermessung der Bewegungsdaten von kinetischen Energy Harvestern
2020 BA Dennis Kähler Simulation und magnetische Optimierung einer Axialflussmaschine
2020 BA Sravan Shelam Optical-homing automation for goniometer measurement applications
2020 PA Sravan Shelam Measurement and evaluation of different image parameters of the head up display test images
2020 PA Julius Harms Development of the hardware architecture for a low power and high frequency impedance analyzer
2020 BA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Optimization, redesign and construction of a wrist rehabilitation robot
2020 BA Julius Harms Performance optimization of a calibration test bench for maritime sensors
2020 BA Alireza Abbasimoshaei Design and simulation of a PID conctroller for a new wrist rehabilitation robot
2020 PA Thorsten Kern Autonomous actuation systems in the formula student racecar egn20
2020 MA Thorsten Kern Identification of the degradation of coolant lines by the means of electrical impedance spectroscopy
2020 PA Lennard Wilkening A proper SOC management of stationary battery systems for multiple applications: A proof of concept
2020 BA Julius Harms Auslegung eines Temperatursensors für eine kostengünstige und energieeffiziente Meerwasser-Temperaturmessung mit hoher Auflösung
2020 BA Dennis Kähler Development of machine learning models for the evaluation of impedance spectroscopies
2020 BA Thorsten Kern Redesign of a wearable haptic device to display field values
2020 PA Dennis Kähler Development and implementation of a bus network of a diving robot
2020 BA Julius Harms

Transient structural analysis of a miniaturized sensor platform in sea waves

2020 BA Thorsten Kern

Mechanische Optimierung und Erprobung eines induktiven Eisdrucksensors

2020 BA Alireza Abbasimoshaei

Design of a one degree of freedom robot for paralyzed patients by using hydraulic actuators

2020 BA Julius Harms

Analysis of measurement uncertanties of low-cost inductive salinity sensors based torodial coils

2020 PA Lennard Wilkening

Economical evaluation of grid scale battery systems for multiple application

2020 BA Julius Harms

Development of a calibration test bench for maritime sensors

2020 MA Thorsten Kern

Conception and implementation of an exhaust emission measuring instrument for field monitoring of motor vehicles

2020 BA Thorsten Kern

Design of a validation sample for a permanently axial-flow engine applied to the e-gnition sports-car

2020 MA Thorsten Kern

Design of a power-optimized racing motor

2019 PA Dennis Kähler

Hardware-in-the-loop simulation of electrical processes with a FPGA in a heterogenous parallel simulation architecture

2019 PA Sravan Shelam

Commisioning and automation of an optical test bench for goniometric measurements

2019 PA Julius Harms

Conceptual development of a global communication network for distributed sensor drifter

2019 BA Lennard Wilkening

Modellierung des Versuchsstands MicroGrid

2019 MA Thorsten Kern

Development of a customer oriented operation strategy for an electrical dominated plug-in hybrid

2019 BA Julius Harms

Evaluation and development of different energy harvesting concepts for self sufficient sensor drifter in maritime use

2019 PA Julius Harms

Hydrodynamic diffraction of light floating objects in different sea conditions

2019 BA Julius Harms

Design of an inductic sensor for ice-pressure measurements

2019 MA Lennard Wilkening

Simulation der Verteilstrategie auf das Verteilnetz

2019 BA Julius Harms

System and validation design for an autonomous multi-sensor drifter

2019 MA Lennard Wilkening Smart Grid und Stabilität
2019 BA Lennard Wilkening

Experimentelle Untersuchung zur statistischen Spannungsregelung in Niederspannungsinselnetzen