Master's theses and project work

Our institute offers a variety of master's, bachelor's, study, and project work opportunities. In this context, we cover all areas of mechatronic development. Our topics are aligned with research activities. Therefore, you can find topics related to energy technology, system optimization, electrical measurement technology, robotics, haptic perception, actuator and motor development, and sensor development."


The primary path to your final thesis: Unsolicited applications based on your interests

80% of our final theses are not pre-announced but are defined and coordinated according to the interests of the students. Therefore, we would be delighted if you contact us directly. We will then generate individual projects tailored to your interests and needs, in alignment with our research questions. To get an idea of past topics, please follow this link.

We recommend reaching out to researchers/employees in the areas of your interest for better guidance. To help you navigate, we have created a brief overview table of typical subject areas and potential contacts. Please get in touch with the researchers corresponding to your areas of interest for your final thesis.


Research Area Researcher Typical Topic Areas for Student-Works  
VR, Rehabilitation & Assistance Alireza Abbasimoshaei Control-Engineering, Mechanical Design, Actuator Development, User-Studies, Software-Design  
Telemanipulation, AR and Haptic Perception Fady Youssef Control-Engineering, Robotics, Haptic-Perception-Studies, User-Studies, Kinematics   
Haptic Fudamentals and Haptic Devices Ornella Tortorici Device design, measurement technology, control engineering  
Maritime Power-Networks Jana Ihrens Component Modelling, System-Design  
Maritime Power-Networks Timon Hartwich System-Optimization, System-Modelling  
Maritime Sensor-Platforms Finn Jannek Klar Electromagnetic Sensors, Energy-Harvesting Generators, Electronic & SW-System-Design  
Visual Human-Machine Interfaces Sravan Shelam, Thorsten A. Kern Robotics, 2D and 3D Image Processing, Measurement Technology  
Electrical Impedance Tomography Dennis Kähler, Tom Liebing High-Performance Measurement Electronics, 3D measurement data processing, Medical Devices with EiT  
Motor- & Actuator-Design Thorsten A. Kern main contact for external works with industrial partners, motor units for transportation, actuators for haptic HMIs  
Miniature lagrangian sensors, Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy & Micro-assembly Maximilian Becker Miniature sensors design for chemical process measurements using electrical impedance spectroscopy: PCB design, Micro-assembly using haptic telemanipulation  

Furthermore, we have informally compiled a collection of papers on our Confluence-page.

Since we tailor the topics to the students' interests, we typically do not advertise open assignments. However, if we do so, you can find them on the webpage of the ZLL. (Center for Lifelong Learning) page.


Current Notices for Final Theses

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Type Title


Field of research

PA PA - Entwicklung eines automatisierten Teststandes für EIT Messungen Tom Liebing

Electrical Impedance Tomography


Automatisierte Simulation von EIT Messungen in COMSOL mit variablen Parametern

Moritz Hollenberg Electrical Impedance Tomography

Development and Parametrization of an Electrical Model Using Finite Element Method (FEM)

Maximilian Becker Highly integrated sensors for in-line detection of granulation state in fluidised bed reactors

Ongoing Thesis Postings

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Type Title


Field of research

PA Weiterentwicklung einer Softwareumgebung für die AMuSeD Plattform Finn Jannek Klar Autonomous Multi-Sensor Drifter