One idea is enough to make a difference! Just start up!

As a start-up center, we have been supporting innovative start-ups from the university sector since 2013.

We inspire, qualify and promote start-ups:

We inspire students, academics and graduates to become entrepreneurs and strengthen the start-up culture on campus.
We train founders and those interested in founding a company to think and act entrepreneurially.
We support business founders and technology-oriented start-ups during the successful development of their company.

Our mission:

We want to empower people to create socially valuable companies so that innovative solutions can improve the lives of many.

What we offer you:

Incubation program with workshops, consulting and networking events
Planning and preparation of funding opportunities.
TUHH Makerspace and TUHH Workshop
Access to the offers of the Startup Port network
... and much more, which you can find on our homepage

Whether you have a concrete start-up project or a rough idea, feel free to visit us!



Dr. Christian Salzmann
Executive Director
Fon: 040 42878 4769