The TU & YOU Family

Our aim is to set up a university community, a TU & YOU family, that lives the culture of reciprocal assistance and support.

TU & YOU helps our former students and staff to keep in touch with fellow-students, to share news and views and, as required, to recruit promising youngsters. Current students are helped by TU & YOU to make useful contacts and to gain, inter alia via the Career Center, practical career experience. At the same time everybody can make a contribution toward actively shaping the TUHH.

Furthermore, personal and professional exchanges between alumni and students, Foundation members, professors, and representatives of business, industry, and society are promoted both nationally and internationally.

Our family members are:

    (Former) TUHH students
    (Former) TUHH staff
    Members of the Verein der Alumni und Förderer der TUHH
    Members of the Stiftung zur Förderung der TUHH


Here you can see the current statutes of the association