Talk Around The World

We are breaking new ground.

We are breaking new ground: TU Hamburg and the alumni network TU & YOU are now connecting the community digitally. Every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 4 p.m., take a look and stay informed at our TU Hamburg Talk Around the World.


Past events

13.12.2023: Talk Around the World

Professor Tim Schweisfurth explained to us that innovation processes work differently today than they used to. Organizations can be designed in such a way that innovation can be distributed and collaborative.

Alumnus Heiko Lübben also reported on his work, which also deals with innovation processes and the improvement of organizational structures and collaboration, and shows how positive changes can be successfully brought about for people.

08.11.2023: Talk Around the World

We were able to welcome Professor Christian Thies, who has been a junior professor at TU Hamburg since this year and leads the Resilient and Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Management working group. He reports on hydrogen as an alternative fuel for aviation and showed the challenges that arise when designing sustainable hydrogen supply chains from production to the airport.

Then we were looking forward to Alumnus Arnd Schirrmann, who told us about his exciting career path from the TUHH to the Airbus Group.

08.02.2023: Talk Around the World

Junior Professor Ulf Kulau went into orbit. Why long-term missions place enormous strain on the human body for astronauts and how sensor technology can help in the future. We then had virtual Alumna Dr. Teresa Kerber from Delhi/India as a guest. She reported on her career from the TUHH to her project at GIZ GmbH.



11.01.2023: Talk Around the World

Prof. Stefan Heinrich explained where particles are everywhere, whether in the air or in food, detergents, battery materials, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemicals. Alumnus Mathias Steck has worked for DNV - Renewables for many years in various leading positions. We learned a lot about his career and his work.


14.12.2022: Talk Around the World

Professor Stefan Heinrich erklärt, wo sich überall Partikel befinden, ob in der Luft oder in Lebensmitteln, Waschmitteln, Batteriematerialien, Pharmazeutika, Kosmetika und Chemikalien. Unsere Alumna Dr. Vera Haye spricht über ihren Karriereweg vom Biologiestudium bis in die Industrie.

09.11.2022: Talk Around the World

Prof. Bernd-Christian Renner dived into the underwater world with us and explained why robots should dive. There was also an Alumnus with matriculation number 1, Dr. Lothar Behlau, joined from Munich and reported on his life as a student and his professional career.


13.04.2022: Talk Around the World

Prof. Kay Smarsly was dedicated to current and future developments in the digitalization of the construction industry. Alumnus Dr. Johann Jakob Napp works as Senior Vice President in an investment firm and told us about his career and life in London.


09.03.2022: Talk Around the World

Alumna Dr. Anne Schönewald reported on her career path and her work at Blohm + Voss. We also learned the latest about the transport robot Laura from Prof. Matthias Grote.


09.02.2022: Talk Around the World

Vice President Research Prof. Irina Smirnova showed how renewable raw materials can be used to produce high-performance materials of the future. Alumnus Torsten Krause-Dukart also reported on his work in the field of microelectronics and his life on the Cote d'Azur.


12.01.2022: Talk Around the World

Prof. Peter Fröhle showed us what solutions there are for flood protection in our metropolitan region. Our Alumna Kristina Böe also reported on her rise at one of the world's largest system providers for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and why she still enjoys being involved with her alma mater.

08.12.2021: Talk Around the World

Live from the University of California, Davis, Alumnus Prof. Matthias Hess told us about his academic career at various American universities. The new Prof. Johannes Gescher explained to us how and why microorganisms can produce and consume electricity and why biofilms are the biocatalysts of the future.

10.11.2021: Talk Around the World

We were pleased to welcome Alumnus Andrew Toth. After completing his MBA in Technology Management at TU and NIT, he has been working as an environmental engineer in Denver for six years. Prof. Kathrin Fischer from the TU Hamburg and her team are researching methods of structured decision-making and optimization in complex decision-making situations.


13.10.2021: Talk Around the World

Alumna Aida Sales Candela, reported on her years at Austrian Airline and her current field of activity at Vestas in the wind power industry. Prof. Frank Thielecke gave a look into the design laboratories for virtual aircraft. He and his team presented, among other things, current projects on the topics of hydrogen aircraft and new distributed propeller drives.