The TU & YOU family – at home all over the world

Nothing is as important for a personal bond as occasional meetings outside of the virtual network. Our national and international TU Hamburg Alumni local groups, known as Alumni Chapters, are responsible for this. Just as every country has its embassies to represent it, the TU Hamburg has its alumni chapters: important hubs within the nationally and internationally growing TU & YOU network. Here personal meetings are organized and the expansion of personal and professional contacts as well as the exchange of information between TU & YOU members all over the world is supported. Above all, however, everyone involved should have fun and be happy and the intensive relationship with the alma mater, the TU Hamburg, should be cultivated.


Ten alumni are also taking part in an ambassador training course in San Francisco in October, and an alumni meeting was organized on 5th October.

Do you live in the US and want to join the US network? Then please register in our network.


If you have any questions about the contact details of the chapter leaders, next meetings at your location, etc., please write to us

There is no chapter close to you? We help with the foundation.

Here you can see where are already alumni chapters:

TUHH Alumni Chapter