IHATEC research project: "Release Order based on Blockchain"

In August 2018 LogU started working on the IHATEC research project ROboB (Release Order based on Blockchain) together with DAKOSY and associated partners. It is planned to investigate how the sea freight release order for imported goods can be managed using the Blockchain technology.

The release order plays a central role in sea freight imports because it entitles a transport company to collect a container from the terminal. The high requirements for security and access authorization that are linked to the release process are ideally suited for the investigating Blockchain technology in practice: The process is not too complicated, but extremely sensitive and so far there is no continuous IT-supported flow of information. The Blockchain promises a universal truth for all participants. It can be verified by digital signatures, is immutable through by cryptography and the consensus algorithms. Within the scope of the project, two alternative models will be considered and integrated into the existing import platform of the Port of Hamburg, tested for their practical suitability and compared to the existing solution.

ROboB is a joint project within the framework of IHATEC program which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). In addition to DAKOSY Datenkommunikationssystem AG, which is in charge of the project, the Technical University of Hamburg belongs to the network partners. Renowned representatives of the industries involved (freight forwarders, carriers and terminal operators), as well as several industry associations, joined as associated partners.

The ROboB project ends in January 2020.

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