We offer application-oriented and scientifically founded lessons based on the latest findings in research and practice. Our goal is to prepare graduates for the subsequent acquisition of management positions in logistics, manufacturing and order processing. Our graduates are qualified for both the fulfilment of technical and managerial tasks in manufacturing as well as in service companies.

In order to successfully prepare our graduates for their future careers, the institute strives for a leadership position in the application of modern teaching methods. In addition to lectures and seminars, we convey the contents of our lectures through case studies, interactive business games, problem and project-based learning concepts, and through a modern E-learning platform which integrates practical tasks to ensure the learning success.

Our lectures are held in German or English. They are addressed to all students of Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) (especially to those enrolled in the study courses logistics and mobility (LUM) (B.Sc.), logistics, infrastructure and mobility (LIM) (M.Sc.) and international industrial engineering (IWI) (M.Sc.)), to the students of the collaborative industrial engineering study program (HWI) and also to students of the Northern Institute of Technology Management (NIT).

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