Founded in 2002, think-cell develops software for professional Microsoft Office users who want to create business presentations more time-efficiently.

The products of think-cell are used especially in consulting firms as well as in strategy and finance departments. The product range supports the complete work process of presentation creation - from the analysis and preparation of business figures to the graphical preparation of qualitative and quantitative results.

think-cell is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint that allows you to create professional charts easily with Excel and PowerPoint. Within a few minutes, complex charts such as Marimekko, Gantt and waterfall charts can be visualized. The Excel Add-In ensures easy integration from Excel and consistent rounding of figures even in complex use cases. Free licenses of think-cell are available for students and researchers of the Institute of Logistics and Corporate Management. Visit for further information.



Tableau©, founded in 2003 by the company Tableau Software, is a powerful data analytics tool which enables creating clear visualizations from big data in a short time. For example, these visualizations can be either used to answer complex business cases or for reporting. Tableau© is already used by numerous companies or management consultancies.

Since the summer term 2020, Tableau© is used in the master lecture ‘Supply Chain Management’. In three classes, students learn how to use the software and analyze practical supply chain cases.

i Students of the Hamburg University of Technology are eligible to obtain a free one-year license for the software Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder from this source:



MAXQDA, developed by VERBI, is a tool for qualitative data and text analysis. This software can be used for qualitative coding, categorizing, and analyzing, e.g. of interview transcripts or documented focus groups. Furthermore, mixed method as well as quantitative data can be analyzed with MAXQDA.

At the Institute of Business Logistics and General Management, MAXQDA is mainly used by students and researchers for qualitative content analyses, e.g. in student’s reports and theses as well as in dissertations.

A free trial version for 30 days is available here:

Moreover, students of the Hamburg University of Technology may purchase a student license for a reduced price.