Analysis of supply chains in the Wind Energy Industry

Wind energy industry is becoming more important for Hamburg; „most of the important international producers of wind turbines […] are represented in Hamburg, from Repower Systems and its Indian parent company, Suzlon, Siemens and Vestas to Nordex, which will move its corporate headquarter from Norderstedt to Hamburg by end of the year.” (Source: „US-Konzern macht Hamburg zur Windkraft Metropole“ in Hamburger Abendblatt on 26th March 2010)
Due to the fact that the young industry is facing significant challenges, the Institute of Logistics and General Management at the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg supports the development of this important dynamic Industry through the creation of various research studies. In addition to the high growth in emerging markets such as North America and Asia, it is expected that the sales figures will rise even in markets with high performance installation such as Germany by repowering and building offshore wind farms. This boost must be handled by value networks that have been marked by the rapid increase in sales in the years 2000 to 2003. Not only producers but also suppliers are exposed to complex risks by their respective environment, their value network and risks within the company itself.