Study on Supply Chain Risk Management in the German Wind Energy Sector (2008)

The motivation for the study "Supply Chain Risk Management in the German wind energy industry" has been arisen following the emergent importance of wind energy industry. The aim of the study is to learn how the wind energy industry deals with existing challenges and risks. Differences in the position in the supply chain as well as the different methods and responsibilities should be elaborated.

Accomplishing this study, we gained an overview to the current status and perspectives of the Risk Management in the Supply Chain. The study "Supply Chain Risk Management in the German wind energy industry” was conducted by the Institute of Logistics and General Management under the scientific supervision of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kersten in cooperation with the consulting company, Pleyma GmbH, specialized in industrial supply chains.

In the study Supply Chain Risk Management in the German wind energy industry participants in all stages of the supply chain were addressed. Equipment manufacturers as well as system, component and material suppliers were interviewed. Although, as expected, the turnover of the companies in the industry to the deeper levels of the supply chain is decreasing, the study is given a high relevance. The importance of risk management in logistics and supply chain for the wind energy industry is evidenced by an unusual high participation rate of more than 25% of the approximately 335 identified companies. As a result, the statements of the study stand for companies with a turnover of over 6 billion Euros.

The evaluations of the study showed that the industry, at all stages, is concerned about rising commodity prices, particularly steel, as well as many prefabricated parts. In addition, there are risks driven, for example by the globally expansion of many supply networks as well as the rapid technological developments in the field of wind turbines. The demand in the retail market in contrast seems intact, there are hardly any risks seen. The results of the study are published in different conferences, e.g. on the Husum Wind Engery 2008 and in some expert magazines. Corresponding files will be available soon for download. An acquisition of the study "Supply Chain Risk Management in the German wind energy industry," from 2008 is possible on request via the Institute of Logistics and General Management. A remake and expansion of this study is planned for summer 2010. A possible development of risk management systems will be investigated and a comparison with adjacent industries will be carried out.

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