PLUME - Planning and Urban Mobility in Europe

Thematic Network within the Land-Use and Transportation Research cluster of City of Tomorrow key action of the EC 5th Framework

Laufzeit: 01.11.2002 bis 31.07.2005

Auftraggeber/Finanzierung: EU, DG Research

Bearbeitung: (Leitung), Dr. Philine Gaffron MLA BSc, Dipl.-Ing. Tina Wagner MApplSc


PLUME seeks to facilitate the transfer of innovation in the field of planning and urban mobility from the research community to the end users in the cities of Europe in order to improve urban sustainability and quality of life. This objective will be pursued by reviewing and synthesising concrete results from recent and current research projects. The resulting reports are aimed at helping local authorities to develop, improve and implement their policies and measures in the field of sustainable development, land use and mobility planning.

PLUME structure:
The PLUME network brings together experts and end users with the explicit aim of exploring and making use of best-practices from urban areas in Europe through workshops and written reports. The network consists of four groups:

Advisory Group:
Independent experts who provide peer reviewing and assist with the facilitation of workshops.

Projects Group:
Representatives of key regional, national and international projects in the field of land-use and transportation research (LUTR).

End user group:
Representatives of local and regional authorities and transport operators from across Europe who will assist in the identification of user needs, will comment on recommendations and validate the results of the research.

Exploitation Group:
Suppliers and consultants who will exploit the results of the network in each country and will act as multipliers for dissemination to end users.

The three "State of the art reports" including 18 thematic synthesis reports as well as information on the different LUTR Cluster projects can be found on the LUTR website



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