Flutter derivatives for various sections obtained from experiments and numerical simulations.

Click on the links below to get the results of a study into experimental and numerical methods for the evaluation of bridge deck flutter derivatives.

Nine bridge deck sections were investigated in a water tunnel in order to create an empirical reference set for numerical investigations. The same sections, plus a wide range of further sections, were studied numerically using a commercially available CFD code. The experimental and numerical data were compared with respect to accuracy, sensitivity, and practical suitability. Furthermore, the relevance of the effective angle of attack, the possible assessment of non-critical vibrations, and the formulation of lateral vibrations were studied. Selected results are presented in the following paper.

Starossek U.; Aslan H.; Thiesemann L. (2009). "Experimental and numerical identification of flutter derivatives for nine bridge deck sections." Wind and Structures, Vol. 12, No. 6, November 2009, pp. 519-540.

The full set of tabulated data is made available online here to provide researchers and engineers with a comprehensive benchmarking tool.


Data from experiments (water tunnel)


Data from numerical simulations (CFD)