Name, First Name: Pernía Arellano, Hugo
Nationality: Venezuelans
City, Country: Caracas, Venezuela
Study Program: International Production Management (IPM) Master
Position, Employer: Claim adjuster bei Miller International

You are President of our Alumni Chapter in Caracas, what is it about this job that attracts you?
I have the task gladly taken on to bring together all Venezuelans attending a faculty or have studied and researched at an institute of the TUHH. I wish very much that the connections between our two countries will be improved – especially in the areas in which we are active. Besides, it’s a The joy of being in touch with different generations living in the an academic or past 40 years have completed academic training at the TUHH ..

What was a for you during your time at the TUHH unforgettable experience?
That we are foreign Master’s students on the first day of class in the Audimax from the then TUHH President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Christian Nedeß were received, who was clearly committed to peace and to Advancement of science, applied technology and humanism known. That was in October 2001, shortly after September 11, 2001. The TUHH President formulated this courageous answer, which was necessary at the time was. It was good when I was a young student from a far-away country at the time To hear the message from the TUHH President in person.

What do you use from your studies for your job?
In my job I guess I am happy to have a large part of the TUHH’s production management program To be able to apply what has been learned, especially in the areas of materials science (Advanced Ceramics, Polymers & Composites), Reliability in the construction of machines and spare parts (reliability technology), design technical parts (product planning and development), factory design (organization of the production process), technology assessment, innovation management etc. I have to mention the only subjects that are not relevant to my work Relevant are: the competencies in transaction processing, business software (SAP) and international legislation – but they are very good Courses that were part of the curriculum.

What is the best thing about your job?
For those of us who are active in an area of ​​industrial risk excludes ours Work Travel almost anywhere in the Americas. We receive a lot of very different and versatile knowledge Production processes (most of which are technologies “Made in Germany” apply) and meet very different people.

What does a typical working day look like for you and what skills do you need for this?
Our work usually begins after an accident or after high economic losses. We work for clients (reinsurers) from all over Latin America. We also help in the organization of emergency repairs or business premises and advise on ensuring safety on site in order to prevent further losses. My job is a round-the-clock service for the international market.

The claims adjuster plays a crucial role in claims processing. Around To become a claims adjuster, a university degree in construction, Surveying or engineering and risk management, but experience with complex industries is a key factor in getting solid expertise guarantee.

I would like to swap a day with …
I remember the film and the story of Prof. Dr. Hauke ​​Trinks (1943–2016), the former TUHH President, when he returned from Spitzbergen, where he survived with an unknown Englishwoman and the hungry polar bears – to the benefit of chemical research and evolutionary theory. After almost 10 years of marriage, it amuses me to wonder what would happen if I were to swap places for just a single day with that courageous and legendary teacher whose scientific and academic career was so great.

What would you get from an omniscient researcher Ask future?
After the 100 most important patents for the next 200 years in the industrial fields Risks, process engineering and materials science.

What was your favorite meal in the cafeteria back then?
All dishes for a tropical inhabitant from the Caribbean are unusual, e.g. Königsberger Dumplings, asparagus and salmon.

If you were President of the TUHH …
… I would be from many Surrounded talented people from all over the world and would be closely associated with companies (Industries and service providers) responsible for environmental protection, health and logistics are responsible to work together. Without hesitation I would do the whole Invest the money that is available in research and ensure that that partial results are secured by well-structured patents. I would Use all means to motivate students to be innovative and ethical Develop applications in industrial areas and in environmental protection.