Get off to a good start – IT and communication technology

Setting up the computer, info from the computer centre, incl. software...
Setting Up Your Computer

An essential for getting off to a good start at Hamburg University of Technology is setting up your communication channels. You will find hands-on introductory information to the current situation at:

Many useful topics related to working in home office are covered on the home page of the Computer Center:

Of course the Computer Center also provides personal assistance and support. Feel free to send an email with a brief description of your concern to servicedesk(at) The phone number of the Computer Center’s User Service Center is 040/42878-4444. The TUHH is part of the Education Roaming Initiative. With your TUHH account you can use wireless LAN at Hamburg Univiersity of Technology and around the world at all eduroam partner universities. This also applies to your private devices. It is available for all university employees. For further information check:

Setting Up Your Phone, Email, Calendar, etc.

All Hamburg University Technology employees are issued with a personal email address It is created automatically by the Computer Center with an initial password. Setting up an email account with Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Live, Android, Apple, etc. is described in detail at:

Calendars can also be set up online, making it easier to arrange meetings with colleagues.

Do you need to send large quanitities of data? You may be familiar with Dropbox privately. However for professional purposes you can use the TUHH Cloud:

Alternatively you can use Hamburg University of Technology's upload server which is similar to the Cloud but designed exclusively for one-off downloads.

Are you ready for a holiday? Or are you planning to be away for a few days at a conference? Here you can find out how to create an out of office message for your email account.

To simplify communication within the Hamburg University of Technology, there are various mailing lists. For further information check the following link: You are welcome to contact the Computer Center with any queries at: servicedesk(at)

Our telephones are real allrounders. To find out what they can (or maybe can’t) do, check:

In the event of spontaneous home office work (e.g. due to sick children), you can forward your calls to another landline or to a mobile phone. At the following link, you can find information on how to use the phone from your PC at home

On Hamburg University of Technology's homepage there is a search function for people. You decide what information you want to be displayed about yourself, for TUHH-colleagues and for others:

Software issues and data protection

At the following Link you can find an overview of the video conference tools that are used at Hamburg University of Technology:

Hamburg Univerity of Technology owns various software licenses that as a rule only function when you are working on a university computer. For you to be able to use all the Computer Center services at home you will need to set up and operate a "virtual private network" (VPN). That is easier than it sounds. To find out how it works, click:

Our data protection officer will gladly answer any questions relating to data protection.

The Internet provides enormous opportunities for good and legal—and also illegal—activities. Everyone is recommended to read the TUHH’s information security guidelines carefully: