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Access to TUHH Buildings Outside Ordinary Working Hours

If you want to work in the university buildings outside regular working hours e.g. at the weekend, this must be arranged in advance. Either consult the TUHH-Homepage for further details or contact your boss.

If the underground car park is closed, please contact the caretaker, who have access to keys to all buildings, including the underground car parks. The porters’ lodges in Buildings A and O are staffed around the clock (040/42878-3725 and -2874).

Event management

If you are planning events, this guide, compiled by the Event Management team may be of help. (Unfortunately it is currently only available in German):


Are you looking for the forms to apply for the financing of work-related trips, purchaces or further qualifications? These and many other forms used by the universtiy administration  can be found at:
(Please not that outside university buildings this page can only be accessed by VPN.)

Further Qualification and Personnel Development

A high level of qualification and lifelong learning are in the common interest of all employees and Hamburg University of Technology itself. Training courses are work-related and thus take place during working hours. (These courses are usually in German.) As with other kinds of work, the "plus units" (overtime) acquired can be taken off as free time at a later date. Here you can find details of current training options.

For teaching staff the Centre for Teaching and Learning (ZLL) offers advice and further qualification (in German) on topics related to university teaching.

Training and Support specifically for PhD candidates is provided by the Graduate Academy for Technology and Innovation.

Additional qualification (in German) for employees of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (FHH) are available from the Zentrum für Aus- und Fortbildung (ZAF) and the Hanse Akademie.


Hamburg University of Technology has a comprehensive library, the TUB, at Denickestrasse 22. This library is available to all employees free of charge. You can apply for a library card to borrow and order literature and obtain further information at

Ordering Furniture and Material

If you need furniture for your work space, please contact Ms Doris Krupp (040/42878-3366) after consulting your boss. She will be happy to deal with your inquiries and to advise you appropriately.

For furniture financed by your institute or by a service unit please contact Ms Lucia Kubocz (040/42878-3345) or email beschaffung(at)

For office material orders, please contact your Institute's or service unit's office. If you work for the university administration, please contact Ms Lucia Kubocz (040/42878-3345) or beschaffung(at)

Printing, Scanning and Copying

Despite digitalisation in the working world, printing, scanning and copying are still very much a part of everyday work at Hamburg University of Technology. As a rule every office at the TUHH has its own printer. For help, please contact your institute’s office or Hamburg University of Technology's Computer Center.

Each building has photocopiers of its own with a scan function. Colleagues, who work in institutes, will receive cards for the photocopiers from their institute’s office. In the event of malfunction you are requested to inform the caretaker.

Hamburg University of Technology's Computer Center also provides copying facilities in different formats:


Work Safety

A major concern at Hamburg University of Technology is the health and safety of its employees. This includes a range of aspects from safety in labs or at machines to healthy posture and appropriate lighting in offices. Every employee is required by Sections 15 and 16 of the Occupational Safety Act to contribute to protecting the health and safety of all. The first people to contact with any questions or requests are your boss or the safety officer of your department or institute.

In addition, the Occupational Safety, Environmental and Health Protection Unit  (AUG) will be pleased to answer any questions on the subject. Please contact: Mr Holger Robbert (040/42878-4753).