Dr.-Ing. Mouna Kehili






  • Biochemical High-Pressure-Cascade for Creating Added Value from Raw Coffee-Silverskin
    E. Bastos; M. Kehili; M. Kienast; A. Lenzen; C. Zetzl; I. Smirnova (2021)
  • Biorefinery of agro-food industrial by-products, olive residues, date seeds and coffee silver skins, for the recovery of highly valuable fractions
    M. Kehili; M. Kienast; A. Bhatti; C. Zetzl; I. Smirnova, Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgruppe Phytoextrakte, Online (2021)
  • Application of a High Pressure Biorefinery Cascade for Creating Added Value on Tomato Residues
    M. Kehili; W. Reynolds; C. Zetzl; I. Smirnova,; S. Sayadi; N. Allouche, 15th European Meeting on Supercritical Fluids, Essen, Germany (2016)