About us

Biomass High Pressure – BioMP –   born at TUHH as a group of scientists with expertise in natural products and high pressure technologies, has presence nowadays as competence center under TUHH-technology transfer company Tutech Innovation GmbH.  Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of members with experience in R&D both in industry and academia, which allows us to understand your challenges and solve them individually by applying the science behind.

We offer innovative solutions to industries in different market sectors namely food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Our R&D team works in process development and optimization, high pressure technologies, compounding by extrusion, extraction of functional ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industry (Supercritical Fluid Extraction) as well as the performance of economic and environmental feasibility studies.

In strong communication with our clients, we develop semi-turnkey projects and through our partners across Germany we initiate the delivery of turnkey projects. Several well-known supercritical CO2 extraction processes can be done in our multiple high pressure extractors.

Our motivation

Supercritical CO2 extraction and treatment with subcritical water are recognized as environmentally friendly processes due to its free-of-solvent nature both in the process and the materials after extraction. Our motivation is to take advantage of these characteristics by having small or none environmental fingerprint throughout our processes, thus helping industry to develop greener and more sustainable solutions.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop green innovative solutions and tailored sustainable products for our society. In this way, to add with our technologies and products to the biobased economy by using high pressure technologies.

Our services

We perform supercritical and subcritical fluid extraction of natural molecules of industrial interest from their plant/algae sources.

We offer impregnation of bioactive substances via supercritical CO2 into the matrix of interest of our clients.

Customers can send a representative to join our experiments and tests at TUHH.

We offer process design and optimization. Cost calculation and environmental impact can be done in parallel if desired by the client.

With our Liquid Hot Water Pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass you can separate its main components: Cellulose, Hemicellulose & Lignin, and further use them for your purposes.

Expert consultancy in the sector of biomass valorization.

Assessment of biomass streams components and potential value through our valorization cascade.

The BioMP VALORIZATION CASCADE allows us to perform a screening of your biomass/ byproducts/ materials to evaluate the potential bioactive compounds that can be extracted and further used for product formulation/ development.