Lara Gibowsky, M.Eng.


Aerogels are lightweight solid materials with special properties. In particular biopolymer-based aerogels with their biodegradability can be used in various applications. However, the production process is still very expensive: therefore the scale up and a more detailed knowledge of the mechanical properties of aerogels are necessary. The overall objective of this work is the experimental investigation and modeling of the mechanical properties of aerogel particels in a fixed bed during the production process.


  • Practical Course TGO: Reverse Osmosis (winter term)




  • Aerogel Production in Technical Scale at TUHH: Facilities and Miniplant for Evaluation of Drying Kinetics
    L. Gibowsky; I. Smirnova; D. Arigbe; A. Bueno, 19th European Training school on Eco-AERoGELS: Technical, commercial and societal innovations on aerogels towards circular economy (IG18125), Udine, Italy (2024)
  • Packungseigenschaften von kugelförmigen, nanoporösen und verformbaren Gelpartikeln
    L. Gibowsky; C. Alves; I. Smirnova; S. Heinrich, Jahrestreffen DECHEMA-Fachgruppen Hochdruckverfahrenstechnik und Adsorption, Darmstadt, Germany (2024)
  • Packing Properties of Spherical, Nanoporous and Deformable Gel Particles During Supercritical Drying
    L. Gibowsky; I. Smirnova; P. Gurikov, 1st International Seminar on Modelling, Simulation and Machine Learning for Rapid Development of Porous Materials, DLR Cologne, Germany (2023)
  • Natural grown aerogels from fruits, vegetables and mushrooms: processing and characterization
    L. Gibowsky; B. Schroeter; E. Dicke; I. Jung; I. Smirnova, 19th European Meeting on Supercritical Fluids, Budapest, Hungary (2023)
  • Natürlich gewachsene Aerogele aus Früchten, Gemüse und Pilzen: Verarbeitung und Charakterisierung
    L. Gibowsky; B. Schroeter; E. Dicke; I. Jung; J. Husung; G. Liese; R. Subrahmanyam; I. Smirnova, Jahrestreffen DECHEMA-Fachgruppen Hochdruckverfahrenstechnik und Lebensmittelverfahrenstechnik, Bochum, Germany (2023)