Special Topics of Ship Structural Design

General information:

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  1. Ro/Ro and passenger ships
  2. Multi-purpose ships (ships with long hatches)
  3. Gas carriers
  4. Ice strengthening
  5. FPSO – Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Units
  6. Fast Craft
  7. Aluminium in shipbuilding
  8. Fibre-reinforced plastics
  9. Sandwich structures

Learning Outcomes


Designing and sizing of special structures in ship and ocean technology, explaining characteristics and application of leight-weight metals, composite materials and sandwich plates.


Acquaitance with methods for the design and sizing of special structures in ship and ocean technology and for the application the the material and sandwich plates mentioned.


Ability to define the requirements and design criteria for unconventional structures and materials in ship and ocean technology, to select suitable calculation models and to assess the chosen structure.

Performance Record

Verbal test