Ship Vibration

General information

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  1. Introduction; assessment of vibrations
  2. Basic equations
  3. Beams with discrete / distributed masses
  4. Complex beam systems
  5. Vibration of plates and Grillages
  6. Deformation method / practical hints / measurements
  7. Hydrodynamic masses
  8. Spectral method
  9. Hydrodynamic masses acc. to Lewis
  10. DampingShaft systems
  11. Propeller excitation
  12. Engines

Learning Outcomes


Acceptance criteria for vibrations on ships; methods for the calculation of natural frequencies and forced vibrations of sructural components and the entire hull girder; effect of exciting forces of the propeller and main engine and methods for their determination.


Acquaintance with methods for the calculation of natural frequencies and exciting forces and resulting vibrations of ship structures including their assessment; modelling of structures for the vibration analysis.


Ability to detect vibration-prone components on ships, to model the structure, to select suitable calculation methods and to assess the results.

Performance Record

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