Fatigue Strength of Ships and Offshore Structures

General information

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  1. Introduction
  2. Fatigue loads and stresses
  3. Structural behaviour under cyclic loads
    • Structural behaviour under constant amplitude loading
    • Influence factors on fatigue strength
    • Material behaviour under contant amplitude loading
    • Special aspects of welded joints
    • Structural behaviour under variable amplitude loading
  4. Life prediction based on the S-N approach
    • Damage accumulation hypotheses
    • nominal stress approach
    • structural stress approach
    • notch stress approach
    • notch strain approach
    • numerical analyses
  5. Life prediction based on the crack propagation
    • basic relationships in fracture mechanics
    • description of crack propagation
    • numerical analysis

Learning Outcomes


Fundamentals of relevant service loads, behaviour of materials and structural components under cyclic loads, testing methods and approaches for the estimation of the expected fatigue endurance resp. fatigue strength for notched base material and welded joints in ship and offshore structures.


Acquaintance with methods for the determination of relevant parameters from load histories, for the performance and evaluation of fatigue tests and for the determination of the fatigue endurance resp. strength of typical ship and offshore structures.


Ability to assess and design ship and offshore structures with respect to their fatigue strength and to draw suitable conclusions in case of fatigue damages regarding the remaining lifetime and repair measures.

Performance Record

verbal test