Nonlinear Structural Analysis

General information:

Lecture and exercise notes can be retrieved at Stud.Ip.


  1. Introduction
  2. Nonlinear phenomena
  3. Mathematical preliminaries
  4. Basic equations of continuum mechanics
  5. Spatial discretization with finite elements
  6. Solution of nonlinear systems of equations
  7. Solution of elastoplastic problems
  8. Stability problems
  9. Contact problems

Educational Objectives:

Theoretical Knowledge

Students are able to

  • give an overview of the different nonlinear phenomena in structural mechanics.
  • explain the mechanical background of nonlinear phenomena in structural mechanics.
  • to specify problems of nonlinear structural analysis, to identify them in a given situation and to explain their mathematical and mechanical background.


Students are able to

  • model nonlinear structural problems.
  • select for a given nonlinear structural problem a suitable computational procedure.
  • apply finite element procedures for nonlinear structural analysis.
  • critically verify and judge results of nonlinear finite elements.
  • to transfer their knowledge of nonlinear solution procedures to new problems.

Personal Competence

Social Competence

Students are able to

  • solve problems in heterogeneous groups and to document the corresponding results.
  • share new knowledge with group members.


Students are able to

  • assess their knowledge by means of exercises and E-Learning.