Trends und Strategien in Logistik und Supply Chain Management – Chancen der digitalen Transformation

More than 25 years ago, the German Logistics Association (BVL) launched the study series "Trends and Strategies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management". Since then, the study has been providing information on future developments and possible courses of action and thus functions as a roadmap for logistics and supply chain management experts

2016/2017 this study was developed under the direction of Professor Wolfgang Kersten of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and Prof. Mischa Seiter of the International Performance Research Institute (IPRI) on behalf of the BVL. The consortium partners were Lufthansa Industry Solutions BS GmbH in Hamburg and Horváth & Partner GmbH in Stuttgart.

The 2016/2017 edition is being published at a time of profound change. Companies find themselves in an increasingly volatile environment. The trends already identified in the last issue, such as individualization, complexity and volatility, are still present and continue to shape both society and the business environment. Increasing digitization also leads to the emergence of new business models and puts existing structures to the test. Logistics is increasingly determined by connectivity and new mobility concepts. For these reasons, the 2016/2017 issue focuses on the topic "Opportunities of digital transformation". The study examines these opportunities based on four perspectives:

  • innovative technology concepts,
  • Changes in the value chain,
  • changed competence requirements and
  • new and adapted business models.

You can find further information and results as a download on the "Trends and Strategies" homepage linked below at:

In 2020, the study led by Professor Wolfgang Kersten of the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH) was repeated on behalf of BVL to record changes to the 2016/ 2017 edition.

As   As a result, the longitudinal study retains the focus on "Impacts and opportunities of digital transformation", with three areas of special focus:      

  • Data
  • Professionals
  • Sustainability

For more information and results, see (link will be added later)

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