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Together with our partner universities, we offer our students the opportunity to combine their project and final theses with a stay abroad in Algeria, Egypt or Jordan. We offer stays in the Algerian cities of Batna and Tlemcen, in the Egyptian capital Cairo and in Jordan's capital Amman. In addition, the Ta'ziz program of the German Academic Exchange Service will provide financial support for stays with our partners in Algeria and Jordan up to and including 2025. You can find out which topics are suitable for your thesis, details about our partner universities and the possible cities for an exchange in the following sections. In the download area below you will also find further documents about the exchange programs and our Ta'ziz project "Renewable Energy System With 100% Guaranteed Power Supply" .


Map of the Mediterranean region showing the position of Tlemcen, Batna, Cairo and Amman


The challenges of climate change, the consequences of which are now becoming visible in many parts of the world, show that a purely regional or local fight against climate change by a few willing states is not enough. Rather, global co-operation is required, forces must be pooled and research and teaching must be brought together and intensified across borders.
Expanding the use of renewable energies is seen as an indispensable and essential instrument for achieving the defossilisation of the global and national energy economy and thus the reduction of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Biogenic sources can be utilised for renewable energies and products; green hydrogen and its derivatives can be of great importance for example as an energy storage and transport medium.
Our exchange programmes build on precisely these points - the focus is on cooperation and the use of renewable energies. We believe that international cooperation based on understanding and cultural exchange is essential. By organising a student exchange to another country, we promote precisely these aspects, enable the networking of knowledge, and thus create a platform for sustainable solutions.

Contents Exchange programme Algeria and Jordan

The exchange programme is aimed at students from the University of Jordan (UJ) in Amman, the Pan African University - Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (incl. Climate Change) (PAUWES) in Algeria and the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and enables students to write a thesis (Bachelor's, project or Master's thesis) at one of the partner universities.

The student thesis should deal with the general topic of renewable energies. The aim is to take a closer look at national and international energy supply systems in the regions, identify challenges and develop solution strategies. The thesis should also focus on the topic of ("green") hydrogen or hydrogen derivatives. Topics such as the use of renewable energies for hydrogen production, the production processes themselves and hydrogen transport and storage can be considered.
Another option is to analyse the energy import and export problems and strategies of the respective countries. In addition to technical, economic, and ecological aspects, social and local impacts should also be considered in a comprehensive analysis. In principle, energy system modelling is possible and desirable.

Batna and Tlemcen, Algeria

The city of Tlemcen is located close to the Moroccan border and not far from the Mediterranean Sea. Originally founded as a Roman military base, individual Roman buildings can still be found alongside the otherwise typical Islamic architecture of the region.
In the north-east of the country, at an altitude of just under 1000 metres, lies the city of Batna, which is still very young at 180 years old. The city is bordered to the north by Belezma National Park, while to the east of Batna lies the archaeological site of Timgad, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982.
The Institute of Water and Energy Science at the Pan African University is our newest partner institute. Together, we are conducting research in Tlemcen and Batna on the provision of renewable hydrogen.

Amman, Jordan

Jordan is located in the north-west of the Arabian Peninsula with access to the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. Some of you may even know the Wadi Rum desert (UNESCO natural and cultural heritage site) from the film The Martians. In addition to various nature reserves, such as Wadi Mujib or the Dana Biosphere Reserve, historical sites such as Petra (UNESCO World Heritage Site), built by the Nabataeans, or various Roman sites (Jerash, Umm Quais) can also be visited.
The University of Jordan (UJ), the largest and oldest university in Jordan (founded in 1962), is located in the capital Amman, which has a population of almost 2 million. The TUHH and the UJ have been cooperating for several years.

Contents Exchange programme Egypt

The TUHH and Ain Shams University (ASU) in Cairo have been co-operating for a number of years.

  • Both German and Egyptian students have the opportunity to write their final thesis (Bachelor's or Master's thesis) or a project thesis at the respective partner university, whereby they are jointly supervised by German and Egyptian teaching staff.
  • The topics of the theses are based on the research topics of the two participating institutes (IUE of TUHH, Energy Technology & Climate Change Lab of ASU).

Subject areas ASU: The Energy Technology & Climate Change Lab addresses local and regional energy challenges to ensure a more sustainable energy supply and contribute to climate protection. Through teaching and research, the lab disseminates and creates knowledge in the areas of energy technology design and selection, hybrid energy system design, hydropower energy storage, wind turbine design and manufacturing, wind farm life cycle management and assessment, and the energy-water-food nexus.
Other priority topics include the utilisation of biomass to produce sustainable fuels, near-surface geothermal systems and high-performance computer-aided scientific applications in cross-sector flow measurement technology.



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