Equipment of the Technical Center



  • Pellet press with feed unit including dies 20/6, 30/6, 20/4 and rolls
  • Abrasion tester according to DIN EN
  • Endurance tester
  • Raw density measurement
  • Bulk density determination according to DIN EN
Thermal Pre-Treatment

Thermal Pre-Treatment

  • Roll autoclave for hydro- or vapothermal pre-treatment
  • V = 65 L
  • Permissible temperature range: 20 - 200 °
  • Permissible maximum pressure: 15 bar
Combustion Test Stand

Combustion Test Stand

  • Combustion systems: single-room pellet furnace (heat output: 8.3 kW) and wood chip boiler (heat output: 35 kW)
  • (gravimetric) determination of the total fine dust content in accordance with VDI 2066 - Sheet 1 (isokinetic sampling)
  • Determination of the flue gas composition: O2, CO, CO2, H2, NOx, etc.
  • Variable pressure and temperature determination at several measuring points
  • Determination of fine dust fractions using DEKATI FPS 4000 in combination with TSI Nanoscan/OPS 3330