Lukas Büsch, M.Sc.



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Room L 2054

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Since September 2021 at the Institute for Aircraft Production Technology
2021 Semester abroad at the University of Waterloo (CA)
2020 - 2022 Master's degree in "Mechatronics" at the Technical University of Hamburg
2016 - 2020 Bachelor's degree in "Mechatronics" at the Technical University of Hamburg


HyPlant100 - Development of optimized and automated processes and standards for the construction of large-scale water electrolyzers


Robotics: Modeling and Control





L. Büsch: Development of a multi-sensor concept for progress detection in the site assembly of electrolysis units; 56th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems, 2023, Kapstadt (Südafrika)

L. Büsch, B. Ebert: Automatisierungsoptionen im Montageprozess einer Elektrolyseurfertigung; 2. H2Giga Statuskonferenz, 21.09.2023, Berlin

L. Büsch, K. Haalck: H2 Giga: HyPlant 100 - Industrialisierung der Montage bis zum Baufeld für die Gigawattelektrolyse; Forum Wasserstoff Projekte - Die Wasserstoff-Leitprojekte des BMBF im Fokus (Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg), 27.02.2023, Hamburg

L. Büsch: A methods-time-measurement based approach to enable action recognition for multi-variant assembly in Human-Robot Collaboration; 9th CIRP Conference on Assembly Technology and Systems (CATS), 2022, Leuven (Belgien)