Julian Koch, M.Sc., M.Sc.


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  Room L 2053
Phone 040 42878-4324
E-Mail Julian Koch, M.Sc., M.Sc.
Projects digitaleQM / EFFEKT


Since January 2022 eam lead “Digitalization & Human-Technology Interaction”
Since July 2020 Research associate at the Institute for Aircraft Production Technology
Since October 2015 Lecturer for Procurement Management at the HTW Saar
2017 - 2019 Research associate at the Center for Mechatronics and Automation Technology
2016 - 2019 Master's degree in "Systems Engineering" at Saarland University, supported with a Deutschlandstipendium
2015 - 2016 Master's degree in "Industrial Engineering" at the HTW Saar, supported by a scholarship from ZF Friedrichshafen AG
2014 - 2016 Internships/working student positions at BMW, Bosch, ZF
2013 - 2014 Semester abroad at the University West in Trollhättan, supported with an ERASMUS scholarship
2011 - 2015 Bachelor's degree in "Industrial Engineering" at the HTW Saar


Development of a software solution to enable digital twins for manual quality assurance processes in the project digitaleQM

Conception & Development of a digital quality platform and associated tools for the digitization of manual inspection processes of cabin components in the project EFFEKT (completed)

Other topics within the projects:

  • Multimodal human-technology interaction (action recognition, augmented reality, projection systems, etc.)
  • Industrial Internet of Things, application development with Node-RED
  • Data modeling, control of information flows, multi-model databases


Automation technology and systems

Robotics (Part: Human-Robot Collaboration)



  • A digital assistance system leveraging vision foundation models & 3D localization for reproducible defect segmentation in visual inspection (accepted)
    Koch, Julian; Jevremovic, Denis; Moenck, Keno; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    To be Pusblished In: Procedia CIRP (2024)
  • Industrial CLIP: Leveraging Vision Foundation Models in Industrial Applications (accepted)
    Moenck, Keno; Duc Trung, Thieu; Koch, Julian; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    To be Pusblished In: Procedia CIRP (2024)
  • Digital Twins in Aircraft Production: Challenges and Opportunities
    Moeck, Keno, Rath, Jan-Erik; Koch, Julian; Wendt, Arne; Schoepflin, Daniel; Kalscheuer, Florian; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    CEAS Aeronautical Journal (2024)
    Verlags DOI
  • A human-centered IIoT platform approach for manual inspections: Towards digital documentation and assistance applications
    Koch, Julian; Lotzing, Gerald; Eschen, Henrik; Moenck, Keno; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    In: Procedia CIRP (2024)
    Verlags DOI
  • GraphSTEP: concurrent, cloud-based, lifecycle-oriented editing and updating of product data
    Moenck, Keno; Pustelnik, Adrian; Koch, Julian; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    In: Procedia CIRP (2024)
    Verlags DOI
  • Development of a multi-sensor concept for progress detection in the site assembly of electrolysis units
    Büsch, Lukas; Koch, Julian; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    In: Procedia CIRP (2024)
    Verlags DOI
  • Towards Model-Based Assembly System Configuration Supported by SysML and AutomationML
    Rath, Jan-Erik; Koch, Julian; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    In: Silva, F.J.G., Pereira, A.B., Campilho, R.D.S.G. (eds) Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing: Establishing Bridges for More Sustainable Manufacturing Systems. FAIM 2023. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering. Springer, Cham. (2024)
    Verlags DOI


  • Industrial Segment Anything -- a Case Study in Aircraft Manufacturing, Intralogistics, Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul
    Moenck, Keno; Wendt, Arne; Prünte, Philipp; Koch, Julian; Sahrhage, Arne; Gierecker, Johann; Schmedemann, Ole; Kähler, Falko; Holst, Dirk; Gomse, Martin; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten; Schoepflin, Daniel
  • Development and Integration of a Workpiece-based Calibration Method for an Optical Assistance System
    Koch, Julian; Büchse, Christopher; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    In: Applied Sciences. 2023; 13(13). (2023)
    Verlags DOI
  • Towards Recognition of Human Actions in Collaborative Tasks with Robots: Extending Action Recognition with Tool Recognition Methods
    Büsch, Lukas; Koch, Julian; Schoepflin, Daniel; Schulze, Michelle; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    In: Sensors. 2023; 23(12):5718. (2023)
    Verlags DOI
  • Mobile Web App for the Digitization and Annotation of Manual Visual Inspection Tasks (Accepted)
    Koch, Julian; Jevremovic, Denis; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    PrePrint | To be Published In: Procedia CIRP (2023)
  • Reducing commissioning efforts for hybrid assembly systems using a data-driven approach
    Kalscheuer, Florian; Koch, Julian; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    Procedia CIRP 118, S. 935–939. (2023)
    Verlags DOI
  • Development Process for Information Security Concepts in IIoT-based Manufacturing
    Koch, Julian; Eggers, Kolja; Rath, Jan-Erik; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    In: Kim, KY., Monplaisir, L., Rickli, J. (eds) Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing: The Human-Data-Technology Nexus . FAIM 2022. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, S. 316–331,. Springer, Cham. (2023)
    Verlags DOI


  • STRIPED: A Threat Analysis Method for IoT Systems.
    Srikumar, Kamakshi; Kashish, Komal; Eggers, Kolja; Díaz Ferreyra, Nicolás E.; Koch, Julian; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten; Scandariato, Riccardo
    Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security. ARES 2022: The 17th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security. Vienna Austria, 23 08 2022 26 08 2022. New York, NY, USA: ACM, S. 1–6. (2022)
    Verlags DOI
  • Tool Wear Classification in Automated Drilling Operations of Aircraft Structure Components using Artificial Intelligence Methods
    Koch, Julian; Schoepflin, Daniel; Venkatanarasimhan, Arvind; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    SAE Int. J. Adv. & Curr. Prac. in Mobility 4 (4), S. 1072–1081. (2022)
    Verlags DOI
  • A Methods-Time-Measurement based Approach to enable Action Recognition for Multi-Variant Assembly in Human-Robot Collaboration
    Koch, Julian; Büsch, Lukas; Gomse, Martin; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    Procedia CIRP 106, S. 233–238. (2022)
    Verlags DOI
  • Application of Multi-Model Databases in Digital Twins Using the Example of a Quality Assurance Process
    Koch, Julian; Lotzing, Gerald; Gomse, Martin; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    In: Ann-Louise Andersen, Rasmus Andersen, Thomas Ditlev Brunoe, Maria Stoettrup Schioenning Larsen, Kjeld Nielsen, Alessia Napoleone und Stefan Kjeldgaard (Hg.): Towards Sustainable Customization: Bridging Smart Products and Manufacturing Systems. Cham: Springer International Publishing (Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering), S. 364–371. (2022)
    Verlags DOI


  • Digital game-based examination for sensor placement in context of an Industry 4.0 lecture using the Unity 3D engine – a case study
    Koch, Julian; Gomse, Martin; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    Procedia Manufacturing 55, S. 563–570. (2021)
    Verlags DOI
  • Smart Material Delivery Unit for the Production Supplying Logistics of Aircraft
    Schoepflin, Daniel; Koch, Julian; Gomse, Martin; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten
    Procedia Manufacturing 55, S. 455–462. (2021)
    Verlags DOI


  • The Assist-By-X system: Calibration and application of a modular production equipment for visual assistance
    Müller, Rainer; Hörauf, Leenhard; Vette-Steinkamp, Matthias; Kanso, Ali; Koch, Julian
    Procedia CIRP 86, S. 179–184. (2019)
    Verlags DOI
  • Befähigung von Bestandsanlagen und –maschinen zur innerbetrieblichen Vernetzung
    Koch, Julian; Burkhard, Dirk; Hörauf, Leenhard; Müller, Rainer
    Wissenschaft trifft Praxis. Ausgabe 12 Digitale Wertschöpfung, S. 30-38. (2019)
  • Simulation based online production planning
    Müller, Rainer; Hörauf, Leenhard; Speicher, Christoph; Koch, Julian; Drieß, Miriam
    Procedia Manufacturing 38, S. 1473–1480. (2019)
    Verlags DOI
  • Planung und Aufgabenteilung für hybride Montagesysteme
    Koch, Julian; Hörauf, Leenhard; Müller, Rainer
    Maschinenmarkt. Ausgabe 13, S. 50-53. (2019)


  • Teamcenter plan data based Plant Simulation model generation and Genetic Algorithm-based optimization of assembly systems.
    Koch, Julian
    Präsentiert an der Plant Simulation Worldwide User Conference, Stuttgart (2018)
  • Digitale Werkzeuge für die Fabrikplanung
    Koch, Julian; Hörauf, Leenhard; Müller, Rainer
    handling. 05/2018, S. 6-7. (2018)