Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Matz

Professor (retired)


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Matz
E-6 Elektrische Energietechnik
  • jetzt auch: Institut für Analytische Messtechnik Hamburg e.V. gemeinnützig - IAM Peutestrasse 53A
  • 20539 Hamburg
  • Germany
Office Hours
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Harburger Schloßstraße 36,
21079 Hamburg
Building HS36, Room C3

Previous activity

until 03/2015
Head of Research Area Environmental Measurement Technology at the Institute of Measurement Technology / TUHH

Curriculum Vitae

Born: 6 February 1948 in Bremen
Education: School education up to Abitur in Bremen
Gymnasium am Waller-Ring
German Armed Forces 2 Jahre
ST 1969 to WT 1975 Studies of physics at the Universität Hamburg
Diploma at the 1st Institute for Experimental Physics
Elastic scattering of negative hydrogen ions on noble gases, an experiment with two mass spectrometers
February 1976 Research Assistant at the Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg, Measurement Technology
Dissertation with the topic: "A mobile mass spectrometer system for the detection of pollutants"
September 1981 Head of development for mass spectrometers, especially mobile mass spectrometer MM1 for the detection of warfare agents in the detection vehicle of the German Armed Forces, Bruker-Franzen, Bremen
January 1987 C3-Professor at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)
Institute of Measurement Technology, Research Focus 2: Systems Engineering
Dean's Office: Electrical Engineering
Area of expertise: Environmental Measurement Technology, Process Measurement Technology
On-site analysis with complex analysis systems:
Gas sensor arrays, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
Gas chromatography mass spectrometry


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