Wind turbines, solar panels and high-voltage pylons in summer
Power station and substation
Wind turbines and high-voltage pylons at dusk

Institute of Electrical Power and Energy Technology (ieet)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Becker

The ieet has existed since 2015 and represents the thematic focus of electrical power and energy systems engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology in research and teaching. The objective is an optimal systemic interaction of components and technologies for the generation, transmission, storage, distribution and consumption of electrical energy. The focus is on electrical power grids of terrestrial as well as on-board power systems for a modern, future-proof, environmentally compatible and economical electrical energy supply.

The institute's competencies lie in the area of modeling, optimization and operational management of electrical power grids and extend in particular to the application of related disciplines such as information and communication technology (ICT), control and automation technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) methods.

In addition to industrial experience in research and development of on-board energy systems in aviation, the dynamics, stability and control of electrical power systems form a special focus of competence. The focus is on systems with power-electronics coupled components and increasingly sector-coupled systems with multiple energy sources.

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