Institute of Measurement Technology

The Institute of Measurement Technology was dissolved on 30.03.2015 and transitioned into the Institute of Electrical Power and Energy Technology.

The institute, founded in 1982 and first headed by physicist Prof. Dr. Hauke Trinks, was located in the former administration building of "F.Thörl’s Vereinigte Harburger Oelfabriken Aktiengesellschaft". In 1979 the build-up of the TUHH began here in the Harburger Schloßstraße 20 and as of 1980 the research work started.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Matz
Dr. rer. nat Wolfgang Schröder

Hazardous chemicals, released to the environment as toxic contaminations, as well as process exhaust gases like oil from combustion engines, which have to be reduced legislatively, can only be detected by extremely sensitive techniques. The techniques have to be selective and specific to the target compound, as the toxic compounds are typically distributed as very low concentration in an atmospheric gas sample.

In the research area Environmental Measurement Technology methods and measurement systems are developed for these tasks. The solution is typically a combination of different spectrometric techniques. Important development topics are sampling, enrichment of gases, amplification and signal filters, as well as data fusion, the multi dimensional signal processing.