Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Harig

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Harig
E-6 Elektrische Energietechnik
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until 03/2015
Head of Research Area Optical Measurement Technology (Infrared Measurment Technology) at the Institute of Measurement Technology / TUHH


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Exercise: Process Measurement Engineering
This course appears in more than one module: Process Measurement Engineering; Selected Topics of Mechatronics (Alternative A: 12 LP); Selected Topics of Mechatronics (Alternative B: 6 LP)
SoSe 19
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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Harig
<p>- Process measurement engineering in the context of process control engineering<br /> - Challenges of process measurement engineering<br />- Instrumentation of processes<br />- Classification of pickups<br />- Systems theory in process measurement engineering<br /> - Generic linear description of pickups<br />- Mathematical description of two-port systems<br />- Fourier and Laplace transformation<br />- Correlational measurement<br /> - Wide band signals<br />- Auto- and cross-correlation function and their applications<br />- Fault-free operation of correlational methods<br />- Transmission of analog and digital measurement signals<br /> - Modulation process (amplitude and frequency modulation)<br />- Multiplexing<br />- Analog to digital converter</p><p>- Färber: „Prozeßrechentechnik“, Springer-Verlag 1994<br /> - Kiencke, Kronmüller: „Meßtechnik“, Springer Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 1995<br /> - A. Ambardar: „Analog and Digital Signal Processing“ (1), PWS Publishing Company, 1995, NTC 339<br /> - A. Papoulis: „Signal Analysis“ (1), McGraw-Hill, 1987, NTC 312 (LB)<br /> - M. Schwartz: „Information Transmission, Modulation and Noise“ (3,4), McGraw-Hill, 1980, 2402095<br /> - S. Haykin: „Communication Systems“ (1,3), Wiley&amp;Sons, 1983, 2419072<br /> - H. Sheingold: „Analog-Digital Conversion Handbook“ (5), Prentice-Hall, 1986, 2440072<br /> - J. Fraden: „AIP Handbook of Modern Sensors“ (5,6), American Institute of Physics, 1993, MTB 346</p>
Process Measurement Engineering: Fundamental principles of electrical engineering and measurement technology; Selected Topics of Mechatronics (Alternative A: 12 LP): None; Selected Topics of Mechatronics (Alternative B: 6 LP): None
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Studiendekanat Elektrotechnik, Informatik und Mathematik
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Studiendekanat Verfahrenstechnik
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