Archive: Institute of Measurement Technology


The Institute of Measurement Technology was dissolved on 30.03.2015 and transitioned into the Institute of Electrical Power and Energy Technology.

Research Area Optical Measurement Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Harig

The research activities focus on methods for the detection of trace amounts of liquids and gases. New systems and analysis procedures are developed based on spectroscopic methods (Laser and Fouriertransform spectroscopy). An important area of research is the detection of invisible clouds of potentially hazardous gases from long distances.

The group develops remote sensing systems (spectrometers and analysis methods) for instant identification and visualization of hazardous clouds from long distances. Systems developed by the group are applied on a regular basis by emergency response forces during major events and political events (football world cup, football European cup, G8-summits, state visits). Another application is the measurement of volcanic gases. The measurement of gases renders an indirect insight into volcanoes possible. Moreover, the total emissions of volcanoes may be quantified.