Publikationen aus 2017:

  1. Wang, K., C. Stenner, and J. Weissmüller
    A nanoporous gold-polypyrrole hybrid nanomaterial for actuation
    Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2017. 248: p. 622-629,
  2. Wang, K., C. Hartig, M. Blankenburg, M. Müller, R. Günther, and J. Weissmüller
    Local flow stresses in interpenetrating-phase composites based on nanoporous gold — In situ diffraction
    Scripta Materialia, 2017. 127: p. 151-155
  3. Shi, S., J. Markmann, and J. Weissmüller
    Actuation by hydrogen electrosorption in hierarchical nanoporous palladium
    Philosophical Magazine, 2017. 97(19): p. 1571-1587
  4. Okulov, I.V., J. Weissmüller, and J. Markmann
    Dealloying-based interpenetrating-phase nanocomposites matching the elastic behavior of human bone
    Scientific Reports, 2017. 7: p. 7
    <Go to ISI>://WOS:000396828900003
  5. Ngo, B.N.D., B. Roschning, K. Albe, J. Weissmüller, and J. Markmann
    On the origin of the anomalous compliance of dealloying-derived nanoporous gold
    Scripta Materialia, 2017. 130: p. 74-77
    <Go to ISI>://WOS:000394194200016
  6. Mameka, N., J. Markmann, and J. Weissmüller
    On the impact of capillarity for strength at the nanoscale
    Nature Communications, 2017. 8: p. 9
    <Go to ISI>://WOS:000417336600006
  7. Lührs, L., B. Zandersons, N. Huber, and J. Weissmüller
    Plastic Poisson's Ratio of Nanoporous Metals: A Macroscopic Signature of Tension-Compression Asymmetry at the Nanoscale
    Nano Letters, 2017. 17(10): p. 6258-6266
    <Go to ISI>://WOS:000413057500055
  8. Lackmann, A., C. Mahr, M. Schowalter, L. Fitzek, J. Weissmüller, A. Rosenauer, and A. Wittstock
    A comparative study of alcohol oxidation over nanoporous gold in gas and liquid phase
    Journal of Catalysis, 2017. 353: p. 99-106
  9. Krekeler, T., A.V. Strasser, M. Graf, K. Wang, C. Hartig, M. Ritter, and J. Weissmüller
    Silver-rich clusters in nanoporous gold
    Materials Research Letters, 2017. 5(5): p. 314-321
    <Go to ISI>://WOS:000405592100004
  10. Juarez, T., J. Biener, J. Weissmüller, and A.M. Hodge
    Nanoporous Metals with Structural Hierarchy: A Review
    Advanced Engineering Materials, 2017. 19(12): p. 23
    <Go to ISI>://WOS:000418067300010
  11. Jalas, D., L.H. Shao, R. Canchi, T. Okuma, S. Lang, A. Petrov, J. Weissmüller, and M. Eich
    Electrochemical tuning of the optical properties of nanoporous gold
    Scientific Reports, 2017. 7: p. 8
    <Go to ISI>://WOS:000396140300001
  12. Graf, M., B. Roschning, and J. Weissmüller
    Nanoporous Gold by Alloy Corrosion: Method-Structure-Property Relationships
    Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 2017. 164(4): p. C194-C200
    <Go to ISI>://WOS:000400958600086
  13. Graf, M., B.N.D. Ngo, J. Weissmüller, and J. Markmann
    X-ray studies of nanoporous gold: Powder diffraction by large crystals with small holes
    Physical Review Materials, 2017. 1(7): p. 13
    <Go to ISI>://WOS:000418773800003
  14. Graf, M., M. Haensch, J. Carstens, G. Wittstock, and J. Weissmüller
    Electrocatalytic methanol oxidation with nanoporous gold: microstructure and selectivity
    Nanoscale, 2017. 9(45): p. 17839-17848
  15. Elsner, B.A.M., S. Muller, S. Bargmann, and J. Weissmüller
    Surface excess elasticity of gold: Ab initio coefficients and impact on the effective elastic response of nanowires
    Acta Materialia, 2017. 124: p. 468-477
    <Go to ISI>://WOS:000393000800047
  16. Cheng, C., L. Lührs, T. Krekeler, M. Ritter, and J. Weissmüller
    Semiordered Hierarchical Metallic Network for Fast and Large Charge-Induced Strain
    Nano Letters, 2017. 17(8): p. 4774-4780
    <Go to ISI>://WOS:000407540300033
  17. Busch, M., A.V. Kityk, W. Piecek, T. Hofmann, D. Wallacher, S. Calus, P. Kula, M. Steinhart, M. Eich, and P. Huber
    A ferroelectric liquid crystal confined in cylindrical nanopores: reversible smectic layer buckling, enhanced light rotation and extremely fast electro-optically active Goldstone excitations
    Nanoscale, 2017. 9(48): p. 19086-19099
  18. Gor, G.Y., P. Huber, and N. Bernstein
    Adsorption-induced deformation of nanoporous materials—A review
    Applied Physics Reviews, 2017. 4(1): p. 011303
  19. Jabłońska, B., A.V. Kityk, M. Busch, and P. Huber
    The structural and surface properties of natural and modified coal gangue
    Journal of Environmental Management, 2017. 190: p. 80-90

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